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Zeus is HUGE!

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Zeus is my 7 month old, 8.5 pound longhaired boy. His dad was a Maine Coon cross and his mother was a Snowshoe Siamese. He is already 34 inches long, 2 inches shorter that my 2 year old Tuxedo boy, Peppurr! Here are some pics of Zeus! Enjoy!

So cute!

I refuse to look!

The king!

Playing under the table!

Looking so handsome!

HUGE paws!

Look at the length of him!

All done!
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WOW , he is big . He must have a lot from the Maine Coon dad . He is a very pretty cat .
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I'm in love with Zeus What a big handsome boy he is Love the paw shot
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oh he's so gorgeous, love his eyes!
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Awwww.He's a beautiful black kitty.
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awwww he is growing up to be such a pretty boy!!! Nimbus says hi to his big buddy zues!
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Wow he's getting quite big. Give him a hug from me..
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OMG I just noticed that Zeus is wearing a spiked collar in the first picture...to Looks good on him too He is a handsome boy
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what a good looking and nig noy, he is going to be the quite the kitty when he is done growing..
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He's so gorgeous!!
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he's beautiful
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Thanks everyone!

Hey Val! Post some more pics of Nimby, I LOVE Nimby!
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WOW I'm in love....I'm coming to catnap him...he is such a stunner.....that gorgeous coat and face...just wanna sink my face into his beautiful furr and smoother him with kisses
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He is very pretty! Can't wait to see how big he'll be when full grown! You'll have to bring a dump truck full of kitty food in for that big boy!
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Very cool! Love the collar! It reminds me of my ol' boy Felix...

Anyhow, Zero's got you beat @ 8.6 lbs ! But they say he's probably older than 7 months, but I don't believe em!
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Zero is adorable! Him and Zeus should have a wrestling match! At least Zeus could pick on someone his own size for a change!
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