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Bath Time!!!!!!

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Well... however odd it may be.. my boy Drew absolutely LOVES water... and the bathtub. We filled the tub up with lukewarm water.. and Drew... well.. I'll just let the pictures explain!
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Now.. bath time is over.. its time to dry off
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Cassie - Those are just great! Your cats are beautiful, all three of them. I think it's so neat to see cats actually liking water. Muffy always wants to be on the edge of the tub when I bathe the kids, but never, never, ever in it. She slipped in once when the kids were in there and she was not a happy cat.
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Aww! Cassie, those are some precious babies, you've got there! thanks for letting us see your "kids".
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Cassie, I have three kitties that love water. Kabota plays in the creek most mornings. Bacardi and Kahuna (both siamese mixes) are in the shower with us whenever they can be. Once we hook up our Jacuzzi tub I am sure they will be in the bathwater as well. Wonderful pictures by the way- such cute kitties....
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Cassie......That is so cute that Drew loves the water!
I really enjoyed those pictures! Thanks for sharing them with us!
And that last one was BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There has to be a contest somewhere you can enter that in!!!!! His eyes are the exact same color as the towel, and his face is heavenly!!!!!!!!!!!
I LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!
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Oh and also, I hope this was okay...I liked that last picture so much I copied it and saved it in my documents, and also sent it in an e-mail to a few of my cat loving friends who I thought would really like it! I hope that's okay!!! It was too precious of a picture not to be shared!!!!!
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What beautiful little fuzzies! I love Siamese (Burmese?), though I haven't owned one. They always have tons of personality.

Do you have any bath toys for them? Think how fun ping pong balls would be . . .
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I'm so glad you liked them.. and I didn't mind a bit that you saved the picture of Drew.. I have one other of him in a towel too.. his head is turned a different way.

Jake has taken a shower with me. I think its sooo awesome that some cats love water.. its pretty amazing.

You know I never thought of getting bath toys for him.. I think I might look into that now! Thank you

Sandra and Dawn,
Thank you. I love my boys... and the fact that they love water just thrills me. I get a kick out of watching them play in it.
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That is sooo funny! My cats only like to watch the water from a reasonnably distance and bathtime (theirs) is always at the risk of scratch (on our arms...). Beautiful pictures..

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Those are great pictures. Drew is so cute in the tub and in the towel. Smokey likes water but won't go in it. He mostly likes to watch it and drink it.

I agree that the pictures should be entered in a photo contest. They are so delightful.
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Hey Cassie - thanks for providing me with one more wallpaper feat. Drew!!! He's such a cute boy and the pictures are just great!!!!
Thanks for sharing them!!!!
Please give the kitties a big
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Cassie...I have to agree with everyone else...Those pictures are beautiful and so are your kitties. I love the one with Drew in the towel!
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My kitty Princess is an indoor outdoor cat(I live in the country)and when outside she spends almost all of it out by the pond. We call her our 'Frog Princess' because she hunts the frogs there. I have even seen her dive straight into the water after a frog and then stay standing in it dripping wet to feel around in the water for the said frog. Princess is a very lithe longhair with tabby vahn markings. I had wondered before if she had Oriental in her somewhere with her slender body, Big triangle ears, silky fine hair and plumed tail. Now that a lot of you mention Siamese having a tendency to liking water I'm even more convinced she might have a Oriental streak in her since Orientals are just Siamese with diff. colors. What do you think?
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Your cats are all so beautifull. I am amazed how Drew loves the water so much. I have never seen a cat go right in willingly like that.
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That is just too adorable for words!!!!! :angel2: (or smilies for that matter). I have never seen a cat willingly go into the water - that is amazing! I sure wish I could post pics of my babies (I could if I wanted to go to Kinko's and pay an arm and a leg!!!!)
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I'm not sure if siamese have a tendancy to like water or not?! These boys are the first siamese I have ever owned. I know they like water.. Drew more than the others.. but I can't account for other siamese.

I've heard that lots of Bengals love water.. but there again I'm ignorant. You could ask some of our cat experts. Gaye would probably know.. she is quite familiar with the siamese breed

That does pose an interesting question though. Maybe you can put a picture of her up here? It might be easier to figure it out with all of our heads thrown together on it?

Good luck!

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Thank you for sharing those fabulous photographs! Now, if only you could make a video-tape recording of that scenario! Perhaps it could have a positive influence upon those cats who hate getting wet! Or not.

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Dear Cassie :angel2:

Hi there and thanks for sharing those great pics of your kitties They're all so adorable! I agree with Debbie, Drew's face is so pretty!

I used to have a little baby persion when I was 15 years old that loved the water. (many moons ago) :LOL:

Opie likes it to a certain degree, but of course on his terms only. He likes to play with the ice cubes in my drink of water, and then he'll take a sip, or just lick his paws. He also lays down in puddles...go figure :laughing2 :laughing2 but, has not made any brave attempts to the bathtub like your kitty

They are absolutely beautiful Cass Thanks again sweetie!

Love &

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OMG! Look at that cat in the sink! lol

Blackie does that too, and he wedges himself into the sink so that it is full to the brim, but not one whisker is visible over the top. We go to the sink and are always surprised to discover him. You'd think he'd only have to get blasted with the water once or twice before he'd figure it out! But not, he loves sink sitting!
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Hi everyone, I would love to show you my Princess, or all my kitties for that matter, but I don't know how. could ya help me out?
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Thanks Billie for giving me the idea to use Drew's picture in the towel as my wallpaper!!! I hadn't thought of that.....but now everytime I start up my computer I will see that beautiful picture!!!
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Drew sends kitty kisses and meows to you Billie and Debby. :LOL: I wasn't posting these to give you guys new wallpaper.. but if it did.. I guess thats good too?
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Dear Sfell :angel2:'

I just read your post and if you want, I'd be more than happy to put your kitty pics on a CD ROM for ya...If ya would like, ...it's no big deal to me hon trust me, I know what it's like to be without a scanner, printer, blah, blah, blah...those companies sure like to make a pretty penny off of everyone too.

So, you can send as many as you'd like, I'm sure I'll have plenty of room on a cd for ya Just let me know either in this post or you can email or pm me

Love &,
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I think it is absolutely great that you" drew a bath for Drew".

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Ping pong balls float really well. They also make good dry-tub toys for naughty kittens who get put in time-out (roll and bounce but don't hurt the tub's finish) .
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Thanks Alexnell! I will definitely get him some ping pong balls.. just one question.. do you know WHERE I can get some?? I'm so clueless
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Cassie, I would think at anyone of those sports authority stores wouldn't ya think :laughing2

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Wal-Mart has ping-pong balls, too. They also sell practice golf balls that look like itsy bitsy wiffle balls. My cats love those too.
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