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Started Slim Fast diet today, and I'm hungry!

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Personally, I don't think I really need to lose weight (I'm 5'8" and 135 lbs), but my husband thinks I do. Rather than hear his comments about what I'm eating, I decided to start the Slim Fast diet. I had coffee for breakfast (as usual) and then had a Slim Fast for lunch. Are those things really supposed to fill you up? I'm so hungry. I just broke down and had an orange, and I'm still hungry. Maybe I need to have one for breakfast too and not just lunch. I don't know, but how long can I last if I'm hungry? Will I get used to this?

Is there anyone out there who's done Slim Fast and succeeded? I could use some words of encouragement.
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I wish I could be some help but unfortunately I have tried the slim fast thing and failed everytime. They don't fill me up at all & I always fall off the wagon.

it doesn't sound like you need to lose weight. it has been my personal experience that it NEVER works unless you are doing it for yourself, and since you aren't (and I agree that you don't need to) that's an extra hurdle.

I wish you the best of luck & I hope you have more willpower than I do!

drink lots & lots of water. it's good for you & will fill you up.
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Slim fast is a liquid diet and I too Failed misserably at it (horrible hunger pangs) since I need to chew. If you really feel you need to drop a few pounds how about several small meals throughout the day - I am a nibbles and this is what works for me. I agree with airpricess unless I am doing it for myself I also fall off the wagon.

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5'8", 135 lbs., and your husband thinks you need to lose weight?!? Tell him to have a nice day.

I did the Slim Fast gig, breakfast and lunch for a whole year (yes, year). Zero. Nothing. Nada. And I don't sit my butt down all day at work.

Did you happen to see Tommy Lasorda at the Major League All-Star game? He was the one who used to pimp the stuff on tv. Looks like his lifetime supply ran out.

I still drink a can everyday for breakfast, but purely as a convenience. I have no time, patience, or will to cook breakfast at 5:30 a.m. The only thing being "slimmed fast" is my wallet.
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I don't have a very healthy diet. Since I stay at home with the kids, I tend to feed them lots of sandwiches, mac and cheese, chicken nuggets, etc. I like sandwiches, but not every day, and I'm about sick to death of PB&J. I hate nuggets, fish sticks, mac and cheese, just about anything I make for the kids. When I grocery shop, I tend to just buy them food, so I don't have anything for me, which means I end up eating what ever is in the fridge. Not a balanced diet. I thought the Slim Fast would at least be balanced. When I mentioned my idea to my husband, he was so excited. He even figured out where to buy them cheapest.

When I got married (10 years ago now), I was very thin, actually too thin. I've gained weight after having 2 kids, but most women do. I definitely don't think I'm fat. I work out at the gym usually three times a week, but I'm no where near musclebound, not even firm in lots of places. I know I could lose some weight on my hips and thighs, but it's not terrible.

I think my husband wants me to look completely different. He's really into body building and stuff. He works out at a hard core, hole in the wall gym with no air conditioning. The women that work out there are usually strippers with breast implants (no offense, please, just not my usual crowd). The people I hang out with are other women at church with children, usually more children then me. They're focused on their children and God, not having a hard body. This is what I like to be focused on too.

So basically I think my husband and I have different expectations of what I should look like. He tries to tell me that I look ok, but then he gets so excited over me doing something like Slim Fast, so I know he must not be happy with the way I look. I just now sent him an email saying that I'm hungry, and he told that having an orange is fine, but not to give in and have lunch. That would be defeating the purpose (I know that). So I responded and told him that I guess I'd just have to get used to being hungry, and he told me "when you start seeing results you won't even care about being hungry anymore!" Is that sad or what!

Anyway, sorry to go on so long. I'm just kind of bummed.
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you know what Dawn, you can go on as long as you like. that's is what we are all here for.

I know that I can relate to where you are. It's a lousy feeling and it just brings your self esteem down. Not the best mind set to have when psyching oneself up do the slim fast thing.

