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Sending prayers your way.
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Originally posted by PurrfectCatlove
Kate I will not give up

Well sucking on something is ok , but for the hole day long ? I was sick the hole time with no break .

My hubby said to me to try and cut the patch in half and see if it is better . I may try that ......
well, you could suck on something to let yourself get better and then the feeling will go away for a while... suck it when you start feeling sick again... trust me, the sour plums are so addictive...
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Originally posted by PurrfectCatlove
Gothic we talked about both exercise and the suport group . Mike's problem is that he runs out of air very quickly , due to his health problem . Thats why I ask him to walk with me or walk a dog every day . But he is afraid that he runs out of air . I will talk again to him about walking a little with me and tell him how good it will be for him .
It's really great that you are able to get him to discuss it with you...however he really needs to understand how important it is. I know he's having problems breathing....if he starts off slow (like walking the dog)and stops when he's out of breath to rest he will after time build an indurance. Eventually he will be able to do more and have better lung capacity. Since he was a smoker it's no wonder he cant breath that well. What about swimming. I dont know where you live (here it's in the 40's) but I think the Y is open year round. Swimming is about the healthiest form of exercise. Not only can it greatly help with lung endurance (laps, underwater, etc) it's the healthiest on your body. It puts less strain on your muscles, bones and joints since your body is supported by water. I know running out of air probably scares him(and you), but if he doesnt do something then he'll never get his breath back. Just make sure you ok it with his doctor before you try walking, swimming, or any other form of exercise!

Oooooo also about your stomache and feeling sick. Canada Dry ginger ale can help, but my #1 favorite remedy is peppermints. Peppermints with REAL peppermint oil in them will calm a sick stomache. It's worked for my dad, his friends, and me for years. If I have a stomache ache I always reach for one and they usually help. If they dont then I go for Pepto-Bismol. I'd love to know why the peppermint oil helps, but it works so I'm happy. [Note:]Oh some people are allergic to mint (my fiancee for one) so just a warning. I'm not sure if peppermint counts as mint because Lyle (fiancee) can have peppermint *shrugs* odd!
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Thanks for your prayers Tuxedo and thanks guys for your suport .

I did suck on minds Kate and I love mints . It is my favored candy
Gothic I also trink mint tee , btw it is the best to drink when you have stomage age or problems and cammomile (sp) tee .
As for swimming goes for my husband . Mike would not go in our neighbours pool in the summer , so for sure he is not going on post . Gothic , Have you ever bin over weight ? If not then you may don't know that some people are imbarased (sp) about their weight and will not go to a gym or to a open swimming pool . Well my hubby is one of them .So sport I guess is out for him

Yesterday I did not use the patch at all , yes I smoke but it was unter 10 cigarettes . I am pretty proud of myself with that . But also unhappy I did not quit .I remember when I used the Nicoderm patch I was not sick to my stomage at all . Maybe I will get me those again , knowing I can use them .

My hubby will go for the blood drawing on friday morning , I go with him . He don't like to go alone . Then we aslo get the apointment for his Xrays . I am so happy about that .
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Just an idea, but depending on the size of your city, you may want to look around at a few different gyms and see how they are.

There are a few in my city that have the usual muscle-bound guys posing in front of the mirrors, and skimpy leotard-clad model types.

But I did find a great gym that has people of all ages (I've seen people in their 90's working out there) and all sizes, from extremely obese to very thin. The main interest in this particular gym seems to be health, as opposed to flirting, and the members and staff seem very supportive to overweight members who are trying to get into better shape.

Do you think he might be interested if he could find a gym where there are other members in the same shape that he is, who could help to motivate him?

Crystallized ginger candy (from the health-food or Chinese food store) is great for upset stomachs, and tasty to suck on, too. Altoids (the strong peppermints) are good too.
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Originally posted by tuxedokitties

Crystallized ginger candy (from the health-food or Chinese food store) is great for upset stomachs, and tasty to suck on, too. Altoids (the strong peppermints) are good too.
Oooh...that's a good idea. I actually have found a ginger tea that was quite good too (and less wt. affecting than ginger candy!)

