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Disastrous Christmas Kitties

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I couldn't find any threads about all the naughty things our kitties got into this christmas so I thought I would start with my own little trouble maker;

The other kitties were pretty well behaved....

So let's see all your naughty kitties!!!
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Hhahhaha, love the shot where he's in the middle of the tree. At least it wasn't decorated yet!

This pic almost looks like it could have come from your photo shoot

Howwie wasn't really being naughty, just hanging out on Christmas morning. I thought Toby wouldn't be able to handle the sensory fiesta of a Christmas tree, but he was pretty good about it. Of course we had to decorate it accordingly, that is nothing dangly near the bottom
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Tose are SO cute! I just love your pics of your red tabby boys, I can't get enough! Give tham a big snuggle from me.
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We knew better and didn't attempt a tree with 18 cats in the house! Love the pictures, though!!!
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TO CUTE Also would work in the moon picture.
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Too Adorable for Words!
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I had to take our tree down before it was even decorated. Amber wanted to kill it Next year I am going to try a real tree.

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Those pics are all great , I love it .

OMG Amber she is to funny . Good luck with next year .
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Funny pics. That's exactly why I didn't put up a tree this year. I have two new kitties. One is about 14 months old and the other is 9 and they are just terrors. Maybe next year. LOL!
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It's a tie which photo I like best between the one with the kitty winking, & the one witht he bob cat wrapped around the tree.

Someone asked me why I didn't put up my tree this year & I said I have two reasons & their names are Levi & Jordan.
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OMG! I just noticed this thread.. How cute! I love all the merry terrors!!!
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I knew better than to put up a tree this year, with Simba (the Zulu Warrior) on the loose. I don't think I could have even put up a tree with the dangly things up high, because he would have found his way up high to get them. I hope he mellows out a bit by next Christmas, although I've been told Bengal's never mellow out.
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My tree came down on boxing day..... Jeepers figured out she could get right to the top of it, so it was either the tree or Jeepers........ no contest!
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Too funny!
Those are great pics.
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Your trouble-making cat looks a lot like my "innocent" cat, Charlotte. In the pictures, it almost looks like your cat has a tuff of hair at the point of it's ears like my cat. I haven't found too many others who have a cat with this feature.

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