I almost think it would be more beneficial to change your diet then the slim fast thing.

let's see, like eating whole wheat toast with just a bit of jam & no butter and a bowl of special K for breakfast, and tuna salad with low fat mayo on tomato slices and cottage cheese for lunch. you get the idea. then you don't feel so cheated & you're making a life style change instead of doing a quick fix for the duration.

you could find TONS of ideas for low fat meals online. it will take a little preparation before going to the grocery, but I think in the long run it's the better way to go.

look at it as doing if for your health, and to set a positive example of healthy eating for your kids, then a 'must lose weight for the husband' thing.

turn it into something for you.
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Gee Dawn, I was about to tell you to post a picture of him, so we could assess his physical needs. Guess that's out.

This type of thing riles me. I just got into it the other day with a friend who met a girl and is unhappy because of her weight. He has a big "master plan" for getting her into a gym because he saw an old picture of her, and she was a "hottie".

I got all over him and said that you men hate it when some woman comes along and wants to change you. Either like her as she is, or don't, but don't go plotting to like some girl after you change her.

You're already at the gym 3x per week. Sounds like he has an unusual expectation from what he sees in the sweat cellar every day.

My ex-husband did that to me once. His sister owns a beauty shop and does the whole family's hair. One day I came in and on the wall is one of those typical beauty shop pictures: girl with hair all windblown, pouty lips, and big old "come get me fella" look on face. My sister-in-law announces to the general public in the shop, "My brother wants me to make you look like that."

I was pretty humiliated at the time. I later told him to get a life.
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Hey Dawn:

I visited your website. You're a dead ringer for Elisabeth Shue! Tom Cruise didn't have any problems with her in "Cocktail"!
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Good call Deb!

Dawn, you really do look like Elizabeth Shue!
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I tried the Slimfast and Metabolite crap.
Both made me even more hungry than before I started taking it.
Both made me tired, not energetic.
Both made me have SEVERE headaches.
Both are a rip-off.

I'm in about them same position, I'm 5'9" and 140-something
I think I need to loose weight, but my boyfriend doesn't..go figure..
you think I need to loose weight?
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Only if you are the one on the left.
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I'm with Deb, if that's not you wearing the top hat, don't worry about it. especially since your boyfriend says you don't

give him a hug & a kiss
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WashuSama - I think you look great! You're lucky your boyfriend is so sweet.

I have to admit, I'm fixing to go make myself a snack. I have some guacamole in the fridge that's calling my name. That's a veggie, right? I figure I'm still ahead because I would have eaten it anyway, even if I'd had a fattening lunch. I'm starving!

About Elizabeth Shue, I haven't gotten that one before. The lady that does my hair swears I look like Meg Ryan. I've never been able to see people in other people. I guess I'm not visually oriented.

I wish I could post a pic of my husband. He's huge, very strong. But he's not lean. He's 6'2" and about 210. He's going to be in a power lifting competition. Wierd man.
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Here's a suggestion..tell you partner that you need him to go on the diet with you for support,no cheating. A couple of days of that should end things.
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Ronnie Coleman (who I guess has been Mr. Olympia three years running) works out at my husband's gym. Do you know him?
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Hey Phil! I just talked to my husband. He says Ronnie works out at a different time than him, but he's going to tell Brian Dobson, the owner of the gym, to tell him Hi for you. Small world!
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here is my problem, Last year I weighed 106 lbs
now I weigh 140-something, I went from a little girls size 14, to a woman's size 12. That can be VERY DEPRESSING!!

Also I think my boyfriend purposely sabotages my diets, so other men won't find me attractive.
I shouldn't be this heavy anyway!! Everyone else I know that is a vegetarian is skinny, why not me?!
nah I'm the one wearing the overalls, maybe next year I'll be wearing the top hat!
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WashuSama - Let me just say that 106 is way too skinny for someone who is 5'9"! When I got married I weighed 107 and I was twiggy. It wasn't even attractive. I think 140 something is much better. I wonder what the average dress size is for women. I'm in an 8 or a 10 (lately it's more often a 10).
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Don't judge yourself by the size clothing you wear. That has a lot to do with the shape of your body. I am 5"6". I used to weigh 115 lbs. I have never fit into anything smaller than a size 10.

WashuSama: If you're 5'9" wearing a girls' size, that is too thin!

