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The Real Ghost of Christmas Past

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oooo a ghost, I love ghost stories!
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That's really creepy! We were there in a group of 20 in 1991, and somebody unseen "ran" past us and pounded on a door - our guide said, "We think that's Catherine Howard". Somehow I think any place first owned by Cardinal Wolsey and then Henry VIII has to be haunted. It's beautiful, though.
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ghosts are great, i love getting a good scare! my fiance's dad builds houses and one day he went to take pics of one of the houses that he built so he could put in on his website. well, when the pics came back there was a face in the window that looked like a little boy. no one had moved into the house yet and his dad swears noone else was there. i promise, promise when i find the pic on my computer, i'll post it! it's pretty scary
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Please do post the picture ccdogmuffin, I would love to see it!
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okay guys, here it is...
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Oooo I love ghosts, wow a little boy ghost, amazing. Was your fiances father freaked out?
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(fiance's dad) hee hee ya he was freaked after he saw the pic. my man and i zoomed in on it as close as we could and it is absolutely a person, but since no one else was there we assume it's a spirirt.
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SCARY! Do people live in the house now? If so I wonder if they have heard or seen any strange things..?
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ya people live there now, he was hired to build the house for some guy, i don't know if they've heard or seen anything. i'm not sure if he wants to tell them, that would go over well: "by the way the house i built for you is haunted" hahaha
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wow, what an interesting picture! thanks ccdogmuffin!
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oh boy.... that's freaky!!
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ccdogmuffin-Neat pic! Does your fiance's father know the history of the land? That might account for a spirit in a new house.

jcat-All I can say is what a cool experience!
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It's the middle of the day and I am officially freaked out.
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You should send that picture to those people who study ghosts and spirits ect. I'm sure they would love to investigate it.
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I saw that this morning when I logged on. It's the best picture I've ever seen of a ghostly image. I wish there were more like that.
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i just might send it to some ghost hunters or whatever, i don't know anything about the history of the land, but i'm sure i could find out. when you zoom in on the pic really close, it's like he has no face. it's gross
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Originally posted by okeefecl
ccdogmuffin-Neat pic! Does your fiance's father know the history of the land? That might account for a spirit in a new house.

jcat-All I can say is what a cool experience!
My ex-brother-in-law lives in a new house, and the kids (2 boys and a girl, aged 9 - 16) are really afraid to sleep there (he has them 2 - 3 nights a week) because they've had all sorts of freaky experiences and are convinced the house is haunted. We keep telling them that a new house can't be haunted, but are really wondering about the history of the land it stands on. The parcel of land was part of a farm for well over a hundred years, but since it is in Nebraska (outskirts of Omaha), we're wondering if it wasn't an Indian burial ground or the scene of a battle between Indians and the U.S. Cavalry. So far we haven't found any records. Having had several paranormal experiences that couldn't be explained away with faulty wiring or chips (for example, our microwave, which has gone on strike every Easter since we bought it in 1983), or an overactive imagination (a presence which boomed down the steps and trudged into the kitchen at a house my sister was renting at the time, and which my sister, her husband (a sceptic), my brother, my husband (a true sceptic) and I, plus two dogs and a cat, all heard and felt simultaneously), I believe there is such a thing as a ghost, though I don't believe that ghosts are necessarily malevolent.
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WOW! you guys are freaking me out! I have goosebumps now! oh TELL ME MORE!!! I love ghost stories!
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I don't know why I came back in here.

I'm a skeptic. I'm even going to join the Australian Skeptics Society. Though I do keep an open mind about things.

It's the middle of the day again and, yup, I'm getting spooked again.
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Jugen, you're not the only one that got goosebumps reading this thread!
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I haven't been a sceptic since they lived in that house, for about 9 months in 1980. It was an old farmhouse in Bartonsville, PA, in the Pocono Mountains. I have no idea if it's still standing. There was definitely someone unseen walking around the house and opening up drawers and cabinets in the kitchen. So many people heard and sensed it that her husband at the time, who is Jewish, had some rabbis come out and investigate. They performed some sort of exorcism (I don't remember what it was actually called) after deciding the house was haunted. It didn't have any effect, so my sister, who had been raised a Catholic, contacted the local Catholic church. They did their own investigation, decided the same thing, and performed an exorcism. That also didn't work, so they decided to move out. After they told their landlord they were moving out, he told them nobody had stuck it out there as long as they had! He wouldn't come right out and admit that it was haunted, or give them any background on the house, probably because he was worried about not being able to rent it out or sell it. There were three bedrooms upstairs, one of which my sister and b-i-l used. The other two were never used, because nobody could stand staying in those rooms for more than a few minutes. The downstairs dining room had to be used as a guest room. We used to take one of the dogs up there when we visited, and he used to really freak out, growling and "guarding" us. I think if two separate panels of rabbis and priests said the house was haunted, that that made it "official".
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