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How much should it cost for a vet visit?

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Well I've been taking my kitten to the SPCA (where we got him) instead of going to a vet, but the drive is kinda far and we're looking into getting a local vet.

So I don't really know how much it should cost for a normal visit etc, so can you guys give me a good idea? Let's just say the price for a normal check-up. We're going to take him in for that and because of his problem with pooping out of his litter box.
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In my area it's $28.00 for an office call- the other charges depends on what they need to do with the cat.
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My last vet visit was $32.00 which included his annual checkup, vacination and ear drops (Max had an ear infection).
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Found this online article

The Cost of Vet Care
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Office visit at my vet is $40, $35 for follow up and then any tests or treatments done are extra.

Zoey's lymph node problem, total for the day cost me $140 Lab work was $70, + office visit + medication. *sigh*
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The vet visit alone runs about $35.00 anything else is extra!
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I would suggust you call around and ask friends with pets. Some vets may only vary a few dollars in basic fees, but have conviences that fit your routine. For example, I choose my current vet for several reasons, competive (reasonable) prices and they're open from 7am to 8pm M-F, and their open on Sat (don't remember the hrs). In addition, when I neutered my dog and my cat, I dropped them off between 7-9am (before work) and picked them up on the same day around 6pm (after work and some errands). Several years ago I had one of my dogs spayed at another clinic. I could only drop her off from like 10am to 11am or so and then I had to pick her up the next day before noon. The vet (pet hospital) I use now is much more convienent to my work hours and how far away I live.

So, the cost, while important, isn't always the sole factor to consider. The first vet clinic had been recommended to me by several people. I had never heard of the second until two yrs later someone I work with recommended it to me, knowing the hours would be more convienent for my schedule. So, ask around and see what vet other people you know are happy with.

Also, any private practice vet is likely to be higher priced than a pet hosipital or clinic (both are places that have a larger staff to handle more patients and hence can charge slightly less). Both types may be just as efficient, but you may prefer one over the other depending on your needs and expectations.

One last note, I live miles and miles away from a major town (work miles from home, too), so for convience sake we've taken advantage of a shot clinic closer to home, brought in several of our pets at once and the prices are a usually a little lower than at a vet.

Congratulations if you read the whole message!
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The veterinary hospital I used to go to was $25 for an office visit but my vet got her own clinic and I followed her there and the prices are a bit higher so now it costs $32 for an office visit. Vaccinations run about $10 - $12 each. Prices seem to vary from one vet to another and from state to state. You can get a general idea by calling a few different vet's offices from your phone book.
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Thanks everyone! Zero is going to be the healthiest one in the house!

He already eats the healthiest... sigh...
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Around here it's $28 for a checkup, $50 for a basic blood pannel, shots range from $10-15, and teeth cleaning is around $115.
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The one 2 blocks from my house is $38 for a regular visit. They waive the first fee if you adopted from a shelter which is a nice perk
I think its reasonable and I really like the vets and the hours its open. I think they do cheaper costs too if its a followup because our last visit with Jayce was $40 including a shot. Unless it was only a $2 shot??

There might be a cheaper vet around, but not as close as this one. Cant beat a 90 second car ride for the cats
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OK, I quit asking his prices years ago. I know he gives me the best deals he can and at least a 20% discount on my indoor cats, and often free services (or at least his cost only) on the ferals. They asked me once if I wanted to know what I spent last year and I declined.
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I'm not even sure what a plain office visit charge is, a recheck is $35, a urinalysis is $41, cbc and chemistry is $77.

But...what is most important to me is the quality of care my cats get, I love at least two vets at this practice and except for emergencies, always see the same one. We communicate well, she knows my observations are thorough and worth taking into consideration, and she is getting to know my cats personalities, which is important in how they are both handled and assessed for when they don't feel well.

It's so important to find a vet that is patient, communicates *and* listens well, as well as being competent.
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Wow that's cheap for a UA. Where I go it is $28 for an office visit, it was $75 for a complete blood work up and I thought another $70 for a UA. But I'll have to check on the UA again. Everytime I take Hallie it is about $180. This next visit is going to be the last comprehensive visit for a while if her blood work comes out much improved. <crossing fingers>

I get all my kitties shots at the humane society because it is much cheaper. Also spays are done there because it is MUCH cheaper! It's only like $15 to alter a cat there.
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I'm very happy lately if we get out of the vets leaving under $200!

I hope Hallie has great results and that this can be her last trip to the v-e-t (as we call it) for a while.
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Originally posted by Pat & Alix
I'm very happy lately if we get out of the vets leaving under $200!

I hope Hallie has great results and that this can be her last trip to the v-e-t (as we call it) for a while.
Thanks! I've been putting off having Peaches teeth cleaned and that will be next. But because of Hallie's PKD I decided that must be a priority.
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