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What other foods, not cat food, do your cats like to eat? - Page 2

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Oh yes, the tuna. All I have to do is get a can out. They here the sound of the can as I set it on the counter top and then next thing I know, I have an audience of cats looking at me
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A long time ago I had two vegetarian cats that had been raised by a friend, and as I was minding them on long-term loan I didn't want to change their diet. They used to eat porridge, and enjoyed it so much that they would sit underneath my twin daughters in their high chairs and eat any bits that fell to the plastic sheet on the floor below. Of course, it didnt take the girls long to enliven their breakfast by dropping the odd spoonful over "accidentally on purpose"
and then experimenting with lunch and dinner too.... We found that if it fell from the babies, the cats would eat just about anything but particularly liked mashed pumpkin potato and spinach, all mixed together and flavoured with melted butter and brewers yeast....
Apart from her own diet, our mother cat Molly likes to eat "toast bones" the crunchy crusts - but only if they have come directly from the plate of one of "the big cats" and are still fresh and warm, and preferably buttery. She doesn't mind a bit of Vegemite either... which is an acquired taste.
BTW, Amber the Bobcat has knocked me out with her beautiful appearance - she and I presume her relatives - and I wonder how big a bobcat grows? Where do they come from? Are they native to your area or something?
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Welcome Felicity! I have one friend whose family resides in your area.

Mine has been well taught not to eat off our plates or anything else. He sometimes rarely though lick icecream if he wants or pudding but he scurries his belly in when he hears a can opening, thinking it's tuna, which sometimes it is, I'll give him a smidgen of it, enough to wet his palate. Most of the time though, he just wants to sniff whatever we are eating, even my son's food, then he'll lick his lips and walk away. Well trained cat
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both of my cats like ham especially patches
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The question should be: What does you cat NOT like to eat? for me!! Mittens hasn't turned down anything. But his favorite...Ice cream (vanilla)!
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Felicity, that sure is a menu that those cats eat. I have always wondered, what exactly is Vegemite
As for Amber, she will grow to around 30 to 40 pounds, with males averaging about 10 pounds more. Bobcats have a range that extends throughout North America from southern Canada to norhtern Mexico, except along the mid Atlantic coast and through the Midwest where intensive human habitation and agriculture have led to it's extirpation. I live in Ohio, which is part of the Midwest. Bobcats are native to this region, but there are very few left, sad to say
The Bobcats that come from the Northern territories and the Northwest are larger than the Bobcats in the south. Amber came from Montana.
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My hubby is a truck driver and every M-W-F he gets home and prepares his sandwiches for the next two days - I buy deli meat for him. Well, he has a ritual with the kids now...they get "kitty ham" or "Kitty beef" while he's makins his sandwiches...He tears the slices up and puts them in piles on the floor (yes, i clean the floors constantly! lol). Baubles prefers the beef while Mocha and Max will eat anything. Actually, Mocha is a Maine Coon wanna be (we've just confirmed that Max is a Mix) and for a little DLH, he's a pig! Max also scarfs down bacon, but none of them like cheese. Baubles will occasionally eat canned green beans if mom is having some. But Steve and I eat usually in the living room iwth laptrays and if I have anything on my plate that is milk or cream based, I have to fight Baubles off...like ranch dressing, sour cream, etc...She tends to go for stuff like that...
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Stevei, I would be a little concerned about giving your cats ham or bacon. I know cats love bacon, but I have always heard that pork is not good for them. I guess if it is for a treat once in a while, that is ok.
By the way, I love Casey, what a beautiful kitty
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Terri - I'll keep your warning about the ham or bacon in mind...Although they only eat a few bites each - We also "blot" each piece before tearing it up (i wonder about those preservatives in lunchmeat, even for humans).

And thanks for the Casey note...she was our best friend....It's funny, I was noticing that we're both all over the boards this morning and was going to message you about your bobcats- they are GORGEOUS!
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I read where a lot of people's cats here like Tomatos and tomato sauce. I thought tomatos were toxic to cats. I know my Snoopy loves tomato sauce, but when I read that, I stopped letting him have any. Snoopy also used to go crazy for potato chips, but now I can't let him have them, because he doesn't have teeth.

Simba is always trying to steal food out of my salads, but I won't let him have it. I have a feeling he's like lettace, and all kinds of veggies if I'd give them to him.

