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How often do you feed your cat?

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My cat Felix is always wanting food and he`s getting a little chuby, also do you give you cat Cow`s Milk and is it good for them?
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Hi there;

I free feed like dry and give him as a treat - maybe 1 tablespoon of wet on a daily basis. When I first got Loki he was on mostly wet and just a little dry and he was always hungry. Since cats are grassers by nature I switched him to dry so he could get to the food whenever his is hungry, and it stopped the hunger pangs. If you already feed mostly dry try adding some Light to the current mix.

Abt. Cows milk - most cats are lactose intolerant and can not process milk properly - which causes diarrhea!! Therefore the answer is NO it's not good for them. Hope this helps - I am sure you'll get many more helpful responses. Best to you and your little one.
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Hiya, I feed my outdoors cats twice a day and my indoor one has food left down for her (I can't leave food down outside as all the other neighbourhood cats munch it too!) I feed them all on dry cat food as apparently its better for their teeth (?) but if you feed on dry food you have to make sure they have plenty of fresh water available at all times as they get thirstier quicker.

Hell603 is right about the cows milk, it usually ends up making them puke or have diarrhea!
But you can buy special cat milk which is usually fine for them - you can get it in most pet shops in little bottles, its good for a treat now and then! (Just don't give them the whole bottle at once!! :laughing: )

Cats generally only eat as much as they need, but occasionally you do get the greedy ones (we all have one!) who may need watching a bit with their weight!! If you're concerned try feeding him seperately for a while and just slimmimng his portions down a bit, try not to leave his food down ALL day if you can...

Hope this helps hun!

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I feed my cats twice a day. Once in the morning, a half cup of dry and then another half cup when I get home from work. My little one doesn't seem to be obsessed about food, but my big guy will sit in front of his empty bowl and try to get the food to magically appear. It's very pathetic. If he could,he would eat the whole bag of food in one sitting, but he is already 15 lbs, and on lite food, so we have to measure and control. They also get treat when we get home, like a Pounce morsel. No table scraps at all.

The little one never begs for food, but the big guy is always waiting.
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I feed my cats (one 7/12 months, one 4 months) about a cup and half dry food, that I leave out for them and about a table spoon of wet food in the afternoon. No cow's milk, it's not good for them.

The dry usually lasts all day, once in awhile it's all gone though, and they love their wet food in the afternoon, but they only get a little. I heard it is bad for their teeth.

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I am in complete agreement about the cow's milk; some cats can tolerate it, most don't. There is always goat's milk or kitten's milk if you feel the need to add this to the diet.
As for food, the better foods have less "fillers" and are less likely to cause weight gain. Also, with the better food the cats tend to eat less as they are getting more of what they need. We mix a blend of Nutro, IAMS, Eukanuba and Royal Canin for the dry food. As breeders, this accustoms the kittens to a variety while feeding them a quality food; when they go to their new owners there is less of a diet problem as they are used to eating most of the quality foods available.
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I feed my two cats 2 cans a day, the split one can in the morning and one when I get home from work. I leave dry food out all the time.

My cats LOVE milk. I've been giving them skim milk for years (they're 10 years old) and I've never had a problem. Guess every cat is different.

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I feed my cats a 1/2 cup each (I have 7 cats) of Science Diet in the morning and again when I get home from work at 10 p.m. I used to feed them canned food but found that they weren't eating it all, so I decided not to waste money and stopped it. I don't miss the messy, smelly cans either.

As for milk, every cat is different. Casey is lactose intolerant. I don't give any of them milk, but I do give MooShoo (my 1 year old Sphynx) yogurt. He loves it and it doesn't seem to bother him. The vet said it's good for him. I'll give it to any of the other ones that want to try it. They also like ice cream. I give them only a taste once in a great while.

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Thank you all so much for your replys, they have been full of great advice My cat Felix has had semi-skimmed milk for quite sometime,his health is good and hes nearly 16 .Felix has canned soft food because he only has 2 teeth left and he likes cooked chicken as a treat, but the pieces have to be small.

My mum yesterday has wormed felix,he had the powder with a bit of tuna, and he ate it all up.

I think felix just likes his food too much, hes still climbing fences and chasing off boy cats, but I,ll make sure he dos,nt get too fat. Thankyou again
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