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Gary - I'm sorry! Gary doesn't like me posting his pic, but this is just too cute to pass up. Flowerbelle loves to climb all over us, and will hang out on our shoulders - even while we walk around. She discovered the hood on his robe, and thought it was made just for her.
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Look at our goofy little nut!
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Flowerbelle is the only kitty we have that likes to carry her toys around with her. This is a small mouse - but she is so funny when she totes around something that's as big as her head!
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Silly girl!!!

She is gorgeous and looks healthy and happy.
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But it WAS made just for her! See? She fits inside purrfectly...

She is so beautiful, and so TINY!!! What a little doll!
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I get tears everytime I see new pics of this angel! To read everything she has gone through, and to know she is with you guys is just the best thing I could see when I sign on to TCS!! Thanks for taking the time to keep us updated chikk!

Can anything get more lovable??? I'm talking about Flowerbelle, but now that I look back I'm also talking about Gary (and the bond that he has with these furkids)!

Rob doesn't allow me to post his pic either! He makes me cut off his head in all the pics I post.
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Flowerbelle is adjusting to her regimen of eye cream & drops. Her eye is looking much better than it did when it was full of "blisters" from the herpes virus. She still looks a bit pathetic with her left eye usually gooey looking, but in person (not so much in pics) the difference is quite dramatic.

She is SO FULL of energy, and I'm convinced our 4-pound wonder is going to end up as Alpha. Shel is putting up a good fight so far to retain his status, but I think she'll eventually wear him down. Gary's not convinced yet....

And when she's tired, she's still a complete snuggle bug. She loves sleeping on us, LOL! And she is still such a purr-box. She's discovered the love of all of our other cats - being brushed. Unlike all the other kitties though, she runs up to us, reaches out her paw (she's always doing that - reaching out to touch things. It must be because of her eyesight problems) - and when we start to brush her, she just flops over on her side or back, and stretches her cheeks or neck out for brushes. It's a little difficult though. We really need to get a smaller brush for her. The brush is about 2x as big as her head, and a little awkward to brush such a small kitty with.

She has busted through four pounds though! Her spay scar healed up REALLY nicely, and the hair is growing back pretty quickly. The surgery on her neck turned out to be a lot more frankensteinish than we'd expected! It's healing well though and her hair growing back almost covers it up now.

Little by little!

Her eye does not look good here - but caught her mid-flight. She looks HUGE here! She really has grown.
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Awww! Flowerbelle looks so playful! Guess the other kitties are getting their exercise having her around.
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Aww... I am soo glad my buddy is getting better. She is getting bigger which is a good sign. She looks happy in those pics which is the most important. She is good hands with loving parents.... Sheldon will just have to wait his turn to be the alpha cat.
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Flowerbelle is such a darling!!! Has she discovered the front pocket's of sweatshirts yet? My husband bought one the other day and Oscar went right in and fell asleep. It's great - you can carry them around with no hands!
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AAAWWWW what a sweet little girl she is , just to cute . She has a very cute face , give her some from me . I am so glad she is doing better and her eye looks a lot better now too . You guys really saved her and are her .
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Yay! I am so happy to see pics of Flowerbelle! I love it when you update her.

Deaf kitties really are wonderful aren't they?

Kahu is always reaching out to us as well. Maybe its a way of getting our attention, he does it to get mine. I love it, its so darn cute
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Flowerbelle looks like so much fun! And she loves daddy, huh?
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She is the cutest thing ever! :
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I love flowerbelle!! You are doing a great job with her
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She is so pretty!!
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Laurie- She's absolutely gorgeous!

All I can say is THANK YOU for being such an angel to her!!

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Thanks all! Can't help it - we think she's the cutest thing ever too, LOL!

And Kellye - I LOVE it that she reaches out all the time! It is SO darn cute, LOL! And when she's sleepy, she loves being held like a little baby on her back. She snuggles around, and reaches up to touch our faces with both paws - one on each cheek. It is soooo like getting a kitty hug from her. Who knows why she does it, but I really don't care! We feel hugged when she does, and it just melts our hearts.

And yes - ALL the cats are getting soooo much exercise because of her, LOL! And more interesting is especially Lazlo and Spooky. They're both playing so much more than they did - even by themselves. It's like they've rediscovered kittenhood - one that neither one of them really participated in much when they were kittens. So I guess our silly girl is imparting her youthfulness and love of life to the whole gang, and they all seem much more playful and happy with her around.
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I love all of the pictures, and I especially love the action shot of Miss Flowerbelle. By the way, your husband shouldn't be upset showing his picture. He's quite attractive.
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She looks like a real sweetie.
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What a sweetie!
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