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kitten presents for christmas...?

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So what are you going to get your kitten for Christmas? I'm thinking about maybe one of those motorized fountains... I can see him liking that! Otherwise maybe we'll make or build him something to climb on.
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We will probably get our babies those window perch thingies.
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My plan is to get them a bigger and better cat tree
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The thing my cats like BEST about Christmas is the wrapping paper. After we open presents, we scrunch it down into balls or something bigger, then throw it on the floor in a pile then leave it there for a few days. Since all of my cats are paper chasers, I end up finding paper balls in every room of the house - upstairs and downstairs. It's a paper free-for all for a few days. They also get all of the boxes from the presents strewn around the house.

We also get them new toys (mice, catnip toys and those nerf like golf balls), new window perches, and anything that is just worn out. But I swear they love the paper game the best of all.

Go figure - give a child a present and all they want is the box anyway!
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This year I'm thinking about getting Snowball a "Kitty Hoots Boogie Mat", which is a refillable catnip play mat.
EDITED TO ADD LINK: http://www.petco.com/product_info.as...tnip+Toys&ct3=
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I'm looking for leather mice. All the cats at my Mom's house LOVE those.
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Im getting Alley a pillow with catnip inside and for patches
im getting her some new cat toys
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I'm completely undecided. Spike has anything and everything I can think to get him. This past September or so, I got him a 2nd cat tree, and told him it was his Christmas present that was a little early. I'll probably get some little things to put into his paw stocking though.
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On Christmas they get more treats than usual. I also hang some rubber/plastic Christmas balls on trees outside and in some places in the house. They have so much fun during the holidays.
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i intend to get the water fountain too to attract them to drink more water.. not sure if they would love it... but it's gonna be their xmas present...
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I was thinking the same thing about Zero, Momofmany. He will actually open his own present(s)... Probably before Christmas!
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I thought I would try to light a fire under hubby's butt to get the cat tree made by Christmas and if he doesn't then I am going to get or make them a couple of window perches, our windows are a perfect heaven for them. My hubby is my son's scout leader so I suggested he had the boys make some bird feeders (always thinking of my kitties lol).
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