Shane will eat ANYTHING as long as it's edible.
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Corkscrew loves Pancakes and banana bread, Tibby really isn't too much into people food, but she does like cheese.
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I was also going to say the same thing, HopeHacker. Fortunately my cats will not touch any food with tomato/tomato sauce.
Going back to the subject, my girls like broiled fish & chicken. Joji loves shrimps (boiled) and raw meat (the others won't touch this one unless it is cooked). They may also like calamares but there's never enough left for them.
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Thanx Amber's family for the info about Amber and her breed - she has gotta be one of the most intelligent looking cats I've ever seen. Do you think they are smarter than ordinary cats? (How can that be possible eh?)
"For your kind information" as people say here, Vegemite is a spread commonly eaten in Australia and New Zealand (and now all over the world as those two countries are full of inveterate travellers). It is made from yeast, and looks like tar. The local shopkeeper here calls it "black jam".... In Oz, just about anyone could sing you one of the old advertisements called the Vegemite song... "We're happy little Vegemites, as happy as can be, we love to eat our Vegemite for breakfast lunch and tea"... or something like that... I'm actually a NZer by birth so don't know all the words.... I think it is the salty flavour that the cats like - but I guess it's good for them; a lot of vegetarians eat it as it has plenty of B vitamins, so important for nerve health, and hard to get enough of if you're not a flesh eater....
I love the pix of people's cats... so many of them are remarkably beautiful, tho' of course that is like the saying "You have beautiful eyes"... did you ever see an ugly cat? even cats with a limb missing are pretty amazing in their grace, and a cat in good health has to be one of the most charming animals on the planet.
Someone locally said to me the other day, seeing the "billi ka bachha" (literally "cat-type babies") wandering around the farm, "They are very decorative items I think, Felicity." And I had to agree. There's a saying that "Horses improve the landscape" but for me it has to be cats!
BTW, the local word for cat being "billi" pronounced like the boys' name, makes us joke that we know where the term "silly billy" came from, and it had nothing to do with goats.
Thanx for the greetings guys; I really enjoy my occasional visits to the site....
Still haven't had any luck locating a vet who can do a sterilization op for us... and the time is ticking by. We really need to get something done in the next couple of months to be on the safe side.... I've tried all kinds of Indian animal orgs, and done the rounds of the vets here, but cats are considered unlucky (duh!) and not commonly kept as pets so we are still trying. Any info welcome - I know it's a small planet.... maybe someone can give us a contact. We have a lovely place here for anyone looking for a few days in the countryside.... only half an hour flying from Delhi.... or 12-16 hours on the train for people with stamina...
Good nite all, 4:30am and bed is calling! It's only the Internet access keeping me up this late anyway.... even the cats have gone to sleep.... hint hint
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Stevie, I only have 1 bobcat, the pictures are shown at different ages. From approx 10 weeks to 17 weeks. By the way, you could have sent a message, I am up late.
Hope, I have heard that about tomatos too. Tomatos are part of the night shade family, I believe, but I don't think they have much of an effect on people. As for cats, I am not sure, but I also had cats that liked tomato sauce.
Felicity, as for Amber being smarter than domestics I am not really sure. She does just about the same things as my other cats do, but on a larger scale. Since she has such large feet, she does get into things...a lot She can open my shower doors, turns off the lights in the bathroom and has tried to open the door by hitting the door knob. Once she gets bigger, she will be able to stand on her back feet and probably turn the knob. I have to keep my "screen" doors locked at all times. She does know how to open them.
Also, thank you for the explanation on vegemite. There used to be this song by the rock n roll band, Men at Work, titled, "Down Under" and a vegemite sandwich was mentioned in the song. So, now I know...thank you
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I found out the other night that Alley likes sour cream
she was licking it off my fingers
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I have to put Buddy in the bedroom anytime we eat
anything or he's got his face in our food lol
He even growls at us when we won't let him eat it.

We know they all like chicken and spaz tried
eating a carrot the other day
I don't know maybe she was just testing it
out cause I was eating one lol
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Patches will stand right in front of you and stare while
your eating and Alley will jump right on your lap
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Nicky is our newest baby. He's a Maine Coon mix but we think he must have some goat in him somewhere He'll eat ANYTHING (that's food, of course, though he just got through chewing on a rubberband, not eating though).

I was searching the web trying to find a list of people foods that are okay for cats to eat. We give Nicky a small nibble of nearly everything just to see if he'll eat it. It's hilarious sometimes! I gave him a green bean yesterday and he scarfed it down! I'm glad I read about tomatoes which he did have a small taste of some weeks ago.

I would love to let him enjoy himself on a variety of foods if I new what was okay. We feed all our 4 kitties IAMS Weight Control and Originial.

