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Sooooo what did you do for New Years???

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What did you do to celebrate the New Year?

Me? Well my Fiancee had to work and so I was stuck alone at home. He didnt even get home in time to call me by 12...in fact it's 1am and he still hasnt...anyway...I'm one of the many alone tonight. *sigh* I wish I had known where some parties were.

Anyway I hope everyone had fun and a Happy New Year! May you're year be filled with happyness, love, peace, joy, and nothing bad happen.
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Me and my husband ate pizza and watched the disney chanel. Then I worked on my site, then I woke him up at 11:58 so we could watch the ball drop. Quick kiss and then he went back to sleep and I'm back working on my site.
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Sat home alone and sad....but not really...because I had all of you guys here to talk to! *thanks*
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I worked Rang in the new year eating Taco Bell and Playing on the internet. oh well HAPPY NEW YEAR!
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New Year's Eve is the premier holiday that people set themselves up for disappointment, IMO. Everybody seems to think that the whole world is out having the time of their lives, and that you're a loser if you aren't.

My best friend and I drove 2+hours to Orlando (in traffic....ugh). Together we cooked an awesome holiday meal for 3 other couples. (roast beef and a turkey ) We played some poker, watched the ball drop at midnight, and drove back to Tampa. I just got home from his house. All in all, it was a fun evening.
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It's funny, but I enjoyed spending my New Year's Eve by myself (with the cats nearby), watching LOTR Two Towers DVD while sipping a good red wine and nibbling on cheese slices.
I went to the traditional family dinner earlier in the evening, but I left right after feeling bored (same faces, same subjects of conversation). Besides, there were firecrackers popping outside and the noise just bugs me!
You know, I think I will do this every year from now on!
BTW, I voted for "It's 2004?,didn't know" (too engrossed in the movie)
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Happy New Year's, everyone!! Celebrating with you guys, with my hubby, my cats, a bit (ok, quite a bit) of champagne, we're happy happy campers.

Hey Yayi, we're doing movies too! We rented a bunch of 'em, made a lovely dinner at home, then watched the fireworks from our window, clinked glasses, kissed all the kitties, gave them a special little dinner. Taking a little break, then another movie.
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I worked today. . . . drove around with my son looking for a place to grab a bite to eat, but found most places closed early so we ended up at Pizza Hut and had 1/2 hour remaining before they too closed for the night.

We then went home, watched a little T.V. and went to bed before midnight.

It was the quietest New Year's ever!!

I still don't understand the whole point of the holiday. . . I think it's overated. . . . I mean, Halloween is more exciting to me, and it's not a National holiday. Go figure. Why does a date on the calendar get so much recognition? So what if it's a new year? It's only a number on the calendar. I like getting a day off from work, but would just as soon get a day like Christmas Eve off.
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I was feeling ill (the shakes and body aches) so I decided to nix my plans to go downtown. As it turned out everyone decided to get dressed up and I didn't have a dress anyways. My sister had to work till 9, so I went to her new place when she got off and we watched a couple of movies. Then we watched the 50th anniversary of Playboy which was humbling (too many perfect women). I had a couple of beers just to be in the spirit and ordered a ton of food.

Although I tend to go to bars and clubs on most weekends, I always seem to have a lack of enthusiasm when it comes to New Years Eve. I think it has something to do with high cover charges and the pressure to do something !!FUN!! Plus my tendency to get ill around this time of year. 2/3 years I tend to opt for a more low key evening.
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My husband had to work till 6 a.m. today, and I didn't want to leave JC alone, so I amused myself, mainly reading weird stuff on the Internet (Richard III, Lizzie Borden - I think I'm becoming addicted to Court TV's "Crime Library"). I also answered some emails and watched a little bit of TV right before midnight. All in all, it was a pleasant evening.
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We stayed home and watched the South Park marathon.
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Went to a friends house for a small party, ate way too much finger food, tried moonshine for the first time in my life. It is not to my liking

Happy New Year everyone, may 2004 be better for you all than 2003 was.
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My wife was on call (today too!) and had patients to see but was home by 8 pm. (Though she had to stay in to be available if she got called - luckily she didn't.) I taught a class, had some dinner with some friends (from the class), and was home by 9:30. We watched TV and relaxed. I had to wake my wife up to say "Happy New Year". Our first date was New Years 12 years ago. This time we had "sparkling grape juice" to celebrate (we're not big drinkers anyway, but when she's on call no alcohol.)

