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Good news and thanks

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This is a note really to all you women out there who sent me so many messages of support when I decided to go ahead and have the cruelest cut a man can have. Following my vasectomy, I received more support from women than I could ever imagine and was stunned by this and I thank you all for it.
Had it not been for you all and of course my wife (who I did it for more than anyone), I would not have got through it easily at all.
I had tests after 16 weeks ( a fortnight ago) and then on 18 weeks (yesterday) and I got the final set of results today.

I am delighted to say that the operation was a complete success and I have been thrilled to tell Carol this evening that for the first time in her life - the words - the pill - dont have to be used anymore. The onus is off her and I am happy as hell for her.

I would say to any husband, male friend that I know or you may and are adamant that no more children or cant have children for one reason or another - to have it done. Believe me, its the best thing I have ever done, my wife for the first time has freedom beyond anything she has ever had since I have known her and I love her even more for it.

So tell any males out there thinking about it - to stop thinking and get it done and if worried - use my email address.

.. and a huge thank you - mainly to you ladies who never once rediculed me, made me feel stupid, dumb or small but praised me for what I had done. I could not have made it without you all.

Best wishes

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That is wonderful Kev, I am glad that you feel this way. Your wife is very lucky to have a good man like you who loves her so much and would do this for her.

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Good for you and especially for your wife! I hate taking the pill and cannot wait for the day I no longer have to.
You are a great husband for doing this Congrats on the succesful surgery
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Kev, I am so glad to hear this! I am also happy for Carol not to have to take the pill anymore...I wish I didn't. My husband doesn't want anymore children, but he refuses to have this done. He says I should get my tubes tied instead which is a far worse procedure to have to go through than a vasectomy is for a man (from what I have been told).
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I think its great you had it done Kev. And its commendable that you would recommend it to other men.

I have to say though that having my tubes tied wasn't a big deal at all. I had it done about 2 years ago, and the procedure was relatively simple. You do have to go under general anesthesia, but other than that risk, it was quick and fairly painless.

I would say to any woman that has a man who doesn't want the vasectomy, to just get the tubal. Its not a big deal at all.
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Kev, you're terrific! Congratulations on your results, but more than that, congratulations for taking this step for your wife. She has a great guy!
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LOL Kev! My hubby visited Dr. Snipemoff (think about the name) a few years ago and recommended it to everyone as you are doing now. I agree - it's a great thing from a woman's perspective not to have to worry about things after all this time.

My hats off to you!!
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That's great news kev!
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that is great news kev!! I bet carol is so proud of you!
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that is just great Kev. you are a very special guy, Carol is one lucky lady to have a guy that loves her that much..
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Two of the men that I've respected most, in my life, had vasectomies: my dad and my late husband. Too bad, that I didn't meet Russ, until 6 years after my tubes were tied.

The tubal ligation was no big deal. I was in and out of outpatient surgery, in three hours. The worst part was waiting for the gas to dissipate, from my abdomen.

It is too bad that more men don't have the intestinal fortitude, to have themselves "snipped". My son Mark is seriously considering it. I think that he and Sam have changed their minds, about having 4 or 5 kids. It looks as though the twins are enough for them.
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That is good new's!
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Hang on a moment here - it seems you lot are congratulating me - the purpose of this was for me to thank you for your support - so.. ((((((( group hug to you all)))))))))))

and thanks

also known as Jaffa orange, champagne grapes etc - all are seedless!
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I had a tubal ligation the day after my son was born, and it was fairly simple. I've had a few lasting problems, 'monthly' pain I never had before the procedure being the worst. I would much rather have had my hubby get a vasectomy, but he refused.

Kev I know you didn't start the thread looking for praise, but I have to give you some anyways. Thats a big step to take out of love
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Mr Kevin! That's great news! I'm happy for you, you're such a decicated Dad & Husband Kev and I only know you from the net! Big hugs to you Kev!
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You may recall last week we ( Carol and I) were on cloud nine following the results from my vasectomy and we were given the all clear. It was brilliant news as we were told that carol could finally come off the pill which I wanted more than anything and get her body into a normal cycle not controlled by tablets.
Anyway - we got the all clear and life was great. Finally - we could have some time together and no concerns or worries. Until ....saturday morning.
I got a letter from my gp advising that I was not all clear at all. What i had been told by three different people was an error. We had a massive panic stations that morning and as usual - you can never get any one to talk to when you need to. The emergency doctor sympathised and thought it was all disgusting and the mental anxiety started killing us.
Well - finally this morning arrived and I ended up on the phone - even in the nursery - to get things sorted. even went to the surgery for help.
I am now going back into hospital tomorrow for a small bit of surgery to see what - if anything has gone wrong internally.
Its killed us mentally and may I thank Kate Ang, Mags and kittencrazy for all the support over the last 48 hours - its been hell. I feel as though I have failed Carol major big time even then she says I have done nothing wrong.
Its been a very exhausting weekend and after being told we were all clear - are back to square one again!
Keep smiling as we are trying to -
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OH KEV! What a complete bummer! Well, you know there'll be lotsa fingers crossed here on TCS -[- wow! it'sd hardf tyoing thissf weay!
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I'm so sorry Kev!

Don't feel bad. It's not your fault. You haven't failed at anything or anyone especially Carol.

Think of it this way, at least you found out this way and not by an accidental pregnancy.

Cat cuddles being sent your way.
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