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Needing some good vibes....

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Hi everyone. If you could spare some good vibes & thoughts I'd really appreciate it. The guy that I've been dating Ric, just got word that his sister is very ill. Her husband rushed her to the hospital because she had a severe migrane & was vomiting severely. After doing some tests, the Doctors believe that she may have menigitis (sp?) & will be doing a spinal tap to make sure. From what I've gathered, she's had problems along this line before so her family is very worried.

If you could please send her & her family some good thoughts and vibes, I'd really appreciate it. I felt so bad for Ric. He called me in tears because there's no way he could make it back home (2 hour drive plus we're in a tornado warning!) tonight. I told him that his Sis would understand & that she knows he's thinking of her. Poor guy!

Thanks a million!
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Sending good vibes to Ric's sister!!
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You got it Shell The boys and I are sending prayers and head bonks for Ric's sister. Keep us posted on how she is doing!
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Sending good vibes from IL! I hope she gets better.
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Sending Ric's sister good vibes... hope she gets well soon and it's nothing serious!
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Thanks Guys! Ric said he'd call me later tonight to let me know how she's doing. He seems pretty optimistic about it all (He's studying Nursing right now), but he's scared about it all...he literally was in tears on the phone. Just broke my heart! I'll keep you all updated on what happens. I just pray that she gets well soon & it's not as serious as what they're thinking.

Thanks a million guys!
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lots of good vibes!And prayers coming from Pastor Ted and me.
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Sending many good vibes her way.
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Sending good vibes and prayers.

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I'll be keeping Ric's sister (the whole family really) in my thoughts.
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Awww! I'm praying for Ric's family and sister Shell. May she get better soon and find out that this isn't as serious as they think it is!!
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Another "good vibes" transmission...hope the problem turns out not to be as serious as they think, and that she recovers quickly.
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Lots of good vibes coming from me to Ric's sister as well.. Hang in there Ric & Family.

Hugs to you Shell, for being Ric's friend at this time!
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Major vibes coming from Iowa for Ric and his sister! I know what a spinal tap feels like and they stink!!!!!!! I hope she is ok. Any news yet???
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Shell is there an update on this? I was just away for a week and am catching up on threads. I hope it turned out to be not as serious for Ric's sister as they thought? Sending him and his family good thoughts, I hope he's doing alright.
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Shell, I hope his sister is doing much better! I think it is sweet how he confides in you. This is good that he does care about you!
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more good vibes coming your way
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I'm sorry I missed this earlier! How is she doing? What did the Dr. say? Good thoughts and prayers going up for her.
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Sending vibes to Ric's sister from me and Luna! How is she doing, Shell? Any news?
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