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Originally posted by buddy1234
if they didn't like it you would know because they would remove themselves from the offending stimuli by walking away, and at that point you would say ok he doesnt like it ill leave it alone. if he enjoyed it then cool, as long as its not bad for him.

as for the smoke being unhealthy, in the amounts we are talking about here i doubt there would be any risk of damage whatsoever. I mean people that smoke cigarettes and have cats probably subject them to a dangerous amount of smoke on a daily basis, but with marijuana it would be like 1 or 2 clouds of smoke every so often, not much worse than God knows what they put in that cat food.
Hmmm, as for the first part of this. We humans, who are supposed to be the superior creatures with the large brains and all, know that smoking is bad, but continue to do so. Not I, you would never catch me with a cigarette in my mouth and I hardly visit my family because they smoke. But a cat does not know that smoke IS bad, so even if you THINK they like it, why do it?
As for the second part, ANY amount of smoke is BAD!! My mom smoked, one of her cats died of lung cancer at the age of 9. My mom, of course, is no longer here either. She died at the age of 63. Oh, I did mention she smoked...right?
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Second hand smoke of any kind is bad for any creature. You wouldn't smoke pot around your children, why around your cat? I will admit again I have had Emmett around when the pot is being smoked. None of my friends, nor I have ever directly blown it into his face. I can tell by his reaction to it when it is "sparked" that he isn't too impressed. Now living at home, I still tend to toke a few puffs now and then, of couse having the insence buring and everything.

So the question comes up....its the smell of insence back for the kitties? I mean some of those scents are pretty strong. I keep my window open when I have it buring, but it still fills the air, and when I'm in my bedroom Em is there with me.

But this thread is about smoking. I don't agree with tabacco smoking at all especialy around non smokers or children or even pets. So if you wanna smoke pot or tabacco and you have an indoor cat, just step outside.

When I was living on my own I had a wood burning fireplace and Em had a strange cough. The vet said it was probably from that. Now that I no longer live at the place with the fireplace Em doesn't have his little cough anymore.

Ok. Am I rambling. I'm sorry.
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Interesting discussion but I think it no longer belongs in the health forum. I think the issue of whether or not blowing pot smoke into your cat's face is either dangerous and/or fun for the cats has been dealt with to the best of our abilities.

This has now turned into a discussion that is more of a moral nature, not about health per se. I am closing this thread now. If anyone wants to pick up the discussion of whether it is moral to smoke pot or anything else next to your cat - please open a new thread about it in the IMO forum where it belongs.

Thank you.
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