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I'm Back!!!

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Hi everyone!

Well, I flew in from Michigan this morning (ugh!) What a vacation...didn't stop from the time I got off the plane till last night.

The wedding was WONDERFUL! It had been 4 years since I last saw my nephew. I was a wild and crazy broad though. I painted "CALL 911" on the bottom of his shoes with White Out, decorated his car with soap, streamers, a "Just Married" sign and inflated condoms (yes, I blew all 12 of them up myself). Then...I did shots and smoked a cigar with him (my father would've been proud). What a hoot! (Hey, life ain't no dress rehearsal, ya know). I made alot of great friends, got lots of phone numbers and e-mail addresses and saw people I hadn't seen in 10 years. My former sister-in-law and her husband were terrific and treated me more like a family than my own family. I love them both dearly and hope to see them again next year at the Cherry Festival.

Back to reality though. Tomorrow at work is D-Day. They begin lay-offs. People are very quiet tonight. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I can't worry about something that hasn't happened yet.

I missed my furbabies alot. MooShoo wanted to be held so bad while I was away. I'm sure my bed will be full tonight. Chris, the woman that came in and took care of all of them sat with them for a while, left a light and stereo on for them so they wouldn't get lonely. The poor girl was pumping Clavamox pills into 3 of them because of an uppper respiratory infection being passed around. I hope MooShoo is better by Friday or I'll have to pull him from the cat show.

It's so good to be back! I missed chatting with you guys.


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Welcome back Donna! I'm glad you had a blast. We missed you and we're happy your back. Glad everything was safe and your traveling was smooth. I'm sure MooShoo and all your other furbabies missed you horribly and are so delighted you are home.

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Hey DIVA - glad you had a great time - now its back to work - getting ready for our show this weekend, learning to clerk, picking up judge's at the airport, lots of fun things! Seriously, I love it when the shows are in Connecticut and we get to be the hosts - and I am looking forward to our newest exhibitor (Tiggy Toes) being part of the group this weekend!

Anyway, welcome home...
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Donna, Donna, Donna!!!!! I missed you, and I am glad you back, safe and sound!!!
You sound like the same kind of party animal that I am!!! :tounge2:
too bad we can't get together and tie one on!!!
It sounds like you had a GREAT time!!!! I'm glad!!!!! I hope everything works out okay with your job, and you don't get laid off, please keep me informed, I will worry.
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Hey Donna, glad you had fun and I hope someone took pictures. I hope MooSoo is ok for the weekend. One question, do you really think Rene will let you get any kind of rest before the end of next weekend -- I know not. Anyway, I will be at the show in spirit but will see you a few weeks later at the September 8-9th show. I can't wait for that one as that's the one I get Sugar at to come home before winter sets into Connecticut. Anyway, glad you're home, you were very missed.

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Welcome back, Donna. I am glad you had such a wonderful time. I am looking forward to the cat show on Saturday. I am a little embarrassed putting my ordinary little Ferris in a cat show. I mean, he is an EXTRA-ordinary cat in OUR eyes, but we are so very biased when it comes to our babies.
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TIGGY, HE IS NOT ORDINARY, he's very loved but all of us. Besides, I'm a little jealous as you will get to meet my new household pet Sugar before I get to see her at the beginning of September. You will have a blast at the show, meet all of my friends including my mom. Please do me a favor, don't listen to a word they say about me since I'm not there to defend myself. You will also see Merlot, the aby that Rene owns from me. I will be at the show in spirit and not far from Rene's cell phone. You will have the best time of your life, guaranteed. Have fun and remember, he's not ordinary, just spoiled like he should be. Hope you have such fun that you will come to the show in Jersey in September. If not, I hope to meet you when I judge the December and January shows in Connecticut.

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Welcome Back Donna!

So glad you had such a good time and had a safe trip...but...did you meet Mr. Filthy Stinking Rich?
Mr. Filthy Stinking?
Mr. Right?
ok, how about just Mr. Right Now?


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Remind me not to invite you to MY wedding (referring to the "call 911"-on-the-shoes stunt) :laughing2

Glad you had a wonderful time!
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So glad you're back, we've missed you!!!! I'm happy to hear you had a great time!!!
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Donna glad you had such a wild and wondefull time and glad to have you back.
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Donna - So glad to hear you had a great time! Sounds like everyone just had a blast. I bet it's hard coming home to the real world.

I hope everything goes ok at work tomorrow. Layoffs are so scary. My husband was laid off the beginning of last December. He's the only one bringing in any money to this family, so that was very hard. Let us know how it goes.
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Actually, when my nephew knelt down and the "Call 911" showed, the whole church started giggling, even his mother. The ring bearer turned around, pointed to me and yelled "She did it! She did it!" So my cover was blown. But it was all in good fun. He never knew he had such a wild and crazy aunt till that day.


They're saying now they need 15 lay-offs which will take place between now and Friday (probably at 4:55 p.m. on Friday so they get as much work out of you as possible). Hey, if it happens, it happens. I'll take the rest of the summer off. If it doesn't, I'm one of the luckier ones and will thank God until next time it comes up. I've work in the newspaper business before so I know how it works. Expect the worse so you won't be disappointed.

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The "911" thing is the funniest thing I've ever heard! When my friend recently got married (after calling off a different marriage twice), her brother and I were the last attendants leaving the front of the church. We met at the center and did a giant "hi 5" before going back up the aisle.
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remind me never to invite the 2 of you to my wedding.

just kidding!!!!!!!!!!!!

love you guys!!!!!!
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I sure did meet Mr. Right Now. He was the best man and I was telling him all night "I've got something you want" (it happened to be the flask and cigar holder he asked me to hold for him.

BTW Frannie, I am totally in love with Sugar. She is a regular purring machine!
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Donna....like I said earlier, I think you and I should go out partying some night! We would have a wonderful time!!
The first time I got married, (this is my second one) back in 1986, my brother-in-law painted "HELP ME" in white on my hubbys shoes....HELP on the left shoe,... ME on the right. So when the minister asked us to kneel at the alter, I suddenly heard everyone snickering, and giggeling. I was terrified! I thought for sure my dang dress had somehow flipped up in the back, and my whole derrier(sp?) was showing!!!!!!!!!!!! :laughing: But when I later saw the video, I also thought it was funny, so I had no hard feelings!!!
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