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human skin rash after cat scratch

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Hi. I'm new here . We got 5 month old kitten Persian kitten 2 month ago. Seems he has all possible kind of health problems - ear mites, parasites and now skin problems. About month ago my son and me started to get skin spots but only on the areas where he scratched us. Our dermatologist ruled out ringworm said it consistent with bag bites. He for sure doesn't have any flees. But I'm having new bumps every day. And now I noticed some weird black crazy under his arms. Vet checked with the black light and didn't see any glowing. I'm desperate. What can it be? Can both vet and dermatologist be wrong and he has a ringworm? Or skin mite just biting up and we all allergic to it? If somebody can help we will extremely appreciate it. I spent almost 1000$ for last few weeks only for vet and medical bills and didn't get any answers 😞
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I certainly doesn't sound like ringworm.  Ringworm is more like open sores, and definitely shows up under a blacklight.  Just google ringworm and see picture on humans to see what it looks like. 


Perhaps you have some little insects in your home that are biting you and your son that have nothing to do with your cat?   Or if you only get these where your kitten scratches you, then try clipping his nails so you don't get scratched and see if that helps.  I do itch when I get scratched, but only in the exact spot of the scratch, and no rash comes up.  I think I probably may be allergic to cats somewhat, but only in that way, where they have slightly punctured my skin.  That's why I try to keep their nails trimmed.

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Cats harbor bacteria under their nails. All scratches should be disinfected immediately and twice daily until healed. I use chlorhexidine skin cleaner. If you are cleaning the scratches, you could be allergic to the cleaner or soap. My mom breaks out from triple antibiotic ointment!

Clip those nails or get a groomer!

Is the cat on flea control? If not I would apply revolution as it kills some mites and will eliminate any possible fleas. Unless you already have the cat on a flea control or deworming product? Definitely ask the vet about trying revolution.

Have you tried allergy medication? If you rub your face in your cats coat and sniff him do your eyes burn or your nose run? You could be allergic.

Most people do not react to mites, at least no one in my family has. I suspect an allergy. Contact dermatitis comes to mind. Or possibly the bacteria is causing a skin reaction.

My cat has vision problems and gave me a deep scratch last week. It started healing over but became infected. It started itching so I immersed it in hot water, removed the scab, made sure it bled, and cleaned it again with chlorhexidine. It is still healing, but has not itched at all.

A scratch that itches usually means an infection is brewing.

If your kitten ever bites be sure to disinfect, and go see a doctor. Cat bites get infected very easily! My dad is too rough and has gotten bitten more than once. once his skin turned red and started itching all the way up his arm! He had to get iv antibiotics, as the bacteria had entered his bloodstream!

Usually that type of reaction is avoidable by disinfecting the wound immediately. I've been bitten several times and never needed the doctor. Watch for a rash which grows or follows the vein up the arm, or extreme itchiness as that can be bacterial.

Unfortunately allergic reactions follow the vein up the arm too. I'm very allergic to ants and my hand will triple in size with one bite! The itching will follow the vein up my arm. Not fun.
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Thank you very much for your reply. That is exactly what I think - ether allergy or bacterial. I keep getting new bumps - different sizes and not all of them are itchy. But only in the parts of the body I was scratched in some point - arms and chest. My son doesn't get anything new but he is afraid to play with a poor kitten because he doesn't want to get a new spots. And his spots can get way better one day and then get redder following day. Hard to say why. And since it in his face he is very unhappy about it of course. We don't have any sneezing or coughing - only skin reaction.
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In addition to the above possibilities, it's possible that you might have contracted Bartonella, also called Cat Scratch Fever or Cat Scratch Disease. I'm not saying you have CSF. I don't know. However, Bartonella can cause all kinds of weird skin symptoms in humans. Here's some info:

If you continue to have symptoms, you should see a doctor. Not all doctors know about CSF. I want you to have the info just in case.

As for your kitty, it is hard to say without seeing pictures and knowing more info. Obviously, we (at least most of us) are not vets either. It could be many things, such as mites, allergies (seasonal, environmental or food), some kind of infestation, ect. You and your kitty could be allergic to the cat litter.

Good luck. I hope you and your kitty feel better soon.
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Thanks a lot 😊
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I really appreciate your help. And I'm still confused. Don't even know what kind of specialist to go to. My sons face doesn't look better ( it's been more than a month now) but it doesn't spread. I'm getting new bumps every day. My new one is very big and itchy. But everything started from the scratch. Kitten definitely doesn't have a flees- I wash him alot. He had revolution 3 weeks ago. What different kind of infestations invisible ones can be on the poor kitty. He doesn't look itchy and grooms himself as usual
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You could go to your primary care doctor or a dermatologist. If the doctor cannot tell you what it is or you do not get better with whatever treatment, he/she prescribes, go somewhere else. A lot of rashes and skin symptoms can look very similar, whether it is mites, allergies, a bacterial or fungal infection or otherwise. It makes it somewhat difficult to diagnose, especially if the doctor is not very familiar with the condition. My best advice for you and your son is to make an appointment and, if the doctor doesn't help you, go somewhere else. It is important you figure out what it is. You and your son may need treatment.