And I'd say that 10-12 is about the average size. When there is something I like in the store, it's always the size they are out of, and it's never the size that makes it to "clearance". Ever looked at the clearance rack? It's all size 2, 4, 14, 16, 18.
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You're right Deb! I always have a hard time finding good deals in my size. My shoe size too. Maybe I could get down to a size 4 (ha ha) and save some money!
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Hey Elisabeth Shue, I mean Dawn, I did peek at your husband too. I know it's not a full body shot, but he is no better than average. Just a nice looking middle-aged man (unless the hair loss thing is early). Don't let him get you down!!!! You are very pretty.
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He is nice looking, isn't he? Unfortunately, he's been losing his hair for the last 10 years; he's only 32. I wonder if it's related to being married to me...

Thanks for saying I'm pretty. I'm fairly sure I'm average and fine with that. Now, my daughter is gorgeous if I do say so myself!
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Your daughter's curls are to die for!!! Don't worry, it's not you. My brother started losing his hair by age 18 or 19. He's 35 now and has nothing left. Just yesterday I saw a hat in a catalogue that said "Wishing You Were Hair" on it. Had to bust his chops with that one.

Is your husband sensitive about it? Because if so, you could explain that the weight thing makes you feel the way the hair thing makes him feel.
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Unfortunately, Doug doesn't care about his hair. I've tried that before in anger, and it had no effect at all. Now, I guess I could start making some comments about his hairy back! (Ugh.) He's VERY sensitive about that. :LOL:
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Yeah, that could work!
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I've had a weight problem all my life. I have never been small (petite in height yes 5 feet, no more, no less). I spent alot of money on Jenny Craig and went from 160 to 138. The food was okay at first and I was diligent about walking 3 times a week. I looked great. Bought all sorts of new clothes and felt like a million bucks. 2 years later I had to have a hysterectomy and my weight ballooned to 173. Haven't been able to take it off. They say that the older you get the harder it is to take off. They are so right. I WANT to lose the weight but have absolutely no motivation. I see the same pattern in my daughter as well and I feel bad for her because she does work out, but eats alot junk food.

I think the main problem is all the hoopla about being thin. Did you ever notice that on commercials for health spas and gyms there is not one fat person in the group. It's not very realistic. There is way too much emphasis on being thin in my book.

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Donna - I agree about the commercials. I work out at 24 Hour Fitness and I know for a fact that most of the women look like me. Unfortunately, there are a number of women there that I think were on the commercial! Also, I agree that there's way too big an issue about being thin. Sometimes I wish I lived a few hundred years ago when being thin was not "in." I've been very thin all my life. It wasn't until I hit 30 with two kids that I started to gain weight. It's pretty depressing simply because I know my husband is attracted to slender, firm bodies. Too bad for him I guess.
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I would do exactly what Kittyfoot said.

I probably wouldn't say it as nice, "Go on it with me or shut your 'fat' mouth."

Sorry, you probably love him, but I would certainly question his motives. You cannot possibly be too heavy with your height and weight unless you are a high fashion model.
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Dawn and Donna:

So true, so true. Men also don't ever have to worry about rebounding from childbirth.

I, like you, Dawn was thin my whole life. I never watched what I ate. At one point, after my divorce I was actually too thin. I was doing the Ensure thing on top of eating in order to gain weight. No help.

Sometime around 40, my metabolism crashed and burned. I gained weight until I hit a plateau where I sit now. It's tough to change an entire lifetime of eating habits. I don't actually eat hardly anything, but no change.

I suppose I should do the gym thing, but the motivation is seriously lacking.

Hope your husband comes to realize it's not all about the body, Dawn. He's not perfect either.
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It doesn't sound like you need to lose any weight at all, but maybe gain a few lbs. Before kids I was 5'5" and weighed 125 and my whole family told me I looked anorexic {spelling?} I did the slim fast thing, and I did lose some weight, but I did it because at the time I was a weight obsessed teenager and wasn't eating but one meal a day, so my mom said I better start eating. Instead we compromised and she got me the slimfast just so I was at least getting some nutrients and felt like I wasn't really having to eat. I almost wish I was that obsessed now, so I wouldn't have to be so worried about the weight I carry now. But I must say, I'm at least doing something right with this pregnancy. I've only gained 25 lbs so far and only have 6 weeks left to go, unlike my first 2 I gained over 50 lbs with each one! I hope your hubby realizes that for your height, you could actually make yourself sick by losing weight. Good luck!
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