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What Makes It Christmas?

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I don't know about anyone else, but there are just some things that make Christmas for me. When I see or hear or taste these things, then it is Christmas.

1. Danish Nut Balls (See Cooking with Cattitude for the recipe). Grandma always sent some in her Christmas package.

2. Oyster Stew - Must be a mid-west thing, but we have Oyster Stew every Christmas Eve before opening presents. It's the only time of year that I have it, and it is SO good!

3. (Don't laugh!) Listening to "John Denver and the Muppets: A Christmas Together" CD. Mom used to play the album (real vinyl) when we were getting ready for Christmas Eve and when we baked Christmas Cookies when I was younger.
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1. Snow

2. Christmas Carolers

3.Almond Roca

4. my mom's special chocolate chip dreams
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Family gathering for dinner....


Hot Chocolate.......

The smell of a fireplace...

The look on my cat's face when we bring home a tree...

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1. Family & Friends

2. Snow

3. Christmas Tree & Decorations

4. Seeing The Smiles On My Kids Faces On Christmas Morning
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Visiting my Nan on Christmas Eve- all the family gathers there

Snow, snow ,snow!!!

Nan's coffee fudge that she makes just for me as a gift each year

Hanging the stockings on Christmas Eve, only after 5 pm, as dictated by my dad (I STILL have to wait and I'm 27 )

My kids getting us up at 3 or 4 am Christmas morning, and that first cup of coffee
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The baking marathon my Mom, sister and I have every year. We make roughly 15 different cookies.

Hitting the shopping malls and coming home with a trunk full of bags!!

Trying to fit a 25lb turkey in my tiny freezer!
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The smell of yummy food cooking.

Wearing new christmas clothes.

When family starts arriving...

I Christmas!
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The candy making for all the Friends.
This is DH posting, I do most of it with a lot of help from the better half.
We do peanut brittle, divinity,coconut balls, peanut butter balls,
carmel corn, and homemade orange gumdrops.
I know it's Christmas when I get started.
Last year I didn't do much, every body missed it too.
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two things make christmas for me even though I struggle with it.

My wife and my love for her.
Our son and his face .... and delight at what santa has brought. hes not gonna be dissapointed this year either!!!
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1. The avacado dip that is the first recipe in Cooking with Cattitude.

2. Playing games at my dad's house on Christmas Eve way too late - 2 years ago we went until 4:30 am!

3. Christmas morning at my mom's, we all sit around in our jammies drinking hot cider, eating appetizers and goodies, and opening presents.

4. Watching National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation with my husband and son. We also like A Christmas Story, but it's not quite the same.

5. Wrapping gifts - for some odd reason, I've always loved that.
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hmmmm.. now that's a hard one cos we dun have snow here and people dun celebrate xmas as much as you guys...

i guess the thing that makes it look or sound like xmas would be the carols that i hear everywhere and the lights which the shopping malls put up.. but these few years it gets boring and commercialized...but i guess it's really the spirit of giving that makes xmas special to me...I love xmas so much!!!
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1) Wrapping presents!! I LOVE wrapping presents.

2) Putting up the tree and decorating it.

3) Fairy lights everywhere! I LOVE fairy lights!!

4) Being with people that I care about.
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1. The family being together.

2. Christmas decorations and trees.

3. Watching people open the gifts I bought for them.

4. Midnight services at church.

5. Christmas songs.

6. Baking cookies and making candy.

7. Eggnog.
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The main thing is watching Christmas Vacation with my family, we have had this tradition probably since it came out and even though we must watch it at least 5 times every christmas season, we still laugh out loud at it every time

Second would be when every man in my family is sleeping on the couch at 1 in the afternoon, snoreing realllly loud, while the women slave in the kitchen lol! It's a tradition so I can't complain tooo much.
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Hmmm tough, my hubby and I are at far from our families so don't always get to see them at Christmas but...

Wrapping presents - I spend hours curling ribbon, finding the perfect bow.

Convincing my kitty Gus to jump inside the red plush Santa sack and go for a ride around the house, that's when Christmas really starts!

Cooking and eating waay too much food and pigging out with the family we do get to see.
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Christmas music! When I start hearing it on the radio, when our church starts practicing for our Christmas program, and when I bust out my Christmas CDs. And this year, I'll be playing guitar for the youth group performance, so I'm totally immersed in X-mas music. And of course, family gatherings.
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1. Taking my boyf's little brother Nathan to the cinema on Christmas Eve so his mum can get organised in peace. He's coming up 11 and still believes.

2. Getting up at 5am to make sure we're up before Nathan so we can see his face when he sees all his presents!

3. Mistletoe.

4. Yorkshire pudding and roast parsnips with Christmas Dinner.
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1. Christmas decorations. I live in a small town and almost everbody puts lights on the outside of their houses. Riding around in the car and looking at the lights always gets me in the Christmas mood. The lights look especially pretty under the snow.

2. Baking and the wonderful way is scents the house.

3. Going Caroling.

4. Christmas Eve service at church. Something really magical happens. I always sing at the Christmas Eve service. This year I'm singing "O Holy Night". I love to let my voice soar on the high notes. (I am scheduled to sing quite a bit this season, but nothing matches singing on Christmas Eve.)

