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Aby Update

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Nefertiti and Osiris have settled in like they've been here forever. They're still in isolation in the computer room, because they both came down with a URI and have been sneezing kitties. Four more days on Clavamox hopefully will get rid of the last of the sniffles! They've met some of the kitties, as some of the gang have sneaked in here once in a while. I think they're under the impression that we were hiding tuna in here or something like that. Overall, so far so good, a little hissing, but nothing major.

Someone forgot to tell these two that Abys aren't supposed to be lap cats! They loooove to be on laps! They are big on giving headbumps, too, not real kissy tho. They are purr-boxes. They both like to talk and tell us all about their day, even though we were there for most of it!

Should have new pictures to post soon. They are super kitties and we love them to bits!
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Aww that's great Sue!! I always thought Abys were really affectionate though
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They are just considered high energy! But very very affectionate!
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They're supposed to be affectionate (which they are), but not lap cats. Supposedly, they don't like to be held. That is Khepera to a "T", but Nefertiti and Osiris beg to come up on our laps and will sit there for hours. Not so bad with petite little Titi, but Osiris is a chunk, maybe 16-18 lbs, and my ,ap goes numb after a while LOL!
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Our Abby is a lap cat. He is exteremly affectionate and loves on you forever! sometimes it's hard to get anything done! (but I don't mind)
He's my little lover bug!
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Yeah Sue!!
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thats great to hear. I love Abys! But I was always afraid of their reputation for loving heights. cant have cats on the counters or fridge or cabinets now can we?
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Glad to hear things are going so well with the Aby's!
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Oh Sue that's good news! Give them love from me.. and Hey don't ya think it's time for a signature update??
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LOL Sam, I agree, but we still need to decide on a new name for Osiris the kitten. He's just been being called "Baby" and "Kitten". We're bad kitty parents....
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Originally posted by Mom of 10 Cats
LOL Sam, I agree, but we still need to decide on a new name for Osiris the kitten. He's just been being called "Baby" and "Kitten". We're bad kitty parents....
Haha! Ok....
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How wonderful Sue , that is good news . Lets hope the other kitties are going to be ok when you intro the abys to them . Maybe the two missed a lot of loving in their life and thats why they are lap cats . I am so glad you guys took them in .
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They are such sweet kitties, except when we have to give them their Clavamox. I swear they recognize the bottle; they run as soon as one of us brings it in the room. Nefertiti yowled tonight when we picked her up for her dose of antibiotics. Osiris just looks at us like we're persecuting him.

I'm having trouble getting their previous vet records. Their prev vet wants me to get signed permission from the last owner, who I was told was in a nursing home. I wonder if the shelter I got them from can get the records, if the vet would send them there?
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We just got their vet records! And...WOW! They aren't 10 yrs old like we were told, they're 13. They were born on 9/30/90, which makes them Libras (just like me!) They also were tested for FeLV and FIV in 1999 and were negative.

They both tried to sit on my lap at the same time this morning. It was too funny, Titi was stepping on her brother's head. He wasn't happy about that!
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I am sure it must have bin hard on them cats in the beginning after being so long with the owner , poor babies . I am so glad Sue and Tybalt that you took them both in . They really don't need no more changes in their life in that age any more . They both sound like they are very happy at your house . Have the other kitties meet them yet ?
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We've tried to keep the others away, especially with the Abys having a URI this past week. Tillie however insists on going in "her" room, and it's gone pretty well. They'll make eye contact and hiss, and then go in seperate directions deliberately ignoring one another. Midnight got in here this AM and touched noses with Osiris, there was no hissing, but we hustled Midnight out of here anyway. One more day on Clavamox and the introductions will begin...

I still can't believe these cats are 13 yrs old. Titi in particular moves with such speed and grace.
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You know Sue , they could get over 20 years of age . You never know . Please let us all know how the intro will go , I wish you the best of luck with it .
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