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Major, General and Zeus.

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I'm posting this message for my mother in law's cats. When she first got cats about two years ago she got two. One called Jester(black and white) and General(Tabby). Both cats were back garden / indoors cats. General disappeared about six months after she got them and has not been seen since. Articles in the local press claimed that cats were being kidnapped in my area, especially young tabby cats.

Jester missed General so much she decided to get him a new playmate. Major was a ginger kitten, very small for his age, he died after two months and is sadly missed. Again Jester missed his playmates so finally she got Zeus.

Zeus was a long haired ginger kitten and possibly the cutest thing I have ever seen in my entire life. He too went missing about six months ago. We don't know if General and Zeus are still alive, but I've included them in this post because they are sorely missed, most of all by Jester.

Only Jester remains, when they got him he was so sick they didn't think he'd make it through the night, against all the odds he's happy and healthy today.
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Rest in peace little Major. Your short life brought joy, as well as great pain.

I sure hope that General and Zeus are happy in a new life, with new families. But how tragic that they were taken from a loving family.
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