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Saturday Daily Thread

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Hey Hey its Saturday!
Whats your plan for today?

[rant]Its a cold and rainy day, and I am supposed to go to a gathering tonight, and I really don't want to. But Hubby wants to go. Its like a thanksgiving dinner and everyone brings a covered dish.
Looks like my neck is not a pinched nerve, but more of a pulled muscle. And that makes me feel antisocial LOL. I just want to stay home, stay warm and snuggle with the cats.[/end of rant]

Now there I got it off my chest!
I am drinking my coffee and just finished my daily dose of vegemite on toast That is something I cannot go without.

Have a good day all!
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I have a secret.

I haven't slept yet!! Is this still Friday for me? Or am I allowed to claim Saturday? LOL!

I'm gonna be going to sleep soon. I hope? I'm not very good at this sleep stuff. I have a sleeping disorder and need to see a doctor about it. No medical insurance. Woo hoo!

So, after sleep it's off to work. Then I'm coming home and snuggling with Craig and my cats and making some hot chocolate. I've been craving hot chocolate lately!!

Btw, it's rainy and overcast here today too, and I absolutely LOVE it! This part of the world sees so little rain. It's music to my ears and a feast to my eyes to see it!
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Rainy and windy here. I just woke up! It's almost 9:00- I can hear the horses banging on the gate, but I need at least one cup of coffee before heading outdoors. Coffee and TCS my morning ritual-

Good morning all!
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Cassandra I am so sorry that you are not able to sleep . Have you gone to a healthfood store yet and talk to them about that ? A lot of times they have sample to give you to try out . If I would be you I would ask for samples so you don't have to buy the stuff not knowing if it works for you or not . I wish you luck in getting better sleep .

Kiwideus maybe a moltrin will help with the pain you have . Also bangay (sp) or Mineral Ice has helped me a lot .

I had to clean some litter boxes today und some usual stuff . In a few minutes I will have to go and clean my church , that give me a few extra bugs . Then I will go to wal-mart get some stuff for my hubby and hehehehe I will spent some money for myself ( my favored ) . I guess after that I will chill and hang around here ( my 2nd favored ) for a while . Maybe I also try to fill up my disk in the digital camara so I can upload the pics and rezise them so I can post new pics of Cookie and Olie .

Well I hope every body has a great day today and stay save .
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M.A you and I are alike with the morning ritual , but I also smoke in the computer room where no cats are alowed in .
We have a very nice day today and it is sunny and warm , I am guessing now maybe in the 70 . I already had my sun bath with my kitties outsite .
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Originally posted by Cassandra_Starr
I'm gonna be going to sleep soon. I hope? I'm not very good at this sleep stuff. I have a sleeping disorder and need to see a doctor about it. No medical insurance. Woo hoo!
Cassandra - some natural remedies I have tried are Valerian herbs, they work really well and are at a fraction of the cost that the doctor prescribes. Or you can get melatonin.

I hope you can get some sleep.
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Ahhh coffee and TCS! My idea of a good time!

I slept well again last night. I think that's three nights in a row! Woo Hoo!!

I didn't get to Jake's bath yesterday so I'm definitely doing it today! I'm anxious to try out the grooming tips I got!

Peaches is back to toruring Henrietta. She left her alone for awhile and the truce is over. It's funny that Henrietta is the only one Peaches seems to pick on. Strange, huh?

It was clear and sunny here this morning but now I see some snow clouds rolling in. We had all that rain Hissy is getting now, earlier in the week. The high is supposed to be 45 today but it is already there. Since I see the snow clouds my guess would be it is going to get colder from now on through out the day.
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I've been up since 3AM working. I get to take a nap after a 2PM call in a few minutes.

Took a break to bring up Billie to the adoption clinic. Her new family takes her home today so we have one less little one in the house. I'm very sad, but know that she is going to a good home.

I'm exhausted, punch drunk and staggering right now. 15 minutes and I'm asleep.
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What? No posts since my last one? Well I got woke up from my nap by work, got the wiork conversion refocused again (they were about to walk away from 36 straight hours of effort for a minor glitch), got them moving forward, laughing and working again. In the middle of all this, I get an "Excellence on the Spot" award from someone that was on the conference call. Check this out:

"Thank you for your "common sense" approach to the discussions around the system migration. You are a voice of reason in a sea of fear, uncertainty, and doubt. Your willingness to look at the cost and effort of the migration and compare that against the risk to the business involved is truly the professional approach we need to take in situations like this."

Fundamentally I just saved them over a quarter of a million dollars, and that 10 minutes after I woke up from a dead sleep. Woo hoo!!

Looks like I can actually get a full nights sleep tonight.
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It is really slow today in here .
Well I did the cleaning by my church and went to wal-mart . I got 2 big pillows , each for & 7.00 dollars and place them in the cat enclosure for my kitties to nap on . I wanted to buy a cat bed , but most of them are hard to clean and cost more money too . So when I went to do some looking around I were seeing them and figure for $ 14.oo dollars I cant go wrong . Well the kitties seem to like it and is already in use . I also got a new heating pat for $10.00 dollars for my kitties . I had to dump one , Calipso had passed all her fluits on the heating pat when she passed away even though it was covered with a thick soft towel . It had a brown stain on it and I could not get the urin smell away and were afraid it may burn and stink and the other cats will pee on that again . Better save then sorry .Then I got me the Terminator 3 dvd and mike's stuff he wanted and went back at home . Made me some coffe and reheated me some left over from yesterday and pop the dvd in and watch the movie . Ahhhh what a day
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I've been feeling blahhhh for the past 2 days, made worse by Papa John's pizza yesterday. I think they tried to kill me LOL

Went to the shelter to update Petfinder; loads of adoptions, no euthanizations, woo hoo!!!

Feeling better tonight, so we went to Friendly's. I cheated and had a cheeseburger(we don't eat beef, but I sneak some once a month or so). My body was thrilled to get some protein, I can feel myself getting more energy. Also got a strawberry Fribble shake, mmm mmm good!!!

Tybalt thinks some of my "blahness" is that I just stopped taking DepoProvera shots this month. My body is trying to detox and return to normal after 3 1/2 yrs of chemical bombardment. Could be, since I'm not feverish, although I feel "flu-ey".

Ok, enough feeling sorry for myself!
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Awwww, Sue, *hug* glad I PMd you then. Glad to hear the good news at the shelter. Hedi, I just bought the T3 DVD too, for hubby! Haven't seen it yet, not really interested.

Now on my third load of cleaning and folding laundry. It's been such an exciting day.

It is cold but clear, it rained all night and this morning. For a while, I opened a window so all the kitties could get some fresh air, then they looked at me like I was the worst person in the world when I had to shut it an hour later. I tried explaining that they had fur so they weren't so cold, but I had no fur and was freezing. Nope, they weren't buying it.

Going to just continue curled up here with my sleeping kitties now, pop in a movie, and have some hot cocoa tonight, and continue checking TCS.
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