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Boss"s!!! Are Jerk's Sometimes!!!!

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Mine is all the time!! One day he says I am not the boss of the housekeepers and the next day when one of them does not do something right or forgets to do something,he calles me at home and cusses my out for not telling them they screwed up and what the f@@k kind of boss am I!!!I am losing my mind!!!I need this job,jobs are very hard to find right now!He is always swearing at us using fowl words,and sawing he is going to cut our pay which he cannot do.(I don't think.)He is from India and I thinks he hates all women!!! Thanks for letting me vent!!
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You should tell him he needs to cool his jets. He's creating a hostile environment which is against the law in the U.S. And I'd get my role from him in writing. What a jerk he is indeed!
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Sherral, I know you really need a job, and would be in another difficult situation if you quit, so maybe you could just work for this idiot until something better comes along. Hopefully, it will happen soon. Absolutely no one needs to put up with abuse like that!!!!!!!!!

I know LOTS of words you could call your boss besides a jerk, but unfortunately, they aren't printable.
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Sorry to hear about this Sherral. *hugs*
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Is there anyway that you can talk to him about this? Probally not, You do not have to put up with this from anyone. Does he have a supervisor over him? If so now might be a good time to contact him and tell him what is happening. I do understand that jobs are very hard to find so maybe calling the supervisor if there is one is not a good idea. He may retaliate(sp) by making things worse for you.

One thing I would suggest doing is start a journal of each and every time that he does this. That way you will have dates and documentation about it.

Hang in there girl.

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He is the owner of the Hotel!I am looking for something else in fact all 4 for us are!He has only been open 3 months and 6 people have left allready,because of his mouth. I have everything he has said to me,written down ,in a note book,when I have another job,I am taking him to the labor board.So is 2 other people.And if they don't do anything I will sue. Thanks for your caring! Does anyone know if he can just cut our pay? He is only paying us $6;00 a hour now!
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Look up the laws in your state. What your boss is doing would be illegal out here in CA. You don't usually have to do a lawsuit, just bringing in the law and giving it to them usually cures their little hoity-toity tantrums. I've done that twice here so far and I've only gotten good stuff out of it.
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Aw Sherral, I know how much you need this job, but that really sucks, to put it plainly. I think TTMom has a good suggestion. And if you feel uncomfortable providing the information and asking your questions verbally do it in writing. Also, I agree with getting your job description in writing, and again, if you feel uncomfortable asking him for this verbally, write a memo asking for it.


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Someone at your local job service office might be able to tell you if it's legal for your boss to just cut your pay. If they don't have this imformation themselves, they might be able to give you a phone number to call.
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Sherral, here's the website to all of the labor laws, but there are a TON. (Unfortunately, it looks like the site is down at the moment, but it was up earlier today...)
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don't take it personal, it's his way of "power tripping". In some wierd way it makes him feel good.

Emotionally you have to separate work and personal feelings. See him as a $ sign who gives you cash and that's it. Would you care if money yelled at you? Course not
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Oh Sherral...he should NOT be swearing at you like that!!! Noone should have to put up with that!!! I wish he had someone over him that you could speak to about this!! He needs to make up his mind whether you are or are not the boss over the housekeepers.
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I've had similar bosses and they were Americans and should have known better Either you can curse him right back and see what happens or ruffle his feathers about the meantime don't let him get to you like that...sooner or later he'll get slammed, as their belief system is about 'karma' so he'll get his in the end for sure, whether by you or someone else...but if you do get another job, for sure file that suit and report him...I remember you mentioning him before a few months back about his temper and mouth....hang in there ((hugs)))
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Originally posted by Slipstream
don't take it personal, it's his way of "power tripping". In some wierd way it makes him feel good.

Emotionally you have to separate work and personal feelings. See him as a $ sign who gives you cash and that's it. Would you care if money yelled at you? Course not
Doesn't really matter if it isn't personal. It's part of sexual harrassment and is illegal to create a hostile environment. Doesn't even matter if it isn't a pinch on the butt or a crude sexual comment. Job service can help you with this. Not just the pay cut thing but labor laws and harrassment. Humans are held to higher standards then inanimate objects!

Slipstream, that's a cute but HUGE signature you have there. Have you by chance, seen the guidelines for signatures? Anyway, I love your kitties!
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Sherral, I hope that he can't reduce your pay without notice or reason. I know in Australis that it's illegal for any employer to do that. I would think that it would be the same in USA.
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I am taking it personal !I do not decerve(sp) to be treated like this! I am not from his country,I am an American! What he is doing is wrong,and I am not talking about legal,I am talking emotionally( SP).? I am not stupid,lazy,and a bunch of other thing he has said to my face.I will get him in the end.When I have a new job,I am sueing him,I have a great attorney,who has taken other's on in this same kind of suit.And won!!!I have been in this same field for 20 years and I know how to do my job.
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It is! I have talked to my attorney today.
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I'm sorry to hear that Sherral! It's too bad your boss is being a jerk. Maybe you could find a way to tape-record some of your phone conversations with this man to use as evidence in court? That might help, when it comes time to sue him. Good luck, and hopefully you'll find a different job soon!! (((HUGS)))
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Good for you! You are right... you don't deserve it!
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