Allergies and mites would likely cause itching in your cats, but not for sure. If you have not seen any fleas or flea dirt, it is not likely fleas. However, it is possible to have fleas without seeing them. You can buy a flea comb at the drugstore to check for fleas. However, it would be more likely your vet would have seen this during the appointment. Mites would be a more likely parasite if you have not seen fleas. They are microscopic. Revolution treats fleas, mites and a few other parasites. You can ask your vet about it. It is not cheap, but you can buy it for less through Costco or online. You would not have to keep your kitty in it for a long time if your kitty is strictly indoors. One of my cats is somewhat sensitive to Revolution. I had him on it for awhile for possible fleas and/or mites. One thing that I have learned is that everyone reacts differently. Without itching, it makes me wonder if it is a bacterial or fungal infection.

Do you, your son or your cat have any other symptoms, such as fever, pain, ect? If so, that could offer clues as to what is wrong.

Sorry. I see that you had him on Revolution 3 weeks ago. For mites, you would have to keep reapplying the revolution X number of weeks for about 6-8 weeks. Ask your Vet for instructions. It is more likely a bacterial or fungal infection, but I cannot say for sure. Nevertheless, it might be a good idea to keep your kitty on the Revolution for a few months just in case. Check with your vet on this.

Also, I am concerned you and your son may have Bartonella, but I don't know. Check the links to see if anything rings a bell.
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Thanks. I really appreciate you trying to help. Both my son and I went to dermatologist today and he said he has no doubt my son has contact dermatitis and prescribed local med. We just hope that it helps. But he insisted that my story is different and it looks like my allergic reaction to some bites. And it's definitely not bacterial or fungal according to path results from my biopsy. But what can bite me if kitten doesn't have any flees?
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It could be mites or something completely different. There are different kinds of mites, some of which are cat scabies or mange. There are also human scabies. And other types of mites. I have no way to know since I'm not a doctor or vet. But these are some ideas to look into. If your kitty has mites, the Revolution will likely treat your kitty. Ask your vet about how frequently and over what period to use it. If it is mites, you will likely want to thoroughly clean your home and wash any cat bedding once a day until it resolves.

Where are your marks/rash? You could post some pics of your "bites" or rash and your kitties skin issues. Maybe it will give people an idea of what might be wrong.
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Cat scratch fever?

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Thanks. Doesn't seem like that - no enlarged lymph nodes,no fever.
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He has some kind of blackish crazy on his skin under arms
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Does he have any fur loss? If he has cat mange (mites), He would likely have fur loss. Is his patch growing or spreading to other areas? If it is mange, it would spread as the mites move on your kitty. Mange is highly contagious.

Does his problem area look like any of these pictures of cat mange?

For more pictures of mange (to get a better idea what it looks like), do a Google search for "cat mange" and click on images on the Google menu. I tried to copy the link for you, but it did not work.
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Thank you very much. I think it can be mange. I will take him to the vet right away
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No problem. If your vet has recently examined him, they might be able to help over the phone, such as a refill on the Revolution. I'm not sure, but call and check. There are other ways to treat mange. See what your vet recommends. Also, make sure you thoroughly clean your home and wash any pet bedding daily. If it is mange or some other form of mite, they can temporarily bother people. They can bother other animals as well. Be sure to tell your vet if you have any other pets.

If your kitty goes outside, it may be harder to make sure he is not reinfested by other animals. If it is mange, I don't know if you brought him home the first time with it or if he got from going outdoors when you have had him. It is highly contagious and can jump from host to host.

Good luck! And keep us posted. vibes.gif

P.S. If it is mange, the mites can temporarily survive off a host. So, that is why it can greatly help to thoroughly clean your home and keep it clean until the issue resolves.

If it does not resolve with proper treatment, it could be something else. Good luck!
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Thanks again. You must be such a great person trying to help. He is strictly indoor in my place but the breeder I got him from wasn't especially clean as I realized way too late. Poor kitten had ear mites ( we are still working on it) parasites ( very soft stools for all the time we have him) and now skin problems...
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Anytime. It is part of my Faith to help people however I can. I don't like to see people suffer the same way I did. It is frustrating and scary to not know what is wrong with yourself or your fur baby. I don't want you to struggle. Hopefully, I can help you and your vet to figure it out quickly so you can get this resolved! heart.gif

I'm so sorry you have had so many problems due to the breeder. That is downright awful! If your kitty came with ear mites and parasites, then he could likely have mange (aka feline scabies). If it does not go away with the proper treatment, look into other possibilities.I hope you can get everyone better soon! Also, if you use Revolution, check with your vet on how often and how long to use it. The Revolution should also treat ear mites and some internal parasites. But, check with your vet. If your or your son's skin problems keep spreading or do not go away, follow up with a doctor as well.

