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To Our Freddie

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*************FREDDIE R. HARRIS ANDERSON********

February 11, 2003 4:20 a.m.
November 9, 2003 1:55 p.m.

To our fabulous frisky Freddie:
We will love you always, and feel you everywhere.
We will play frisbee and try to jump five feet in the air
just to catch it, as you did;
We will watch Big Cat Diary on Animal Planet
and smile at you;
We will make sure we leave enough spiders and bugs
on the deck for you to chase from heaven;
We will look at the shrubby knoll and the seesaw in the Spring
and see you there in the sun, so happy to be with us.
We will do right by you and remember to be kind to each other.
We will never, ever forget you, little Freddie

Eric, Elizabeth and your older brother Sasha.
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That was very touching writen , may Freddie RIP
(((((((HUGS))))))) to you .
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Have a safe trip to the bridge, Freddie, your people will be missing you.
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Freddie I added another candle in my rememberance window to light your way. I am sorry you are not able to be with your owner anymore, but I know you are grateful that her act of love released you from the pain that trapped you-
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May you and our Savannah meet one another upon the Rainbow Bridge and become forever friends. Both of you are now in peace and may frolick as kittens are wont to do. Thank you for the way in which you've touched our lives.

Freddie, may you rest peacefully forevermore with the others who've crossed over the Rainbow Bridge and with the angels always watching over you.
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Elizabeth, your tribute to your little Freddie is so beautifully written, and I am so sorry you have lost him.

R.I.P. Freddie

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I'm sorry to hear about Freddies death!

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I'm so sorry.
That was very touching.
May you RIP Freddie.
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Awww, rest in peace Freddie. What a beautiful baby he was.
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Beautifully said. *Hugs*

RIP dear Freddie.

Have a safe trip to the RB Dear Freddie and know that your family will remember you always.
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That was very touching. I am very sorry to hear about Freddie,he is at peace now, without pain. Take care of yourself, you deserve extra TLC for everything you have gone through lately.
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I just saw this post every time I see someone has lost a cat I start to cry. I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. He's waiting for you at the bridge.
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I'm so sorry.
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thank you so much everyone. I don't know what I would have done without all of your thoughts since Freddie got sick in September. If anyone would ask me what I've been doing with my time the past 3 weeks, I wouldn't have been able to answer, because my kind of love for him couldn't be measured, no matter how many hours I held him, how many days I took off of work for him, sang to him, put butter on my fingers for him to try and eat, and thanked him for bringing such joy to us in the short life he had. Thank you Hedi, for saying something even when you are dealing with tremendous stress and losing one of your own, my heart goes out to you so so much. And Rang for helping me heal, and thank you Jenk (and Dan) for such wonderful PM's, and Lorie for your many angels, and Hissy, Gus'Mom, Tobey, Greycat, Sam, Stardust, Amber, Jen, and Freddie had such a crush on Pixie, he liked her photo very much. We will plant the cherry tree and watch it grow over the rock engraved now with a kitty, to protect his special space next to the shrubby knoll. E&E
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Oh Elizabeth, I am so sorry to hear this, even though we knew it was coming, it doesn't make his loss any easier to bear. That is a lovely tribute, and may that cherry tree always bring a smile to your faces as you remember Freddie, the wonderful cat that he was.
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Thank you so very much from our house to yours. I enlarged your photo of Pixie and he would always look at it, I'm not kidding. But then again, Freddie would hear the music for Animal Planet when it came on, and climb into Eric's chair and just sit and watch it. I cried through the night last night because I missed his little body so much and that bronze nose, just like Kayla's, and Eric held me and said, "it's only the first night. He is finally in peace." and that is true. Some neighbors came over to put flowers at his site, and I hadn't realized much of the neighborhood had watched Eric dig (oh god, how awful that sounds) in the backyard, but I guess word got around fast.....and it does make me feel stronger knowing I am not alone in this. Thank you for such kindness.
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sashacat421-I'm so sorry that you lost Freddie. I read this with tears in my eyes. He fought a valient fight, and wish he would have won. He was such a beautiful little guy, both inside and outside. May he RIP.
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