Hedi...my husband is a Desert Storm vet, who gained a LOT of wt. after leaving, he finds getting up early in the am and walking around the block, worked well for him (until we got our own treadmill). Perhaps investing in a treadmill, for Mike to walk at home (I do it while watching tv) would work well for you? Would the px have a good price on one or do you have costco in your area? In our area, the Costco has a deal on a good treadmill right now - under $800. Not cheap but compared to how much they can be, it's a great deal.

just a thought,
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Originally posted by PurrfectCatlove
Gothic, I also drink mint tea, btw it is the best to drink when you have stomache ache or problems and chammomile tea.
As for swimming goes for my husband, Mike would not go in our neighbors' pool in the summer, so for sure he is not going on post. Gothic, have you ever been overweight? If not then you may not know that some people are embarrased about their weight and will not go to a gym or to a open swimming pool. Well my hubby is one of them. So sport I guess is out for him
I had forgotten about peppermint tea. I dont drink tea very often.
My dad is the same way. My mother and I begged him everytime we ever went to a pool and he never would. He would do anything for my mother except swim. If he did it was with all his clothes and at a lake or a pool where noone knows him. Actually I have been over weight. Many times. The first major time was in 6th grade. I was so fat grandma took me to a doctor and they said I really needed to lose weight. It was my fault then though because of my diet. My mother had just sent me to live with my grandma and I was able to eat anything and everything I wanted. Now I'm 20, but still having to watch what I eat. I didnt notice untill I was in high school, but all the women in my family (blood relatives) are overweight. It's a genetic thing I must deal with everyday. I'm not a vain person, but when you start to go up in jeans sizes you know your gaining. Now I am carefull about my diet. In the summer I swim constantly and in the winter I do free weights and aerobics when I get the chance. Im pretty lazy about it in the winter though. I may be young, but I do understand being embarrased about going to the gym or swimming when you are overweight. I learnt one important thing though: if the gym or swimming is the only way you can lose weight and keep it down...so what what others think. Yes it's embarrasing, but eventually you get over it. Especially when the weight starts to come off and you start feeling better about yourself. It's more important to exercise overweight then to be afraid to exercise around people and stay overweight. I dont mean to sound so blunt, but if I hadnt been told this stuff by a friend when I was younger and didnt listen to her then I'd probably still be embarrased and overweight. You two need to just support each other. I dont know how your relationship is, but going by mine, having each other's support will be the best way to overcome anything you face in life.
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Thank you guys , you are wonderfull .

I hear you all and the problem is that Mike is just not willing to do something to loose weight . Even when he was in the military he used to hate it , but at least he was fit and felt good about himself . But ever since he retired from there he lets himself just go and he knows he is wrong .

Well we are going tomorrow for Mike's blood drawing and to make the appointment for the Xray

Tommorrow is my hubby's day off , so that is a great time to talk about every thing .
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I was just reading this whole thread... And Hedi You are to be commended for trying to quit smoking.... I give kudos to You and Kudos to DH for trying to quit smoking. If you need someone to talk to or just to vent to...I will be more than a willing ear to listen. Just PM me.
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Thank you Sandra , how sweet of you .
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I feel down lately .

Friday was not as I hoped to be . Due to mondays holiday , they had a 4 day weekend . So no blood has bin drawn and we could not make a apointment for the XRay . That really sucked . So now I hope Mike is willing to go next week Friday .
We did talked while having breakfast at Shoneys about loosing weight . So from today on Mike is on a Atkins diet . A co worker from him lost over 20 pounds with that , so I hope it will work with Mike .
The walking issue or sport did not go very far grrrr.

We both still smoke and thats why I am down . I don't know about Mike , but I smoke about 10 cigarettes a day . By itself that is a success for me , not using anything to help me to quit or smoke less . But I think I may go and buy me again the nicoderm what I had the last time . I just have to wait till next pay day right now . I know that I don't get sick with those patches . I still want to quit smoking and wont give up .

But I got good news . We finaly got us a Truck a 2001 Ford and now I don't need to ask nobody any more to give me a ride to the vet or pets-mart
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Congratulations on the truck!
Sorry you're having a tough weekend on the rest of it.

BTW, have you tried any of the stop-smoking gums or lozenges I've seen commercials for lately? Maybe they wouldn't make you so nauseous, and they'd help keep your mouth busy too - I've also heard of people chewing on straws (something to keep your hands & mouth busy). Just a thought.
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Thanks Tuxedo
Oh yea I try the gum , did not work for me at all . I am a coffe drinker and with the gum you cant have coffe . It also did not help me with the cigarettes fit I had .
Mike is chewing on tooth picks over the day , so he wont smoke so much . I use reguler gum here and there for streching the time between smoking .

I don't know what lozenges is .
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I just saw a commercial for the lozenges yesterday - they're like little candies that you suck on, but they're medicated with nicotine to help you quit smoking.

I guess toothpicks work just as well as straws.
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I'm sorry you are feeling down. If you think the nicoderm will work for you, then go for it. In the meantime, you sound like you are doing a good job of cutting down, give yourself some credit!

I'm sorry Mike has to wait a week, but think positive, of course he is going to go in for the tests he needs...he's willing to lose weight, so obviously he wants to feel better If he has any problems with atkins long term, I'd be glad to discuss calp with both of you, I find it easier to live with. But that's me, atkins works very well for lots of folks!