As far as watching TV: South Park rules!!! Such a funny show that always makes fun of everything.

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I surprised my brother by driving out to get his "almost" girlfriend and bringing her by for the night.

Then my friends & I watched Finding Nemo, went to the park, went to McDonalds, watched the ball drop, played some pool, and then they all left around 2 AM.
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Diden't do anything...just watched tv
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I went to a bar (this is the first time I have on New Years Eve and I wanted to see what the hype was about).. Anyhow it sucked, everyone seemed like they were there because they had no one to care about, like they were trying to hard to be wild -n- crazy or something. I just started seeing this guy before xmas and although we had planned on hooking up he wanted to go to his friends party and I wanted to bar with the girls so I figured I wouldn't be seeing him. To my surprise he walked in before midnight, paid the ridiculous cover just to kiss me Then some girl got mad because she was drunk and made stuff up in her head (like i want her man even though I obviously was in 7th heaven with mine) so rather than get involved in a confrontation I just left with him and went to his friends party where we stayed til about 6-7am, then we went back to his house and watched a movie. I'm so tired but so happy
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I stayed at home with Ivo, had a few beers and watched The Fellowship of the Ring DVD. At midnight, gave Ivo a kiss and went to bed. I'd rather not be out on the roads on New Year's Eve.
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Awwww, Annabelle it sounds like you had a great night! I'm so jealous.

Ya, instead of something romantic happening to me I found out that a guy I recently went on a couple of dates with has a GIRLFRIEND of over a year!!!!

It really quite spoiled my appetite for a party.
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Bill and I went to our usual bar. Most of the crowd is middle-aged, with the exception of what I call the "desperate and dateless".

The band plays everything: country (classic and contemporary), oldies rock 'n roll, some '80s, a bit of blues and a little disco.

Knowing that wait times for cabs were long, we had the bartender call at 12:00. By the time that the bar closed, at 1:00, it hadn't showed. The bartender even called them again. Drunk people can get free cabs rides but, we let them know that we were PAYING customers. We were waiting around, outside the bar and Bill was getting madder and madder. He went next door, to the Domino's Pizza, to use their phone (neither of us brought our cells). They were just shutting down and one of the delivery guys offered to drive us home. We may have to start ordering from Domino's instead of Papa John's. Anyway, Bill slipped the kid a twenty, which was more than the cab ride would have cost but, it was worth it.

We got in, at 2:00, let the dogs out and I scraped off my warpaint. Darned if I didn't fall asleep, sitting on the couch. Pearl woke me up, at 4:00, with a big, wet kiss. She was promptly banished to her crate and I dragged my whiskey-soaked bones off to bed.

Bill says that we are NOT doing this, next year. We've never had trouble getting a cab, before. Paying customers should get a priority. I wonder how much it costs, to rent a limo?
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I stressed over what to do about sugie - posted a poll about it and got great advice here. Was in bed by 10 pm - Merlin woke me at 1:30, wished him and hubby a happy and went back to sleep.
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I went to Church first with the roomate....And then, after Church was over, I got home and decided to go to an all night skating party that a local roller rink has every New Years Eve.... I didn't get done until after 7:00 this morning !. And while I was skating. I fell on my butt and hit my right elbow and right now I am feeling the pain.
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I was five hours away from home for New Years, we celebrated with some friends. It was lots of fun.

