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OverWeight Cat

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I just adopted a beautiful black and white female cat from a rescue organazation. She seems to be very healthy and I have all her old vet records as well stating that she is fine. But she weighs 20 lbs and the people at the adoption place did not seem concerned by this, and did not give me a special diet or anything for her. I love my new girl I just worry that she could develop problems later on from being overweight. I was just wondering what kind of cat food I should be giving her. I bought a cat food formulated for indoor cats that suppose to help keep the cat lean but I didn't know if I needed that or some other weight control cat food.
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Congratulations on your new kitty! Schedule a vet appointment for a checkup and talk to the vet about putting her on a diet. Don't attempt it yourself. I know the shelter says kitty is healthy but its best to double check with a vet you trust.
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Congrats on the new cat! She sounds very pretty. The first thing you need to do is get her checked out by the vet-20 pounds sounds pretty heavy to me. Make sure you get her thyroid checked and that everything else is healthy before attempting a diet. Depending on how overweight she is, the vet may recommend a prescription food to help slim her down or will be happy to help you plan a goood diet for your girl. Good luck with her.
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Depending on how old she is, but I would take her in and get her blood checked. Look for diabetes, thryroid, kidney problems- just to be safe. If she has Maine Coon in her she will be a large cat. Do you have a cat condo? Start feeding her at the top, or clear off a shelf and feed her on top of the shelf or bookcase or? Something to make her work to get her food. Make sure you are feeding quality not quantity and not the junk type food for kitties like Fancy Feast- provide plenty of exercise for her once she adapts to her new place and thank you for rescuing her.
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My congrats again to your new kitty .

I also agree like the others already said , go first to the vet and see if she is healthy and if she rally need to loos weight . I am sure the vet will help you in how to feed her right so she also will loose a few pounds . But never do a diet by yourself with out consulting your vet first .
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