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Does your cat do this too?

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Oscar is neutered for a month now, so due to my vet his ormones are fine and he has no sexual rushes. But he keeps having a habit that he firstly presented at the age of 3 months. He bites a piece of a fuzzy material (his bed for example) and massages the rest of it. I noticed he gets pretty excited when doing it and he also has...his penis up and happy. The vet said it's just excitement and I believe her. But I would feel better if I knew another bunch of male cats does this too.
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No, but I have seen this in a few males that were at the shelter where I volunteer. Quite interesting actually but it seems that some males will always exhibit this type of behavior even if they are neutered.
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hi. our cat scooter once tried to mount the other male we had at the time, isaac, who himself once mounted a stuffed dinosaur and used to carry around a stuffed sock trying to mount it and meowing! My mom thought isaac thought the sock was his baby kitten but I know exactly what he was trying to do.

Scooter also will grab and bite and appears "excited" when he gets rubbed on the belly.

Ernie on the other hand has always been only interested in his food dish

all 3 males were altered well before this.

So I guess some of them can still get pretty nutty sometimes even after being altered.

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Glad I found out some other cats do it too! I contacted my vet again and she explained to me that his behavior is not a "sexual content" one. He just likes the soft feeling of the material and gets all too happy. Weird cat world!
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