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Want to hear something really cool??

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The coolest thing happened last week...

One of the other TCS members (Cindy W.) and I figured out that we used to be really good friends back in junior high school. We lost touch 20 years ago when I moved to another town. And now we met again at TCS!!

How cool is that!?!?!?

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WOW! That is awesome!! How did she figure this out?
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That is really cool!
How far away do you live now? Will you be able to meet without travelling a long way?
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Wow that's very strange!! But so neat!!
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How did she figure this out?
She's got her city listed on her location, and I used to live around there. So I sent her a PM to say hi, and after a few posts back and forth, we figured it out.

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That's cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
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That is SO cool! I got a shiver when I read that!
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Actually, Suzy is the one who figured it out. I couldn't believe it either. I dug out my old Junior High yearbook and found our pictures (uhhh...one that Suzy and I WON'T be posting!!!). I sent the picture over to her and sure enough, it was US! lol! Small world, huh?

Hopefully, one day, if Suzy makes it near my neck of the woods, or vice versa, we will be able to meet each other for coffee...it would be great! I am still shaking my head over the whole thing...really, when you think about it...what are the chances?!?

I'm glad Suzy took the time to PM me...otherwise we may never have known!

Cindy W.
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That is so cool and proves again how small the world really is...
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That is VERY cool, you two.
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Wow, that is amazing!!!!!! Glad this site is good for a lot of things, including reuniting old friends!
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That is awesome!! it really is a small world after all
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Wow, That's sooo cool!!!
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I don't know about anyone else, but i would love to see the jr high school pictures! LOL
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wow!! that is cool
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Hey!!! OMG That's amazing! Whip-dee-dee!
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Wow! That's great!
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come on - post the pics!

There is nothing like rekindling old friendships!
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I think I'd have to get Suzy's permission to post THOSE! lol! Let's just say that they are the ultimate in Junior High Geeky pictures! Does it say anything to you when once showing them to my husband and children they broke down in laughter and almost fell on the floor in tears?!?! "Mom...is that YOU"? Hahaha! "Yes, kids, it's me"..."You looked FUNNY then!"...etc. etc....lol.

I'm brave...if Suzy gives permission, I'll post the pics...

Cindy W.
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I'd absolutely love to see the piks!
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I'm not sure how well this will show up, but, here goes...

Suzy is the girl with dark, curly brown hair and glasses. She is in the 3rd row back, second one in with the white shirt.

I am the girl with the long blonde hair in the first row, think I am number five in from the left.

This picture could stand some retouching...I'm not good at fixing up photos. I tried to enlarge it as much as I could. Hope you can see it all right.

Junior High years...oh my! That is TWENTY YEARS AGO!!! Ohhhh...I feel soooo OLD! lol!

Cindy W.
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If anybody can work some miracles on this picture...be my guest! I tried to get it larger, but, then, it said my file was too large...hmmmmm

I guess it is pretty hard to see...darn!

Cindy W.
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Yep, it certainly was the 80's. Big glasses and even bigger hair....

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Nice pic.
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Hey...we were cool back in the 80's...weren't we?!? lol!

Cindy W.
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that is so cool!!!
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That is way cool!
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That's really neat!!!

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Love the 80's hair - I remember it well!
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