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Famous Residents

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I thought it would be interesting to see what famous residents or ex-residents live(d) in your town or city.

I'll start.

The 2 I know that come from Reading are Kate Winslet and Kenneth Brannagh.

Ocar Wilde was imprisoned in Reading Gaol where he wrote the famous poem - the Balad of Reading Gaol. And Jane Austen lived here for a bit.

All a bit literary and actory. But we do host the second best summer music festival in the UK (after Glastonbury).
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Great post.

Well, from what I know Geena Davis was born in my town ( I live in wareham MA). Being on Cape Cod we also have some other residents that come here in the summer. Jimmy Buffet has a summer mansion here, J Lo and Ben Affleck have a summer home on the bay here as well.

Cant' think of anyone else, oh well, the Kennedy Compound is not too far away either
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Andie McDowell is a resident of Asheville, where I live about 8 miles from. Matt Damon's now ex girlfriend is a resident of Asheville.

As for my hometown of Christchurch, NZ, I don't anyone has made it big.

Edited to say, Sam Neill went to high school in my hometown. Forgot all about him!
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I grew up in Metuchen, NJ, home of: Susan Sarandon (I went to grade school with her kid brother, who is as handsome as she is pretty!); David Copperfield, and Robert Hedges (from Welcome Back Kotter).

I now live in the town where Fred Savage (from The Wonder Years) lived and went to school.
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Charles Lindbergh was raised and spent most of his
Youth here in my town.

Charles Augustus Lindbergh was born on February 4, 1902 in Detroit, Michigan. He was raised in Little Falls, Minnesota.
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Madonna built a house for her father around where I used to live in Michigan. And Bob Segar had a place up there too. So did Gregg Allman.

Where I live now is about 2 miles from Karl Malone's home and his wifes bed and breakfast. I'm sure they probably have a place around LA now too.

The president of the Mormon church is from this neighborhood. And his daughter lives around the corner from me (if you count them for famous). I guess they are since they hob knob with world leaders and our own national leaders.

Robert Redford has a place up the freeway about 15 miles. And he has Sundance here too.

I know there are a few NBA players that didn't play for Utah that live here but I can't remember who they are. Larry Bird lives here and has a resturant here too. And the Touched by an Angel lady (Roma Downey) has a home here too.

I know there are a lot more famous people here but I just can't think of them all. This is a fun thread though! I love it!
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Lots of Hollywood folks live down here in San Diego.

Jewell used to live here (I don't know if she still does though).

Ray and Joan Kroc lived here when they were alive.

Roger Hedgecock (a guy who fills in for Limbaugh occasionally) lives here (in Pacific Beach).

I think it's the Modines who own the last drive-in theatre in town down in Imperial Beach. If it isn't, it's some male movie stars' family.

POD lives here (I used to be friends with the lead singers family and even went to his wedding).

My cousin in Sweden went to the same High School as the female singer from Roxette.
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I lived in a house a few years ago that was owned by Danny Joe Brown. He was a lead signer for the group Molly Hatchet when they first got started. The guy was a nut he shot holes in the walls and the new owner never fixed them said it gave the house charcter(sp). I really think the new owner was yanking my chain...Who knows?
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John Denver went to high school here (his father was stationed at D-M AFB).

Geraldo Rivera went to the UA, under the name "Gerry Rivers".

Judy Collins is also a UA grad.

Paul McCartney owns a large spread here and his wife, Linda, died here.

Lee Marvin had a house, on the north side and regularly busted up bars, whenever John Wayne was in town.

Johnny Behan, Cochise County Sheriff, at the time of the OK Corral gunfight, is buried in Holy Hope Cemetery.

Linda Ronstadt's family goes back to pioneer times. Her brother, Pete was chief of police. Another brother, Mike, was head of Parks & Recreation and her family owned a huge hardware store, from the 1880s - 1980s.

Mafia boss Joe Bonanno moved here, in the 1930s and lived in the same house, until his recent death. Both of his sons went to Tucson High.

Margaret Sanger retired and lived here, until her death.

John Dillinger was captured here, after one of his jailbreaks. Some of his personal belongings, including a Tommy gun, are on display at the Police Dept's little museum, in the headquarters lobby.

Author, Fr. Andrew Greeley lives here part-time and is on the UA faculty.
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Sam Elliott and his wife Katherine Ross live in the next town. When they first moved in they had a huge barbecue and invited everyone around for miles. They also have stunning horses on their property.
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We mostly have hockey players up here where I am! Pat Falloon, Ron Low, Mark & Scott Wotton, Theoron Fleury (well almost, he did live/his parents still do live 20 miles from here), a lot of NHL hockey players that still know 90% of the ppl in town! (not that they change a lot, but ya know! lol) Anyways, I think that's all the famous ones I can think of right now.
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Within 25 miles where I live *Near Santa Margarita, California we have a few celeberties, possibly others but just to start with.

Fred Astaire Jr, the son of Fred Astaire.
Alex Trebek of Jeopardy.

and the old fitness person Jack Lelane(who my dad knows).
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Well colorado Being a Ski State there are all sorts of different famous people in the mountains but only a few I can think to name

Jane Fonda used to own a house in vail Still might dunno

Alice from The Brady Bunch used to live in a basement apartment in Downtown denver Post Brady Bunch show

Gilligan for gilligan's Island used to own a house on top of a mountain in a small town I lived in called Lake City...He wasn't very friendly...used to send someone to do his shopping.

