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New Addition..SO EXCITED!!

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I know it's not cat related but I gota tell you guys!
Tonight I'm picking up my new rescue, it's a prairie dog!!
I can't wait!!

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Wow, a prarie dog! That will be interesting. How old is it? Keep us updated!
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WashuSamu; Sounds exciting! Don't know anything about prairie dogs except that they are cute! How do you care for them? Are they like a bunny or a cat or a hedgehog or guinea pig? You must tell us, please!!!!!!!!!!
Do you get to keep it indefinitely or will it be re-introduced to the wild or semi-wild? You see; I have a lot of questions.

Come back, come back, and tell me. . . . . . . .
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I too want to hear about this new addition......
Fess up!!!!!!
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How fun! You'll love your Prairie Dog, they're very smart animals and playful too!

A few years ago I had one, we named her Cheyenne after my son Shane and myself, Diane...changed the spelling but it looked more Western that way!

She was a joy, chirping, playing, and very affectionate!
She was very smart too...used the litter box and loved her bed and toys.

Unfortunately, my son left out his broken cd player, and she got into it and swallowed some small parts...I took her to the vet, but she passed.

Let us know how it goes...I can almost guarantee your pet will be almost :laughing2: as big a joy as a cat!

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Well the guy I'm getting from, doesn't know how old it is, what sex it is, it's never been to a vet, and it's not fixed.
And he feeds it PARROT FOOD!!
They are alot like rabbit a guinea pigs, they need lots of hay, veggies, and fruit.
They LOVE attention.
He said it's never bitten anyone, but I've been bitten by just about everything, and being a stranger, I'm sure I'll get bit..oh well.
This will kind of be a rescue, I'm saving it from a moron.
It's name is Abu..but I'm calling it pikabu (peekaboo)
because it's cuter.
It wasn't caught in the wild, a lot of people in Texas breed them. They are just now becoming popular pets.
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I am from Houston too but I have never heard of prairie dogs for pets? It sounds pretty neat though!!!
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Oh I have been wanting one!!!!!!!! How lucky you are!! I don't know anywhere in Iowa that I could get a Prairie Dog.......but I really do want one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please let us know how it goes!
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In Iowa they might be illegal to keep as pets..I dunno for sure though, I can find out.
You in Houston too?!!! COOL.
There is a store called "The majick Cauldron" On Westheimer, near #'s the owners have a prairie dog in the store.
Well I went over to the guys house to pick it up, and boy did I have to keep my cool. It was in this kids room, and the kid was grabbing it, making it scream, poking it in the eye, rocking the cage..I wanted to yell "HEY knock it off you little runt!!" and thump him on the ear. But I just grabbed Pikabu and left.
He is so scared and sad looking. I started feeding him some GOOD food, and he devowered it! He wouldn't come out of his cage, so I left his door open, and fell asleep on my bed, only to be woken up by a prairie dog crawling up the sleeve of my shirt!!
He just snuggled in there, untill he relized I was awake, then *WOOOSH* took off back into his cage!
Hopefully he will become more use to us, and eventually become a HAPPY Prairie Dog.
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Boy! you REALLY did rescue him from a moron!!! Hope the idiot doesn't have any more pets!

He (Pikabo) sounds so pitiful. Probably never had someone to really love him/her. GOOD FOR YOU!

I don't know anything about prairie dogs but they sound adorable.

Pleeeeease keep us posted and God bless you for rescuing this poor baby.
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I think prairie dogs are Richardson's Ground Squirrels aren't they? We have several wild red squirrels around here who eat at the bird feeders all winter..they love black sunflower seeds. It's fun to watch them rushing off to bury one or "hide" it up in a tree. Sort of breakfast in bed for the Bluejays.

Now you need to get your little one a mate....and hope their relatives don't happen by.
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Everyday he warms up to me, more and more. It's so great!
Saturday morning I woke up to find that he had crawled up my sleeve, and was snuggled up to me. And just yesterday is the first time, he came up to me, and let me pick him up. I think he relizes that I love him already!! Prairie Dog are of the Ground Squirrle family, but I don't think it's the same thing. They look like a ground hog, crossed with a squirrle, he is SO cute, I can't wait to get pictures of him!!
and he wags his tail really fast, so he looks like a little puppy!!
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Good on you, for rescuing Pikabu from those jerks! I'm anxious to hear the Further Adventures of Pikabu and Washu Sama. (It rather sounds like a good idea for a film, like Harry and Tonto.) You two seem to be hitting it off quite well!

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Dear WashuSama :angel2:

It's so good to see you!! Now you have a prairie dog!! Good Lord you are so cute!!!! I'm so glad you saved Pikabu from that guy and I probably would've thumped him in the ear myself rrrrrrrrr....I can't stand morons like that.
Have lots of fun and big time LOVE with your new baby!

Love &,
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Last night was they first time I heard him "talk" to me..
I was watching TV, and I looked over at him, and he started "Yip, Yip.." it was SOO cute!!

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Dear WashuSuma :angel2:

Awwwwwwwwwww That's so adorable! I wish I could see him. I was looking at some websites and they're actually selling them as pets now..???? I must be hiding underneath a rock or something; I had no idea how tame they could be! Wow, that's so cool They were also selling them at a pretty high ticket too! Just figures! Well, I'm really happy that you're giving Pikaubu a sweet home

Love, Peace &
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I've heard great things about prairie dogs as pets. The only negative thing I've heard is that they like to chew legs, cords, cabinet corners, etc. So, if you want to let the cute little critter stay out all of the time you have to wrap metal around the bottom of everything.

Bravo to you for rescuing Pikabu from the jerks who had him.
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AWWWWWWWWWWW...... I WANT one!!!!!!!!
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It is NOT illeagal in your the way.
I bet you can find a good breeder, just make sure they weren't taken from the wild, they tend to be very aggresive.
BUT they are very expensive too!!

Would you like a breeder's website?
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Dear WashuSama :angel2:

I have a question for's the bunny and the prairie dog get along??? Do they like each other? I bet they'd be so cute hangin' out!

If you get a pic...please post him so we can see If you can get one with him and your bunny that'd be great too!

Love, Peace &
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At first, Niles (who is a LOP eared rabbit)
would stick his ears straight up in the air, and start thumping at him (he was scared of Pikabu, and didn't like him) Miss Piggy would just run away. But they have started sniffing each other, and playing tag (one will run up, sniff, run off, and the other will follow doing the same)
So they are starting to get along. I hope they become good friends!
I'm betting they will.
Pikabu has his first Vet Appointment on the 18th, I hope he doesn't get too mad at me!!
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Awwwwwwwww WashuSama :angel2:.....

I bet that's so cute!!! I can't wait to see them.

My raccoon had a kit of four babies!!! She finally has brought them by for a visit! She's amazing...she's not mine of course, I just feed her. There's no where for them to go...I really don't know what to do at this point the development is getting to be too much around here. When I first moved here 15 years ago, there was nothing but me and the beach and a few's an island filled with condos and other homes. It's time for a change I guess

I'll have to bring the coons too! :laughing2

Love & Peace,
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That's what happen to my parents, they moved out into the boonies about 10 years ago (the nearest Wal-Mart is a 30 minute drive)their closest neighbor was 5-10 acres away, now they are building a darn suburb, right around them!! boy are they P.O.'ed....
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I am going to go check out some of the breeders websites you listed....thanks....but how expensive is expensive????? I can't afford to pay a whole lot, so I probably better not get my hopes up.
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around $150.
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Isn't it CUTE??!!!
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