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And Elwood about 4 weeks old. He is now 6-1/2 months old and his new mom said he just topped 10 pounds. We think all his weight is in his paws (he has 7 toes up front and 6 toes in back).
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And Jake about 4 weeks old:
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AWWWWWWWWW....all these kittens are TOO sweet! here are my two at 8 and 4 weeks respectively!

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And Muddy about 7 weeks old:
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Originally posted by Momofmany
And Elwood about 4 weeks old:
That baby is to die for he is so cute I love the shot of the 10 day old babies:
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And Koko about 3 weeks old:
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Here are Little Oscar and Spanky (our Fosters)
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Maggie is Scarlett's sister that we adopted out shortly after this picture was taken. They were orphaned at about 3 weeks old. It broke my heart to part with her, as they were the first orphans we ever cared for.
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Cuteness overload!!!

But little Maggie!!! She is just a dream in fur!

And baby Raggies!!!
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OMG I am in kitten heaven to all of the cuties
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Here's Zoey as a kitten. That's a milk jug ring on her head. She was our little angel runt!
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Awwwwww! I LOVE this thread!
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I just LOVE all these kittens!! Maggie reminds me of my 18 year old Shadow when she was a kitten
Just imagine how many cats we would have if they stayed the size of a little kitten!!
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OMG, I loooove all the baby pics, everyone!! Cuteness overload!!

Here are mine:





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Thanks for starting this thread, AmberThe Bobcat.

Hope you don't mind if I took out the blue/cyan cast in this pic?
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Awww, this is Amber when she was only 9 weeks old and still on her bottle. I don't mind at all, she looks so much better Thank You!!
I haven't had my digital camera that long yet. I take most pictures on film, but decided I must enter the digital age as well.
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Superkitty. Your kitten pictures ARE just too cute for words!
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OMG I just love all the kittens . keep them comming
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As soon as I take some new pictures of the 3 babies from our last litter, I will post them.
This is our latest rescue. Jewel went to her first cat show on the 1st and 2nd. She did really well, and ended up being the best HHP kitten in show
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Sandie, Jewel is just precious! Congrats on the show little Jewel!
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