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I'll be away too!

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Donna's post made me remember that I'm going away for the weekend too. The kids and I are leaving for Austin tomorrow to see my parents. This month is the 20th anniversary of my family moving to Texas, so we're having a family barbeque. Even my brother and his wife and son are coming down. My husband will come down on Saturday. The kids and I will be gone from Thursday till Tuesday. I want to get all the spoiling I can!

I will miss you all (that addiction thing is hard to kick). My parents have a computer, so I'll be sure to check in now and then, but not as often as I like.
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Hope you make it into Alpha cat before you leave, because that title cannot be yours when you return . (Dawn has agreed to join our team of house cats as of next week).

Have a great time and a safe trip!
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I think I can, I think I can, I think I can... Puff, Puff, Puff...
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Hope you have a blast Dawn! We'll miss you and see ya when ya get back!

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Have a great trip. Kick back and enjoy yourself. I'll try to scrape up a computer if I can. It also depends on whether or not they keep me hopping.

Have a wonderful time.

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Dawn!!! Have a GREAT time!!!! I will look forward to hearing all about it when you return, and we will miss you!!! You always add so much to this forum!!!!!!!!
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Have a great time Dawn.

Yay... for becoming part of the team! I think you will
be fantastic.
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Thanks Shannon - I'm excited about becoming a moderator. I figure I spend so much time here anyway, I might as well. It'll be something different to do other than being a mom.
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Ooo what forum will Dawn be moderating?

Have fun, Dawn!

And be sure to tell us what Austin is like! Isn't it where the movie American Graffiti was based? I was talking about how I heard Austin was a cool place, college town, and all that, so my sister and I were discussing a road trip next summer after she graduates high school!
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Austin is a cool, cool place. When I was growing up, it was very much the college town. Now it's basically Silicon Valley. They have a catchy name for it like that but I don't remember what it is. There are so many technical and .com companies there now. The real estate has become so overpriced it's unreal.

Regardless it's still a neat place. I think you'd love to visit. There's so much to do there. And it's absolutely beautiful.

My mother lives in Lakeway, which is a town on Lake Travis. So we don't get into Austin all that much except to shop and go to church. But Lake Travis is beautiful too. Of course, when you're going with two small kids for family things, it's not nearly as exciting.

You should go to Austin, Illusion. I think you'd love it.

Oh, and I was talking to Anne about helping Debby moderate the Lounge.
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Take care and have a wonderfull trip and a great time.
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Dawn; Have a great trip!!! Anne made an EXCELLENT CHOICE for Moderator! I am so happy you accepted. Hurry back! Have a safe journey!
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