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No way, was I going shopping yesterday! Most of mine is done, anyway.

Bill got a $25 Safeway gift card, from work and we went out for groceries. We used the gift card and bought the rest of our groceries at Albertson's.

We are going to WalMart EARLY Sunday morning. If it weren't for being low on dog food, we wouldn't go then.
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I haven't set foot in a mall for xmas shopping in years. I do my shopping online. It just makes sense. You can comparison shop right from your home, no waiting in line, no endless circling looking for a parking spot...
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Well today I did go shopping because one of my dad's clients gave me $50 to buy myself Christmas presents. I got the PC game Black & White, the new a.f.i. CD, and the new Stephen King book, Wolves of the Calla.
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Oh Cool another Dark Tower Fan!! LOL

I can't shop online cause we don't use credit cards,
never have and I don't think we ever will so I have
to shop in person lol

I did brave Wal-Mart at around 10:00 last night
and it was pretty empty, guess the crowds hit it
in the morning.
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Originally posted by Shell
OMG You guys...you have no idea what I've been through today! As most of you know I work for Walmart & I have NEVER seen such a frenzy in my life! Our store never closes (except for Christmas day) & people were coming in the store at 2 this morning waiting for the sales. It's crazy...they sleep in the aisles & guard the items like they own it already.

I watched a pretty cool fight this morning at 6. We only had one pallet of Care Bear dolls & people were going nuts over them. Women were pulling each others hair & one gal walked away with scratches up her arm. All over a $10 carebear!
that's pretty funny, i had almost forgot that Walmart was open 24-7... I worked for a major chain store before and have seen my share of fights and remember black fridays when people would just come and start yelling at me because we ran out of an item, something i didn't even have anything to do with, just cause i had a company uniform on people felt the need to bark at me.

i think that if these people would get some sleep they wouldn't be so cranky
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I went to Walgreen's, on Thanksgiving and they weren't too busy. Bill and I stopped in there, today and it still wasn't bad. They WERE out of the sale paper towels, though. Good thing that I stocked up on Thursday.
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Went to sears today and got a workbench that's normally $150 for a lot less. We had a $10 coupon, a $5 off of $35, 10% off before noon, and $5 because they didn't get it to me in five minutes (even though they cancelled it out on the screen... what BS! They always do that though, but that way I get $5 off my bill instead of a $5 coupon, so I win!!
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Sounds like fun! I'm afraid I stay away from crowds over here - too much of an attraction for suicide bombers. It is horrible how they managed to take out the fun out of any public gathering place Can't even enjoy a meal out or a movie
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Just a note - I've ordered some nice Christmas gifts from the animal rescue site before. No lines, and the purchase goes toward a good cause.
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My goal this year is to buy every last present online and not enter a store for a single present. So far so good. My family agreed over the weekend that we weren't exchanging gifts this year - unemployment hit my family hard and it's the best thing to do for everyone. I suggested if anyone felt compelled to buy me something, to make a donation to their local humane society in my name. My husband's family is getting homemade jams & jellies. I can achieve store-avoidance!!!

I worked retail for 3 Christmas seasons and I am truly the odd-woman who hates to shop.

btw...I shopped igive.com for my humane society, paid regular or discounted prices, and made enough to have a cat neutered.
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I'm with you re not stepping into a brick and mortar store if you can help it. With my family so far away, we find it much easier to shop online and le them do the shipping, plus I love specialty stuff and it's easier to find such stores on the internet. And I like to support family run and other small businesses
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