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Wow! Have been cooking food all day, sadly I'm the type of person that likes just one or two bites os something and then needs something else.

Watched a bit of TV. But my main task of the day was bathing Muffin. 3 hours prep. applying whitner etc etc. Then I had to bath her, she's a white so she was quite dirty and then dry/brush/powder!

Took a few before/during and after pics so might post them later- I also need to do some excerise today. Hope everyones having a nice day.

From Sam, Daughter of Chef, yet NOT following in fathers footsteps!
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I slept until the alarm went off, this morning. Actually, I got up at 5, to potty and went back to bed. Buddy spent last night on my feet. No problem, with that but, when I came back from the bathroom, he was stretched out in MY spot! I know - he was just keeping it warm for me, right?

Work wasn't too onerous. Even the 1 1/2 hr training session wasn't bad.

Bill insisted that we go to Famous Sam's for dinner - best pastrami sandwiches in town. They're half-pounders so, Bill brings half home, for his lunch.

Rowdy is getting cranked up, for Sunday's full moon. In addition, there's a total lunar eclipse, Saturday night. Opie has spent the day, in the laundry room. I had a basket of clean clothes, that I had forgotten to put away. Had to defuzz the black jeans, that were in there, as Opie left a generous deposit on them.
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LOL..it's one of my kittens "half birthday" today...so it wasn't all cranky inlaws i posted pics of him if anyone wants to check him out.
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