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill Own a house out in Telluride,CO

Kobie Bryant Will most likely be moving into our jail house LOL sorry that's not nice I know Innocent until proven guilt I'm sorry. But he is visiting here all the time now!!!

D.B Sweeny from the movie Cutting Edge is a denverite born and raised.......(very sweet as well as CUTE!!!! I met him and his whole family when I was only 16 working at a movie theatre that was showing one of his movies he brought his parents and siblings to come see it since the theatre was the largest screen in the state.)

Brad from Home Improvement Don't know his real name. Is a member of my church here in Aurora,CO

Alfred packard the canniable ate here and was buried here

as was Doc Holliday, As was Buffalo bill.

Oh and can't forget Molly Brown!!!!
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Yola, i thought that Kate Winslet lived in Weybridge in Surrey?? Only say that because my friend live so close to her. I guess Reading is near enough to surrey!

I don't guess anyone here knows of EastEnders??? it's a really popular British soap, most the actors from that live very close to here

Also a few English footballers, but i reeeaaally doubt you guys would have heard of them

oh oh, nearly forgot, Winston Churchill used to live around here. There's a massive statue of him on the green opposite!
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Kate Winslet (as far as I know) has bought a big old pile of a rectory in the Cotswolds now. I know she also had/has a place in London with Sam Mendes.

She doesn't live in Reading any more, but I think this is where she was born and/or brought up. Her parents still live here, and I know with her first marriage she got married in a local church.

Talking of EastEnders - Shane Ritchie lives very close to where I grew up, on the outskirts of West London. He's often seen shopping at the brand new shoping centre (mall) they've just built there. I guess I'll just have to start visiting my Mum more often !!!
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The writer George Elliot and the film director Ken Loach were born here. Nearby Coventry boasts Philip Larkin - writer and poet, actors nigel hawthorn, billie whitelaw and ellen terry(1800's)
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See, I'm awful and can't remember the names of the folks. One of the gentleman that were in "Scream", the "cute" one I've heard him called(I actually bumped into him at the post office and was clueless that I had met a famous person until someone told me). The ex-football player that does/did the Radio Shack commercials bought 2 Hummers from the dealership my husband works at. The last modern times one would be the lady that wrote "Drumline" the movie.

If you want to get historical I'm surrounded by Civil War battlefields. Robert E Lee attended the same church my grandmother does...lots of that kind of stuff.
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Willow's Mom--actually nobody really knows where Buffalo Bill is truly buried. As a resident of both Colorado and Wyoming I was confused as heck when we'd go to Buffalo Bill's grave just up I-70 outside of Golden (I grew up in Golden) and then we'd go to Buffalo Bill's grave up in Cody, Wyoming. Both states claim him and nobody knows for sure who has him.
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Oh, I met Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis up in San Bernadino about 4 years ago. I was embarrassed as the person I was with became a slobbering, cowtowing maniac. Both of them were very nice although I could tell they just wanted to be left alone so I dragged the person I was with away.
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Living in Los Angeles, I can say there are loads and loads and loads of famous people living in this town. Too many to mention.
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Toronto has so many. Mike Myers, Kiefer Sutherland to name a few.
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Hmmm, the actor Edward Norton went to my high school (he was a year ahead of me).
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Originally posted by adymarie
Mike Myers,
Wow! Cool! I don't think we have any famous people you know here.. But as you know LOTR was filmed here so alot of famous people have walked our grounds!
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Originally posted by adymarie
Toronto has so many. Mike Myers, Kiefer Sutherland to name a few.
Actually, Mike Meyers lives here in Los Angeles. I see him all of the time at the Deli I go to, and what's funny- he drives one of those little Mini Coopers. He may have a home in Toronto as well, but I know he lives here,now.
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Where I am right now.... Springfield, IL is the birthplace of Abraham Lincoln. Where I was born and raised Chicago, I just know of one famous person. The singer Richard Marx. Anyone remember him?
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I grew up in Metuchen, NJ, home of: Susan Sarandon (I went to grade school with her kid brother, who is as handsome as she is pretty!);
Sue, are you talking about Chris Sarandon? Prince Humperdink? I LOVE him!!!!! Have ever since Dog Day Afternoon.
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Originally posted by Suzy
Sue, are you talking about Chris Sarandon? Prince Humperdink? I LOVE him!!!!! Have ever since Dog Day Afternoon.
I believe Chris Sarandon is actually her ex hubby. She kept his surname after they divorced. Her maiden name is Tomalin.
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I believe Chris Sarandon is actually her ex hubby. She kept his surname after they divorced. Her maiden name is Tomalin.

OK, that was embarassing. I still think he's adorable.
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I agree, Chris Sarandon is cute! I saw him on a rerun of Judging Amy!
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wow Yola Shane Ritchie?? he he, i think i might have to go shopping there sometime soon too

We have Jessie Wallace (aka Kat Slater) who literally lives down my road!

I frequently see her at my gym, aswell as Patsy Palmer, Teddy Sherringham, Alan Sugar!
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