Thanks for any advice!
Leslie in Texas

P.S. How do I insert a picture?
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Nedicks has no interest in any human food except for the milk in my bowl of Cheerios and my once-a-week bagel with veggie cream cheese (I think it's the cream cheese). When I'm eating one of these two things, she is extremely persistent and will even stand on the table and try to stick her face in my food, but so far she has not been successful in stealing any.

Nathan thinks he wants everything we are eating, but usually if he manages to get something he doesn't eat it. The exceptions to that have been lox (not that big of a surprise), once a couple of egg noodles out of a bowl of homemade chicken soup I had walked away from for a moment, once a little piece of Thai basil chicken (which I freaked out about, because I was afraid it had onions in it--he was fine), and once he licked the tomato sauce out of the bottom of an empty pasta bowl my bf left unattended (which I also freaked out about, because I knew it had onions in it--he was fine then too). Oh yeah, once I caught one of my bf's friends feeding him (the cat, not my bf) frosting from a piece of carrot cake.
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My female tortie, will only eat cat food, while my male loves anything with tomato sauce. When I am making home made sauce he will sit in the kitchen waiting to taste some. He also loves macaroni and cheese and baked chicken. I used to have cats who loved olives(the green ones) every time I opened a bottle they would go crazy rubbing against the jar and meowing for a lick of juice then they would get high off of it and run around like crazy! my cats
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Both Charlotte and Izzie love lunch meat (ham or roast beef). Charlotte will sit there and wait patiently with a very "give me" look. Izzie (4 months old) on the other hand will meow like the house is burning down!!

Charlotte loves the white cream stuff in Little Debbie Snack rolls. She's happy with one small tiny clop. She's not really a big human food eater.

Izzie seems to eat anything.
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Here's an article I found about what foods are bad to feed cats....some interesting information !

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Tibby and Molly will try practically anything!! Tibby has a special penchant for Crackers and cheese, noodles and bread (especially sundried tomato) where Molly would give anything for a rice cake, sauces and anything fichy what-so-ever!! They both particularly LOVE mushy peas!!

They still always go back to their cat food though and sometimes turn down human food in favour of their own!!

I read that site about bad foods for cats and I am not sure about everyone else, but Tibby and Molly can't even stand the smell of garlic etc!! They seem to avoid all the stuff that is bad for them!!

(Maybe they read it when I was out!! )
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Pixel (& Mouse, when she was with us!) - big chicken fan!!! begs for it when i'm eating it.
Cable - obviously a stray, eats anything & everything & begs for mine unless she's eating wet food at the time. i have to feed her when i want to eat to get any peace!
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Gandalf and Samwise both LOVE pretzels. If I open the bag then they come running. Not a big fan of chips though, they give me a dirty look if I'm eating chips and not pretzels. They both like chicken ok too, but for a treat I give them the water off the canned chicken I use to make chicken salad. Neither seem to take to tuna really well.


Samwise likes lunchmeat especially bologna (my Dad gives it to him for a treat), duck, and milk products especially cottage cheese. But he'll try almost anything he's offered.

Gandalf has some strange facination with Tatertot Caserole and will beg for it like it's wet food or something. I never have given him any because I put onions in it but boy does he whine. He is also the kitty I have to watch my glass with, he'll drink just about anything that's non-acoholic but he has a bad habit of knocking the glass over. When I have icecream which is once in a blue moon, I usually let him lick the bowl when I'm done but I only like vanilla icream so I figure he'll be ok.
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John this is vegemite-

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O.o my middle name is Katrina. Ghibli also LOVES the pretzel nuggets.. And nachos... anything salty and crunchy!
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Simon loves milk and milk based products. He begs for milk out of my cereal bowl. He loves ice cream (vanilla only), yogurt, and cheese.

Max loves canned tuna. He can smell it the minute you open the can. He just sits quietly until you give him a bit. He also feels it necessary to eat ribbons off packages so we have to be VERY careful around Christmas!
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I forgot, Nedicks likes to eat lint. Does that count?
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Catlover 7731 - our Ebony would do the same thing with olives, he would rub himself all over the olive to get the scent on him. He also really loved my homemade spaghetti and meat balls - we had to cut up the pasta and meatballs and give him his own dishful.

Well, Bijou will eat anything as far as I know since I haven't found anything so far that he doesn't like including baked beans. Mika is also pretty much an eat anything cat. We don't usually feed them human food, but Bijou is so persistent that we'll often give him a bit to keep him from being a nuisance.

My former Siamese was particularly fond of spicy food - curried chicken in particular and also my homemade spaghetti and meatballs.
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