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Thanks to ALL of you it's working!

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Check out Google's ranking sheet....and Thank you all of you from Anne and myself for helping to make this happen-
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TCS is on top , wow thats great
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Great news
May I be the first to say CONGRATULATIONS,MA & ANNE!
BTW this is DH Charlie, I love the site. Keep up the good work!
edit: ok, how about the second since Hedi beat us to it?!
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Kinda makes me warm and fuzzy inside to belong to such a group. Oh no its happening and I am starting to paddle again and I have started to wash my whiskers or beard (I am growing one for the first time in my life and its driving my wife nuts) with one hand and licking my hand, then rubbing it over my ear!
off for a saucer of milk and a lay down and purring like mad
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Congratulations, Anne and M.A.. A great big pat on the back!
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That is awesome!

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Way to go! A big round of applause for Anne and MA!
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We did! Woo hoo!
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Cool beans! Congratz!
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Congratulations! I'm not surprised, there is so much offered on the TCS site, and the site design and management is a class act
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WOW! Congratulations! This is really great, and on the top!!! Even greater!
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Thanks again everyone for your support and your kind words!
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Congrats! All your hard work is paying off!
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that is so cool!!! Congrats!!
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congrats! I just signed my site up
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That's excellent! Congrats.
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Wonderful! Congratulations!
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Anne & MA, you've worked so hard to have several of the best cat resource websites on the web, and I can't imagine a more deserving site - nor more deserving people.

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Woohoo, that's terrific!
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Hey, that's terrific! It's rather nice to know that this site which is so great I have no inclination to go looking for others is on top of the heap. Way to go!
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Thanks again all of you, we couldn't be more pleased!
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Chiming in for a late congratulations!!!!!!!!
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That's great news! Hey Hissy, have you ever checked TCS's rating on It's really gone up there as well with a ranking of 99,000. Here's a direct link: The highest ranked site for the word search word "cats" whether through Google or Alexa is i-love-cats at around 23,000 and it's stayed around there for the last year or so.

For people who aren't familiar with Alexa, it has numbered rankings for millions of sites, so 99,000 is excellent, especially considering where some of the highest ranked cat sites sit!

It's fun to check your favourite sites to see where they rank. Try it! Just type in "" at Alexa and see what happens.
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Hey Ryan! That's pretty cool!
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