Keep us posted. And good luck!
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Thanks again. What do you think about DE for mite treatment? Our poor little guy had so many meds lately so I would love to try natural remedies. I've heard it's very effective for mites and fleece treatment. Really appreciate your help
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I have not used Diatomaceous Earth. I think it might help out from what I have heard from other people. However, mites burrow under the skin. It won't kill any mites that have burrowed. It might (not sure) kill mites that come out of the skin. You may need other treatment. You can ask your vet and do a search for DE here. There are a number of threads. If you use it, be sure to buy the food grade DE. You could even start a separate thread to ask about it.

Whatever treatment you use, please check with your vet and research the heck out of it. Cats are extremely "fragile" as my vet has said. Many chemicals are deadly to cats. Don't use Nustock! It can kill cats. You can see it in the reviews on Amazon. It contains pine oil, which is toxic to cats. My best advice on this is be really careful, ask your vet and do lots of research if you use alternative treatments. Some claim they are safe for cats when they are not. It makes me mad! Poor little critters!
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Thanks. I gave him revolution and sprinkled de on his problematic areas. His skin looks better already - crast is pilling off and he showing a clear skin. But now when he is off metronidazole (he finished 10days treatment and had normal stool only during this time) he has a soft run I stool again. I know this is for another thread but this is so frustrating - this poor little guy has all possible health problems and there is no end for it. I can't afford to go to the vet again and my husband doesn't even want to keep him anymore
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Oh no! frown.gif That is not good all around. I'm so sorry you're having to deal with this! alright.gif

I never meant to imply that you had to start a separate thread about the DE. I just thought you might get more of a response.

As for the loose stool, metronidazole is supposed to help resolve diarrhea and loose stool. You could also try unsweetened pumpkin (not the pie filling; no other ingredients besides pumpkin).
You should start gradually, say with half a teaspoon of pumpkin once or twice a day (it can be mixed with food), and increase as needed.

Although this is for constipation, it also applies for loose stool.

You could also try probiotics.

It sounds like this breeder is very suspect. If the breeder is that bad, I would not take him back there. I'm not telling you what to do though. It's awful! You could look into pet insurance now while he is young to help with vet bills. There are some good threads on that. Very helpful info!

Keep us posted! vibes.gif
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Thanks. Vet recommended another 14 days of metro and stronger probiotic ( I was giving him different kind all the time), and if it doesn't resolve to do different testing. Not sure I can afford it. My husband is getting pretty unhappy about all this situation 😞
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Loose stool can take a while to resolve.  It might be due to a change in diet.  If you are giving him a different food than the breeder, it could upset his tummy. Food changes need to be very gradual.  Even then, they can upset the tummy.   He could potentially have or get IBD.  Canned food is better for kitties.  You could try the pumpkin.  Give it some time.  I would not think that you don't need to run up a bunch of expensive tests for loose stool quite yet.  Of course, I don't know all the facts and am not a vet.  But give it some time to resolve.  


As for the expense, cats and other pets can get quite sick.  They are like humans.  I think it might be worthwhile to check out the pet insurance.  However, I have not ever purchased it.  So, make sure you research it.  I have been considering getting it.  This late in the game, my kitties would have a lot of exclusions.  


If you continue to use the Revolution, you might be able to get twice the amount at Costco for about the same price at the Vet.  Your vet can call it in to Costco's pharmacy (or an Online alternative).  All you have to do is ask.  You can tell them you're on a tight budget.  


Hang in there!  I hope your husband comes around.  Cats are truly amazing creatures.  Mine have gotten me through a lot of difficult times.  I would not trade them for the World!

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I'm again with a question about my skin itchy bums. It's so frustrating. I feel like a soccer ball being kicked from human doctors to the vets and back. I'm getting new bumps on my arms every day on the areas where kitten touched me. And he has some crasty red bups in his head and neck. Hear above his eyes is thinning noticeably. But he doesn't seem very itchy. He is on revolution even 3 weeks. Skin scrap is negative for mites. He has some kind of information in his years - I didn't do cytology on it - just can't afford it anymore. Dermatologist in January did biopsy and results came back as a bag bites. Allergy test for cat was negative for me. So all my doctors say it's a vet problem - definitely something is biting me. Vet said it's impossible since kitten doesn't have any flees or mites and I'm just allergic to cats. And kitten problem can be bacterial or allergy or whatever. My husband wants to get rid of this poor kitty seeing how miserable I'm with my ugly looking itchy arms. I still feel something is biting me from the kitten. What can it be?
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