Anyhoo... congratulations on the truck
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Thank you guys for all your suport , you all really help me a lot .

Well we still smoke , but as said in the ohter post a lot less . I am still at around 10 cigarettes a day and my husband is around one pack a day . I think Mike is doing good from cutting down from 3 packs of cigattes a day to only 1 pack a day now .

Mike is on the Atkins diet and it seem like he is doing good with it . He said today to me that he thinks he has lost already a few pounds and can fell it on his pants . Well , he also don't eat any more all the chunk food in the night . That also make a big differnce . Mike also said that he is already feeling a lot better and has more energy .

The hospital visit is still on for this Friday and I am so happy about that .

Next month I will buy me the nicoderm patch and Mike will use the one we still have again

So things are looking good for right now

I ALMOST FORGOT : Mike wants to start walking since he has more energy now I am so happy
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Hedi that's good news! I hope you can cut back on cigs still! Good luck. But that's really good and maybe now you can both walk a dog together!

keep us posted
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Sounds like you are both on your way! You're doing great, keep it up!
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What good news...nice to read! I'm not surprised that Mike is feeling better already, folks who do atkins/protein power/sugar busters/carbaddicts find that once they are controlling amount and/or timing of carb intake, they feel so much better!

Speaking of junk food....even Burger King is jumping on this with their new bunless whopper
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YAY! that's great. congrats on the truck, cutting back, and getting him to want to walk. Just dont let him do too much fast...otherwise he may not want walk again like before. Good luck for you both.
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Originally posted by Pat & Alix

Speaking of junk food....even Burger King is jumping on this with their new bunless whopper
What the HEY? doesn't sound like something I'd want I like my fillings in a bun!
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Thank you all so much .

I am hoping that I quit smoking by next month with the patch from nicoderm .
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Originally posted by WellingtonCats
What the HEY? doesn't sound like something I'd want I like my fillings in a bun!
It's great for those of us who like to take day trips and follow a diet that limits carb intake. I just don't find a whopper bun worth it <G>, but love the idea of a nice hot whopper with lettuce and mayo and a bit of tomato..now that I can have any time I want, and save my carbs for a delicious something else! Speaking of carbs, time to go pop the cinnamon raisin mix into my breadmaker (making cinnamon raisin rolls for my carb tonight).
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Oh well burger king is good..! Anyone ever tried their salad burger? I don't see how a burger is a burger without meat but however not to worry.

Mmmm I can smell it from here Pat. Enjoy!
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hows it going with the non/cutting down smoking. Have you had a go with the patches. I must admit I tried them and they just made me itch. urgh.
hypnosis is suppose to be okay. i tried that and stopped for 2 years.
no having another go at quitting with this gum stuff although I hate chewing gum it is licuirice flavour so maybe.
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If the patch doesn't cut it I saw on tv that lozenge (sp) they have out. I was thinking of trying that one myself since my kids are now complaining about me smoking and wanting me to stop. Good luck to you and I will be praying for you to kick smoking and maintain your sanity in the process!! (Carrot sticks, lettuce and cucumbers help for munchies)
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I just thought i'd take a look at how everyones getting on.

I don't smoke, but know how difficult it can be to lose weight.

My mother and brother smoked and suffered with mouth cancer through it.

Stick with it everyone, i can imagine it's hard, but it'll be worth giving up!
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Tanks every one for your interest and caring .

Well the quitting is not comming to good at all . We both still smoke , but stay on the cut down right now . I have not yet try the other patches . We wanted to try last weekend to quit again and sure enouch Mike chickend out and so am I . I guess we need to try some other time again .
Mike is doing good on the diet and went from 248 pounds to 220 pounds . I am very proud of him . Mike had a apointment on wednesday from them Xray's and he chickend out again (sight) . I guess we need to try again for that too . He also had a eye surgery for (sp) catorax (?) to be removed about 3 weeks ago . It went well . He was in tears while we where driving home on how much he was able to see including color . Mike is color blind btw . So next week Thuesday Mike will have his left eye done , same surgery . But Mike is feeling so much better loosing that weight he even started to walk in the mornings when he has time to do it .

I have not given up to quit smoking , it may will take me longer then I hoped for . I try to think positive about it and it is not easy some times with out thinking that I am a failier (sp) ( Oh how I wish I could spell ) .
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Hedi: As we used to get told in our WW class, just take it one day at a time and you will get there!.
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I agree, you will get there! I am a smoker and haven't had the courage to quit yet But I know that everyone has their own way and time of quitting. My dad went cold turkey and never smoked again. It took my mom years to finally quit for good. Don't get discouraged, it will happen!
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