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Oh Hedi,

You are having such a tough time lately. I hope that Ginger recovers to do as well as she had been, and that all will not be as serious as you are fearing with Angel.

wishing you strength and better times ahead,
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OMG Hedi, you must be a wreck at the moment, i know i would be!

I hope everything is ok with Ginger, i just wish i could have answers for you, but she is in the right place.

Keep us updated.

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Thank you all so much for your kind words .

After playing cat and mouse with the vet today on the phone I finaly spoke to Dr Heather at 6:20pm while she was driving at home .
Angel is doing better , they only put her on some IV ( she was on her cell phone while driving and she was hard to understand ) and oder meds . She said Angel will be able to go home tommorrow and looks a lot better . I still have no clue what is going on with her . I guess it is a guessing game like Kikko .
Ginger seem to do better today too and did not have any blood transfution . Dr. Heather said she will do some more blood work on Ginger tommorrow and see how Ginger is doing . If she can get Ginger on her own and meds better she will not get a blood transfution . I don't get it why . So eather I or if Heather has the time to call we will talk tommorrow morning and I hopefully will find out more .
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Oh hon,I am so sorry to hear that you are going through this with your kitties.I hope everyone is feeling better soon.

Hugs to you and all your kitties.
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Hedi, I'm so sorry you're all going through this! How frustrating and agonizing. Sending lots of *get better!!!!* vibes to Angel and Ginger.
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Thank you all so much .

I just picked both cats up from the vet .
Ginger is doing good now and her blood work was better today , so she did not needet any blood transfution at this time . Her nodes witch she had again when I brougth ger to the vet are gone . That is really good news to me . She is on antibiotics and on her regular meds . The prednesone I hive to give twice a day at least for 10 days and if she is doing good only once a day . Next week Ginger has to go back to re check her blood again to see how she is doing .

Angel also is doing a lot better and she also did not get a blood transfution . She was dehytrated and had some IV fluids ( ? ) and is also on antibiotics and a immune stimulant twice a day . Dr. Heather says it proberly comes from over breeding or inbreeding .

Now I hit over $ 1000.00 dollars today since it was already over $ 700 dollars I I had on Ginger already . Mike will be not to happy about that , oh well .
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((( Hedi & Ginger )))
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I'm glad both are doing better and are now home with you.

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Yesterday I went with Ginger back for a re check and her blood count was up to 22 . I was soooooooo happy . Dr. Heather said to come back in 2 weeks to re check her . I am just so thankful Ginger is doing better .
Angel seem to be ok , but it really don't look like she is gaining any weight . I may bring her back to the vet when I go again with Ginger . I really don't trust the hole situation . All I know is , that I don't want to loose her like the other 2 Oriental cats .

Thank you all for your encouraging worts , thoughts , prayers and vibes . You are all very wonderful people .
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