Happy new years!
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I went to a friends house to celebrate my birthday NYE! it was a blast! so many people showed up and we all sat around playing guitars, singing and having a great time! it finally got over at 2:30am and we came home( not driving drunk though, I would never do that!!!!!) and we went to bed! then this afternoon, we went back to our friends for my birthday breakfast! and tomorrow they are taking us out for my birthday dinner! WOW! do I have alot of birthdays or what?
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My bf and I drove out to Noelville (about a 45 min drive) to have dinner with his parents. Then we stopped at this party, which I didn't want to stay at having all the people seem to look and act like they were all 15. So we drove back to Sudbury where I made a few calls and ended up picking up Melanie and heading over to Shalon's place. I hadn't seen Shalon in a few years and she just moved back to Sudbury. So we sat around drank a few, smoked a few, and watched Pulp Ficton. We all said happy new year at midnight. After the movie, Steve, Mel and I went to Burger King to kill the munchies and then we drove Mel home and Steve dropped me off before going home.

It was a nice quiet evening. I usually cry at New Years for some reason, but not this year....which was a nice change
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We had a house party and had a lot more people showed up than we expected, which was great All of our friends came, some people I hadn't seen in a while. We all played some games, cards- even Connect Four which was strangely enough a huge hit

Aside from a little too much Tequila- ok a LOT too much Tequila, it was a great night. We kinda ended up missing the clock turning over to midnight- nobody realized it until 12:10!

All in all, a great night. Could've done without the hangover the next morning though
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live in Illinois (used to live there). One friend's birthday is on New Years Eve. Another friend had a New Year's party and told all of us she was pregnant (after only 4 months of trying). My friend with the B-day was hurt that this news was told to her on her B-day. She has been trying for over a year to get pregnant.

Soooooo, I got to spend New Years with two friends who are now at odds with each other and both are trying to get me on their side. The sad thing is that these friends are acting like 17 year-olds and we are all in our mid-thirties! When will the friends in my generation grow up and act their ages? *sighs* and ((((shakes head)))).
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well, "acting your age" is, i guess, one way to put it.

i think a better way to put it would be for them to 'mature'.

im really young and have always caught a great deal of flack about my age. especially in the workplace, but also outside.

if i acted my age it wouldn't be too long until i was out on the street

so about your friends... some people will never change, you have to realize that. the best thing about friends is that you get to pick them! i was glad i learned this at an early age. ive weeded out about 20-50 people over the past few years and am now left with a very solid group of GOOD friends. kind, considerate, mature... and none of them are in their mid thirties... early 20's to early 30's.

i hope your friends do decide to grow up, but be prepared for them to always be this way.

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Well, I would be alone with NO friends if I ditched last few I have (one of whom is my ex-fiancee). He and I are even contemplating marriage again.

I too have weeded out friends over the years but the few friends I have left I are ALL very self-centered and shallow. Some are generous with their time and money but they expect total allegiance which I am finding harder and harder to give them when they continue to act as if everyone "owes" in return for their generosity!! I am a Libra (the scales) and true to my sign, I don't like confrontations and want to smooth things out between friends. Everyone in my group loves me because I am non-threatening and don't demand the limelight like they all do, and that is whey they are each trying to get me on their side when they fight. It is disgusting and I wish they would just hash things out directly with each other and leave me out of it!
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Have you told them that you would prefer that they work it out among themselves without involving you?

The fact that one of them is your ex-fiancee doesn't help... thats a sticky situation. I recently broke up with my girlfriend who i was with for 2 years, she just moved out in november. We're trying to remain friends, but I forsee a very long and challenging road ahead.

I'm a Capricorn, what the hell does that mean?

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Finary, actually my ex is a really great guy (to me anyway) He has been there for me for 20 years ( I am 36 and met him when I was 14) and I really have put him through hell. I was friends, then we dated, then I broke up with him and didn't ever want to see him again, then we made up several years later, became good friends again, got engaged, I broke off the engagement, we remained friends, and most recently I am seeing more value in him then ever before and he (true to form) responded to my newfound appreciation for him with open arms and heart. Now we are a couple again (I think LOL!!)

I have told my other friends they need to work it out amongst themselves but being as stubborn and as self-righteous as they are, I don't see a reconciliation happening anytime soon. I have to be careful to avoid gossiping or I will have them BOTH mad at me!!!
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