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Sorry I am late with the well wishes! I hope she continues to improve.
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We recently rescued four kittens from a ditch this fall about two weeks before the snow came. They were only four weeks old and all had REALLY bad eye infections. Their eyes were glued shut with infection, they were starving, filthy, and cold. Something must have happened to the mama. Anyway, I called the vet to see what it would cost to have all four kittens checked out. They were going to charge me a full vet exam fee for each kitten just to prescribe some eye drops! So I went to the drug store and asked a pharmacist what he recommended to clear up an eye infection in some kittens. He didn't have any liquid polysporin drops but he had some polysporin gel in a tube. I made sure my hands were very clean and put a bead of gel in the eye lid of each eye in kitten a couple times a day for about three days and their eyes cleared up perfectly!! I was amazed! BTW... I found good homes for all four kitties once they were all healthy and old enough to give away. I had to feed them kitten formula from a syringe every few hours for the first couple of weeks. Lots of work, and expensive.. but it was worth it!

So try polysporin from the drug store! It may be worth a try.
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Shell, sorry to be so late with good wishes for Tiki. Poor little babe.

However, glad to hear she's starting to get a bit better, and I hope she continues to recover real quickly.
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Sorry to hear Tiki is having problems. Shell, maybe you could ask your vet about triple antibiotic ointment. It's thicker and stays in the eye better and has better coverage then single antibiotic drops such as Gentocin. I don't know if it would be appropriate for Tiki but it helped Hallie better when her eyes were really bad.
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Thanks everyone for your suggestions. My Vet did return my call while I was at work & ended up leaving me a voicemail. He said that since she's improving, I won't need to bring her in until Friday or Saturday. I'd hate to put some other medication in her eye since he directed Gentocin for right now. He might have plans for another drug when he sees her. I do think it's too watery & she really hates that since it runs into her nasal passages. Then she's sniffling & sneezing for a few minutes afterward...and then the hateful looks come out! LOL! I'll ask him when I take her in about trying an ointment. He said he'd like to give her steroids for the immflammation but if it's an actual ulcer (and not an infection) then it could cause it to be worse. I'm clueless when it comes to feline drugs & interactions, so I'm putting all my faith into Dr. John at this point.

Thanks again everyone! I'll try to get a picture of it tonight...if she lets me!
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Ok..she let me take a picture of it, but she was none too thrilled about it. The better picture is in this thread: http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...highlight=tiki

It actually doesn't look much different in the pictures, but I can much better in person. Her blood vessels were starting to come to the surface (not a good sign) & they are slowly started to fade back to where they belong. So that with in itself is a good improvement from what I've been told by the Vet. The Vet also said that she may not have any vision in that eye right now since the infection/ulcer is so severe, but she flinched & tried to squint when I flashed the camera...so maybe the vision is slowly coming back.

Anyhoo...I just thought I'd share with you all. Thanks!
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OMG that poor baby , I am sure she is not a happy camper lately . Bless your and her heart ((((((HUGS)))))) to you , poor mom . I know you worry sick about her . You don't know where it came from right ? How in the world can a cat just like that develope something like that . That scares me , but then things like that happen to us humans too . I sure will keep you both in my prayers Shell . Keep us posted please and hang in there .
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Oh Poor Tiki!!! I hope she gets better soon! I am praying for her! Keep us posted!
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