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Our D.T. for tuesday

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Thank God Monday is over! It seemed to last a lifetime for me

I did figure out how to use the cd burner, which was a MAJOR accomplishement for me

Debby, Cleo & Mr.Cat, your cds went out last night & should get to you by friday (fingers crossed)

I can't wait to hear what you think. If anyone else wants one, PM me your address.

yay 3LK, it's big brother 2 night!

If I can only stay awake today...
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raises hand

i want one :tounge2:
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I am soooo very very tired. I didn't get much sleep last night. Sebastian was insisting on rubbing his face all over mine, purring as loud as thunder, and then decided laying on my neck would be so comfortable for him. I know he only does it because he loves me.. but trying to sleep through that isn't easy. On top of that.. I had a stuffy and/or runny nose. So in the course of 8 hours I got like 4 hours sleep. I'm beat!

Today is kind of a lazy day since I did everything yesterday. I have one load of clothes and the bathroom floor to clean. Then I can do what I wish today. I think I'm gonna start reading "The Lord of the Rings" again. That book rules.

I hope everyone's Tuesday is better than mine!
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Ooooh... AP.. what are you burning on them? I might want one :tounge2:
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they are on cd

and it's good! :laughing:
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LOL, AP I meant what are you burning on the cd? :LOL: I'm so unclear most of the time.. this is constantly happening to me. I really need to learn how to be more clear in my statements! :laughing:
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it's a collection of some of my favorite songs. some of the artists on it are-

amanda ghost
chantal kreviazuk
the corrs
five for fighting
nelly furtado
leah andreone
craig david
alicia keys
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Who ARE those people??? If it was anyone I knew, I'd say start burning. But I'll pass.

This week seems like it's going by so SLOW. My Marina Mar had blood drawn for Feline Leuk and Feline Aids yesterday. I won't get the results back till Thursday. I've got a very tough decision to make. Marina Mar has a disease called Pemphigus Foliceus. It is in the rare, advanced stages. It causes crusting on the the ears, paw pads and nailbeds. It is painful to the cat and can cause depression, loss of appetite and lameness. The way to treat it is Prednisone. The drawbacks to that is it suppresses her immune system which makes her more vulnerable to infection. It will also affect her liver, which means she would have to go for blood work up every 3 weeks (expensive)to monitor her liver function. It is a lifetime process and will never get better (it may go into remission but will never totally go away). Marina is only 3 1/2 years old. She almost died as a kitten because she was so sick. She was born to a feral mother.

I'm taking her to a dermatology specialist on Saturday to find out what my options are. I need to know what quality of life she can have. I've read that the disease and the treatment can shorten her lifespan. I want her to be happy, not be in pain.

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thats the beauty of it, open your mind to new artists. I promise all the songs are good! broaden your horizens... I know you'll like it.....

I'm so sorry about Marina, and you know that I'll be praying for you both...

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You know AP! I'll take a cd! I only know one person on the list.. and I absolutely love Nelly Furtado. I'll PM my addy to you .. but since I am moving is it ok if I wait and give you my new addy for when I move there?
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you can PM me whatever address you want, and just let me know when to send it.
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But no "Buffy"! Oh, well. Anyway, today I went up to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Portland Medical Center for my bi-monthly visit with Susan S. Levitte, M.D. — my psychiatrist! I'm typing this from home, so at least I wasn't rushed into a rubber room. All's well, more or less, with the brain bucket.


Donna, I'm very sorry to hear about Marina Mar! I'll keep you both in my prayers. Please let us know what prognosis is forthcoming. This is so sad.

Air Princess, I don't think I ever sent you a compact disk! Good grief! Please send me your address via electronic mail or private message. I'm sorry about this oversight. I guess I'll have to go back to Dr. Levitte!

Attention, music lovers! (This means you too, Donna.) Here is the list of artists on my latest traveling compact-disk:

Henry Carey
Björk Guðmundsdóttir
Fats Waller and His Rhythm
Jack Off Jill
Martha Argerich
Sade Adu
Ottorino Respighi
Tom Jones
The Moonglows
Frankie Trumbauer and His Orchestra
Antonio Carlos Jobim
The Rockin' Rebels
Cat Power
The Dells
The Beatles
Erik Satie
Status Quo
The Chordettes
The Shirelles
The Doors

This is the line-up of music I sent to Catarina and Billie today. (I've got to get one ready for Dodo as well.) It's somewhat different from what I'd sent Blue, Cleo and Debby. Anybody who'd like to hear this music is welcome to give me their address via electronic mail or private message.


P.S.: Let's all play "Guess the Artist"!
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