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my cat with uti

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Last saturday i noticed my cat finding himself hard to urinate, sundqy morning i rushed him to the vet clinic and they put catheter and dextrose colled his urine for urinalysis which is yellow in color and run some test on him xray,cbc and bloodchem. All turned out normal no stones or obstruction in the bladder blood test were normal except for the urinalysis which yeilds many bact, 15-20 pus cells and +2 albumin. The doc says he has a uti and had given antibiotics. He was also advised to stay for 3days for the catheter. Yesterday i saw urine with blood coming out of the catheter and he hasnt eaten anything since then. Today they will forced feed him. And says that his antibiotic is given tru iv line which is possible for 14days. He is okay before i bring him in the vet still eating and drinking except for the urinating issue. Today he just sit the and not moving. Im very worried and wanted to take him home but there's nothing i can do. Is it possible to receive the antibiotic if i insist to take him home this wednesday if i see no progress?
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I think you need to talk to your vet and make sure your cat is getting pain medications. After three days with a urinary catheter I would think he could go home if he is able to urinate. The antibiotic you speak of, do you know which one it is? The albumin in the urine is something I would be retesting or if his urine was really concentrated then it may be okay. . All his blood work was normal?


You may want to see if you can visit and feed him when you are there. It sounds like he needs to go home as long as he is able to urinate and you can watch him. The vet wants to keep him for 14 days?

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