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How did you find this site?

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with 207 members {dances the dance of joy}, I'm wondering how did you nice cat people find my site?
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emazing.com's Cat Tip of the Day had a link to your page. And with my kitty behavior problems, I wanted to check it out to see if I could get some advice. It's a very nice site. I will check back often. I posted my kitties pictures--Tinkerbell and Janie-on the cat pages!!
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I saw a post you did on the Munchkin.net forums about the munchkin in a pound.
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Great Site! This site is well done with nice graphics, and easy to navigate thru.

Found with AOL Search results... 2nd site on list?
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E-mazing listed TCS as it's site of the day. I'm glad they did.
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Well of course I found you through your frappydoo link! And glad I did! What a wonderful site!!!!!
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I found you through the link on EMAZINGS Cat Tip Of The Day also. I really like this site.
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I was hooked up by emazing's Cat Tip of the Day too. Great site!
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Hi! I'm Jeff. I'm new here. This is my first post at this site. I heard about The Cat Site from Emazing Web Site of the Day. You have a nice place here! I like cats. Used to have a cat, but sadly she died. She was a great cat! Well, anyway, I'm glad to be here!

[Edited by Jeff on 02-06-2001 at 10:29 PM]
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Well,you see,I was strolling along the internet; looking all around-not really watching where I was walking. Then wooops,here I was.(you should really have that hole looked at)ROTFL!!!

Actually,it was good ol' Emazing again.(but didn't you like the other story better?)
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Dang it...am I the only one who does not use E Amazing??? Thank goodness Anne posted at a site I check sometimes!!
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I saw a link to this site on Emazing Cat Tip of the day, too. After I saved it to my favorites, I forwarded it to my husband and he joined this site too. It's hard to believe that a few short years ago he didn't like cats; Kitty sure converted him!!
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I am new to the Internet, and in my first few weeks did a great deal of 'surfing' in search of good cat sites. I was using 'Webferret'.
I am very impressed with the organisation of the site, and the member participation.
Thankyou to the moderators for all their hard work!
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Good thing Anne belonged to Frappydoo, or I never would have found this sight!

And thank you, Penny for joining us!
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I can't quite remember how I found this site but I'm glad I did..
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Donna and Sandie have been bugging me to spend some time enjoying myself on the internet with other cat people and told me about your site. With all the animals we have in care, working full time and trying to get 43 acres of land ready for a cat sanctuary (feral and domestic), I am usually updating my website at night when I do get on the net. Now I take ten minutes a night to visit this site just for me - thanks!
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I found this site trough a search on Google. I am so happy to know that there are so many cat lovers out there! I grew up in a dog family ( and I love dogs still), but loving this cat has improved my like so much! Thanks for this great site!
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Actually I don't have the Emazing either, I typed in cat forums on a search engine (can't remember which one). And it brought this forum up.
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I'm glad the search engines are bringing people! It's really hard to get a good position on the search engine. Would you believe I've been waiting for 4 months for Yahoo to get this site listed and they still haven't done so?
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Great place isn't it? Anne did a great job!
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I did a search on Dogpile.com & found it.
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I did a search on dogpile looking for funny cat stories. One of the cat boards I frequent was flaming, and I wanted some light stuff to break the dark mood. Then I came here and started reading and found out that you guys are a lot of fun, there is very little criticism here, so I tested the water by mentioning I have indoor/outdoor kitties. When no one stuffed me on a spit and threatened to barbeque me, I knew this was a nice friendly place. I get so tired of being criticized because I let my cats out of doors, but they are ferals or abused cats and they need to be out and stretch their legs and play. yes, I have lost a few prematurely, but while they are here, they are completely loved and hopefully happy.
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Hehe, I am glad you like it here. No, we try not to be hateful. I think the only thing that is a little touchy with most of us is the De clawing issue. I hope you stick around!
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Annie came to another forum I moderate and I was sooooo curious I came over to look.
I am with both boards right now!
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See how we've grown!!! So how did you find us?
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gotta love yahoo!
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Anne, I found you through Yahoo. I was serching for sites about cats, shelters ect.. You were actually first on the list! Maybe it was divine intervention?
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I clicked "Pets & Animals", on my ISP's Web Directory and this site was listed there.
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Google search for cats + forums.

I was fed up with the Yahoo newsgroups which were just full of people trolling, flaming and not being very nice to each other. Plus everyone is really friendly here and didn't make me feel foolish when I posted my newbie post twice!
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Just for the record - 2 years later and TCS is still not listed in the yahoo directory! You wouldn't believe the sites they do list but they don't think TCS is good enough or something? I don't know - I don't want to pay $200 just to find out... Those of you that found us through yahoo actually found us through Google (which serves the search results for Yahoo) not through the Yahoo directory...

And if you think this site should be listed on the Yahoo directory - by all means drop them a line
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