5. Waking up Christmas morning at my Sister's house (the house I grew up in) and opening presents in our pajamas and then having Christmas breakfast, which my B-I-L makes for us.
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Buying the perfect present, and then practically bursting to tell the person it's for.

Decorating the tree while listening to Christmas carols.

Letting my students make snowflake decorations for the classroom. (We just did this today, and suddenly, I am ready for Christmas.)

Christmas cookies

Planning to send cards on time, although it doesn't always happen

A feeling of happiness and peace toward everyone
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1. the first snow fall (this year i ran around the office yelling "It's Christmas! It's Christmas!! when the snow started falling. I had a few people who were ready to KILL me!!!)

2. Making Peanut Butter balls, shortbread , cherry balls & apple pie!

3. Going to Church on Xmas eve, and giggling like school girls with my sister (I'm 25, she's 33 and we STILL do this... and always have! Usually to the point where my sister almost pees her pants lol)

4. Getting up Xmas morning, and getting showered, and eat breakfast! My mom ALWAYS made us do that when we were little. I think she was a bit late getting Santa stuff together, and this was her way to gain time!

5. The smell of Christmas trees! My boyfriend is allergic.. we might have to get a fake tree this year
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1) Coming up with silly name tags on the gifts that I wrap for my husband - we give hints to the present's content on the name tag (like "To: my blues man" will be a Muddy Water's CD). They get wilder each year.

2) At the start of our annual tradition of opening the first Xmas present days in advance with my husband. We buy each other a lot of little gifts, and I start begging to open some of the little ones early. We get one present a night starting about 3-4 days in advance.

3) We throw the wrapping paper on the floor and leave it there until the cats have managed to tuck it into every corner of the house (about a week after Xmas).
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what makes it xmas for me is:
the first snow fall
wrapping presents(and cats when they feel the need to "help")
being home with my animals and friends. (my family is scattered so we dont' get a chance to get together often so we call each other on the holidays)
xmas dinner with honeys family.(both sides!)
hot chocolate
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It's Christmas for me when
- the smell of the Christmas tree permeates the house

- the tree is decorated, inc. old-fashioned bubble lights like my grandmother had

- It's a Wonderful Life is on tv (though we now own it on vhs)

- when my mother would make Hungarian Nut Rolls and my great-grandmother Fisks molasses cookies (recipe in the Cooking with Cattitude cookbook)

- when the neighborhood is bathed in multi-shades of warm, bright, Christmas lights and we've decorated our rhodies and golden chain tree with lights and red velvet bows

what a lovely theme to post my 600th message on
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1. Having my neighbor put up his wreaths (even on my door).
2. Driving home on the PA turnpike listening to Christmas music.
3. Coming home to a fully decorated Christmas tree.
4. A big brunch with Dad, brother, sis-in-law, sis-in-law's sister and mother after opening presents.

Pat&Alix-congrats on 600!
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Making batches of my "famous" peanutbutter fudge for presents (people expect it now!) until my arms hurt (recipe in Cooking With Cattitude by the way). . .

Crispix Mix!!!
Soy Nog
Time off from work (I save vacation days to save my sanity)
Christmas Eve (when we celebrate with family - a tradition)
My mother's Toutiere Pies (Pork pies)- also in Cooking w/Cattitude
The smell of a fresh cut Christmas tree
Cats sleeping under the Christmas tree (let's pray that Morrell doesn't think it's for climbing. . . his 1st Christmas w/us and in a real home).
The smell of scented Christmas candles
Poinsettias! (yes I know they are toxic to cats even if they are considered safe for humans now)
Midnight Mass - we always freeze on the way (especially if we wear dresses). . . and try to stay awake. . . but it's worth it!
Christmas music (although it's been overplayed this year!!)
My little Christmas notebook. . . . that I try to hide from my children. . . where I keep track of the gifts that I buy for everyone each year.
My lengthy traditional Christmas Newsletter which I've been writing since my kids were babies. It will probably be a novel one day!
Setting up the manger. . which Molly thinks she can sleep in!
Filling the stockings and placing the gifts under the tree after my kids finally go to bed.
And of course. . . . the AFTER Christmas sales. . . . where I scarf up all the wrappings for next Christmas!
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Christmas lights, particularly the native "lantern", hanged on the front of every home.
Christmas carols.
Children visiting their godparents to receive gifts and blessings.
Church bells tolling at dawn to announce the "misa de galleo" beginning a week before the 25th.
Christmas office parties and the 13th month paycheck!
Exchanging of anonymous gifts among friends in the tradition we call "kris kringle". The identity of the giver is revealed on an agreed date.
Lots of family get-togethers and lots of food; which means a hard time sticking to a diet!
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I loved reading everyone's responses!!!

Cinnamon, in cookies and candles especially.
Christmas songs.
Pine garlands and pine cones.
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Spending time with my wife, family, and our dogs and cats.

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Christmas Eve: decorating the tree (nowadays with JC's help), wrapping presents, hanging up and later stuffing the stockings, and baking cookies. Christmas Day: admiring the kids' (niece's and nephew's) presents, the traditional turkey dinner, eating fruit cake, and searching for the Christmas decorations JC has taken off the tree and pushed under the rug, stereo, sofas, etc..
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