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Skin Growths

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I took Lucky to the vet this morning. He's been going deaf steadily for a number of months and I wanted to make sure it was just old age (he's 16/17). He also had a couple of "wart" like growths around his neck...

The Vet confirmed that the deafness was just old age, but he was concerned about the growths, one in particular which appears to be more of a lump under the skin than a wart. Apparently some growths can be dangerous so next week (11/11) Lucky is going in to have them removed. The vet recommends a local anistheitic as Lucky has breathing problems and a collapsed trachea.

I hope he's going to be OK. We just lost Toby to cancer a couple of months ago, I'd hate to see Lucky have it too...poor kitty.

Does anyone know anything about skin growths in cats ?
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Hey there-

As a cat ages, they do get lumps, small bumps called papules or large bumps (nodules). Just the word "lump" can spin a cat owner into a panic as lump can mean cancer. Your cat could just have a small abcess, or cyst or have a reaction to an insect bite or?

You are doing the right thing to have the vet take a closer look. The lab results (usually takes 3-5 days unless they have a good lab on site) will determine what these lumps are and you can go from there. Just try not and worry yourself. Hopefully it will turn out to be a harmless benign lump that can be easily excised, stitched and forgotten.
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Thanks MA -- that all makes perfect sense. Hopefully I'm just being overly sensitive because of Toby...in all other regards Lucky seems to be entirely himself so I'll try to stave off worrying until there's something to worry about !

Thanks again,
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Just wanted to send some positive vibes for Lucky!
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Thanks Sisy !
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Lucky went in to have his little "lumps" removed today. I just brought him home and it he looks very spry, just a bit odd with his shaved neck and stitches. We'll have the results of the biopsy in 5-6 days. So fingers crossed.

One good thing about Lucky's visit to the vet, is that the people there know I'm thinking about getting another cat for Lucky and so they "showed" Lucky some kittens. Apparently he was very affectionate, even washed one. So that sounds promising - hopefully Lucky's results will come back negative and we can bring home a new cat/kitten.
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I am so sorry about your Lucky and hope it will be nothing . I know the time to wait for the results is a hard time covered in worry for him . I know that try to think positive is easy said and not easy done . I will keep you and Lucky in my prayers
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Thank you so much. Lucky is such a dear little kitty.
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Oh that is so cute that Lucky licked the kittens! I hope he will be ok.
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