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Hmm- can you tell I have cats?

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LOL- thank God we opted for inexpensive blinds!

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OMG that is what mine look like in the spare room!
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I've had to go by new blinds three or four times for my bedroom I guess Stinkie decided that I needed new ones.
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Heh... The blinds in our living room are permanently bent.... Courtesy of Patches and Tiger taking peeks out of the window when the blinds are closed.
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So you have a peephole. What's so unusual about that??? Doesn't everyone?
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Yeah, I though that's what everyone's blinds look like. I know that's why MINE look like!
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OMG I thought I was looking at my window blinds there for a second Looks just like mine
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LOL guys! Nice to know my cats are normal!
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Hee, hee! Love this thread Hissy, this is a pic of the front of our mobile home from the porch, you can't see all of the screen below it, but it has been shredded by our ferals playing on it
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How funny . Thats how mine used to look like . I don't have any anymore .
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You should see the inside of my drapes There are just endless clumps of grey hair.
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I wish I had a picture of the screen on the sliding glass door of my original apartment where I lived when I first got Squirt. After the bug guy let him out, there was no keeping him in. Even if I told him no, he would jump up and hang on the screen meowing until I opened the door. The thing was in shreds by the time I moved out.
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Looks like my bedroom window blinds. I think I'm on my 3rd set. I have to turn the light out to dress so the neighbors don't see me through the "peep" holes!
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LOL! Toes does that! I've had to replace blinds everywhere I've lived.
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Here's my little bit to this thread. Glad to know that I'm not the only one experiencing this, and thankgoodness my cats are 'normal'
I have already replaced this window's blinds once, this is the second set you see now, and before I move, I'll replace them again (this is a rental place I'm in now).

Behold a picture of my bedroom window blind
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LOL, I can relate to this. I now have very sturdy vertical blinds, with only valences at the top.
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I just have curtains that double as kitty groomers.
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Yep...just replaced the sheers in the living room a few months ago. Fortunately they're narrow panels, so (thus far, anyway) the babes seem to find their way between the panels to the window sill. The bedroom has verticals, which are mostly still intact, but some of the chains are history.
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hahaha, mine look just as bad. i bought some faux wood blinds from Lowe's for our computer room. Now, those, are awesome to have .... they don't really bend. if one of the cats crawls thru one of the slats and it moves, it goes back to its normal position. they are fairly inexpensive, too. in my front window, i cant even open the blinds because one of the strings to the slats are damaged.
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Originally posted by Sicycat
You should see the inside of my drapes There are just endless clumps of grey hair.
Haha!! My dark green curtins and bedskirt look like they are made from cat hair....orange tabby to be correct.
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My 2 haven't shredded the blinds yet, probably because I keep at least one open at all times. It's in the dining room, so it's not a big deal. If it isn't open, they crawl through and bend it, so I leave it open.

Molly has learned how to crawl between the blind and the window, I see her put her paw up and move it so she can see out. Smart girl.
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lmao! My computer room blinds look just like that. I too thought I was looking at the windows in my house. Bentley will paw them out of his way so he can get at the window when he's not in a hurry... if another cat or something is outside forget it. He just rips at them.
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ROFL! Got one of those blinds in my bedroom over the bed. They cracked a number of the slats down the middle and I've had to crazy glue them back together a number of times. The one in the bathroom has a permanent bend in them.

Yup.....this is normal!
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We have miniblinds in the family room and they've held up, fairly well. We have three units, across the big window and ;eave the center one raised a couple of feet. The two side ones a a bit chewed but, not broken.

I got rid of the living room sheers, some time ago. Those became a lost cause. My cotton drapes have held up, much better. I've had my eye on some deep purple velvet ones but, I'd have to vacuum them, on a daily basis.
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LOL - that looks just like the blinds in my mom's and sister's houses!
Are you actually "allowed" to close the blinds? We have shutters that roll down over the outside of our windows and balcony doors (Rollläden - a terrific invention - they're pretty much standard in Germany), but JC objects to them being put down, so usually we just have the ones in the kitchen and bedroom halfway down at night. Heavy drapes have been banished from every room except the spare bedroom, where we leave the balcony door open a bit when it's below freezing, so JC can go out on his balcony - have you ever seen what a curtain rod looks like after a 13 1/2 lb. cat has climbed the drapes and sat on it? We have sheers in all the rooms, but they're full of pulls, and the curtain rods are anchored with 5" screws, because JC likes to "hide" behind them and jump out at us. I've given up on any kind of "window treatments". Do you also have tiny little paw prints on your windows and TV screen? I washed all my windows two weeks ago, and today I noticed that there are about a hundred paw prints again.
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All of my windows have nose prints on them. The family room windows have them inside and out. The cats like to sit on the windowsills and tease the dogs and, of course, the dogs smear up the outside.

In addition to being chewed, all of the miniblind cords are coiled up and clothespinned to the top slat. Those cords are way too much temptation and I've heard horror stories, of kitties being hung on them.
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I look at it this way - when I see windows with immaculate panes and obviously expensive sheers and drapes, and perhaps all sorts of exotic plants or holiday decorations, I figure that the people are underprivileged, since they very apparently don't have the joy of being dog or cat guardians!
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We don't have blinds we have curtains and they are good strong ones so the kitties can't rip them and they are good ones that don't attract the cat fur. I guess we are just lucky.
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Looks like my house!
Our blinds are trashed now. These pictures were taken about a year ago when the girls were about a year old.

Zoey in the basement...
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Here is Zoey again...Notice she can't just look through the window where the blinds are already open ?!

Both pictures are scanned and not good quality
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