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Do cats have tonsils? er.. or something

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Ok.. I am the biggest worry wart and I'm almost positive I'm worrying for nothing but I wonder if anyone knows anything about cat anatomy.. because I know nothing.

I *think* I'm feeling some kind of small bump or mass under Zoey's chin like on the left side, under her jaw - on the side underneath (hard to explain exactly where) when I was giving her scritches the other day. It's only about the size of a large pea or so and it moves around when I feel over it.. almost as if its a part of her skin, but not really its not like perfectly round or anything either. Now, I have tried to do some research and I cant find anything harmful that matches this specific description. Her behaviour has not changed in the slightest bit.

Do cats have tonsils? Do they get sore throats? Or I was thinking maybe her and Saki got rough and Saki bit her there or scratched her but there is no scab or skin irritation or anything like that. Do they have muscles and tendons under their jaws? Are they the same on both sides? Do cats pull muscles?

Does anyone know the answers to these questions

As worrywart as I am I dont think this warrants a vet visit, lord knows first sign of anything odd and I would take my cats to the vet, if anything in her eating habits or behaviour changed I'd be there in a second, but that's not the case.. I'm thinking its more of an anatomy question that I have tried searching for on the net but to no avail.
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Sicy, I am not sure if cats have tonsils What you may be feeling, is some sort of cyst. It could be a sebaceous cyst, mostly filled with a harmless fatty substance that forms under the skin, but I am not sure if cats can get those. I know cats can get a form of acne that forms under the chin as well, but I think you would be able to see some sort of red bump with that. I can not remember if you let your cats out or not, but I have read of some sort of fly, I think it is called a Bot fly that lays eggs on animals, and people too, and the little worm actually burrows under the skin forming a lump. In any case, I would take a trip to the vet.
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No she doesnt go outside. I cant always feel it either.. if her head is in a certain position, down, I feel it otherwise I dont. It's almost so small that its not even worth posting about. I really dont want a bunch of take your cat to the vet replies because I know if it doesnt go away or gets bigger or if her behaviour changes of course that's what I'll do. I seriously think I'm over reacting.. I just want to know what kinds of things cats have under their jaw, muscles, tendons? Tonsils? Cartilidge?

Now I'm feeling both sides at once and I really think its part of her structure.. blah nevermind.
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Sicy, I am not completly sure about cats but I do know for sure that dogs have tonsils.

My MinPin Ceasar had a bout of inflamed tonsils when he was about a year old. I was amazed that dogs have tonsils, so it stands to reason that cats have them too(?) Don't quote me on this. One thing I think I would do is call the vet and ask them about what you have found or what you think you have found on Zoey. That way you can put your worries to rest.

If this continues to grow I know of course that you will take her to the Vet because you are a good kitty mommy
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I was tired last nite and cranky. After sleeping on it I will definately call my vet in a bit as soon as they open to ask her if she thinks I should bring Zoey in. *sigh* I just hope she tells me I'm crazy and that its nothing.
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Cats have six tonsils actually, they form a ring at the side of their throat. They do become infected and antibiotics are needed to keep the infection down.

Not sure what it is you are feeling on your cat, but if it worries you enough to post about it, a vet visit wouldn't be a bad thing.
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Originally posted by hissy
Cats have six tonsils actually
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Ok I called my vet but she was in surgery.. so the receptionist said I could bring Zoey in Friday. I'm already bringing in Saki for his shots so this ought to be fun bringing them both in at the same time

I've read about absesses and fatty cysts and I'm guessing it could be either. Maybe Saki's little sharp teeth got into her jaw or something This is kinda scary I hope she'll be ok.
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Hey Sicy I will be praying that Zoey will be fine. Hang in there.
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Thanks Cathi
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I have been monitoring Zoey's 'lump' and it now doesnt feel like a little gumball anymore.. more like just a mass of squishiness. It has me very concerned so I'm taking her in first thing in the morning instead of Friday. They said that if its an abscess they might have to do surgery I didnt even think of this kind of problem when I decided to get a second cat.

Please send some good vibes.. if anyone reads this.
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aww tons of good vibes for zoey. I sure she is going to be okay!
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Sending all the good vibes for Zoey that the boys and I can send. I will keep her in my thoughts and prayers.

Hang in there Sicy, Zoey will be fine.

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OMG Sicy - positive thoughts coming from me!
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omg!! Sending vibes to miss Zoey right away... She will also be in my thoughts and prayers.
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Think positive Sicy! Let us know when you find out anything.
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I am so sorry Sicy to read that , I hope it is nothing . I will say a prayer for Zoey
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Sending many good vibes your way!!!
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Sicy, Amber sends some wild good vibes out to you and Zoey
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Poor Zoey! i am so sorry about this lump. I hope it is nothing bad

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Prayers for Zoey coming your way from Michigan. I hope she is fine and it is nothing to be concerned about. You sound just like me - I am always running my hands over Max to see if there is anything out of the ordinary.

When I was at the Vet on Saturday, I asked if the little bumps in Max's hind legs were anything to worry about. I felt kind of stupid when he told he these were just joint tissue and was absolutely normal. I hope it is nothing with Zoey too.
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Ok I'm back. Well, its not an abscess. The vet aspirated it with a needle and checked it out. It seems her lymphnode is swollen, she said possibly from a bite around the area that might have spread to it and caused it to swell. (Saki ) She assured me its not cancer or tumor or anything like that. She said she is a big worrywort too so she is sending the sample to the lab just to be sure. She told me not to worry .. a few times, and that she isnt worried, so I shouldnt be worried. There was just some cells I guess that she couldnt determine exactly what they were so she wants the lab to check it out. That is what freaked me out when she said that but she told me please dont worry and this is something that will most likely clear up with antibiotics.

She gave me Clavamox, 1 and 1/2 cc's twice daily.

Everyone just couldnt stop saying how gorgeous she is and what a good kitty she was being. They gave her the first dose and showed me how to do it. I just hope its that easy when it comes time for me to do it. (ha).

Thanks everyone for your thoughts and vibes. I should find out the test results by tomorrow when I bring Saki in for his shots.
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I am glad that it isnt anything too serious, but I am still sending positive vibes for the results tomorrow.


Of course, everyone would say how gorgeous she is - well it is an understatement! Shes beautiful!
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sending GOOD vibes for Saki and Zoey tomorrow!!!
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Hang in there!! Sending postive vibes toward u and Zoey... Keep us posted.
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I am glad that is isn't serious. I am sending more good vibes from me and the boys for Miss Zoey and for you. Let us know what the test results are.

Hugs for you and scratches for Zoey and Saki
{{{{Hugs}}}} {{{{Scratches}}}}
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Sicy, I am so happy to hear that it is nothing too serious!

Sending hugs and kisses from our family to yours!
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i am glad it wasnt anything serious, i guess they get bumps on them just like we do, one of my sisters cat had a big lump on his side a couple years ago and had to have surgery, and it was jsut a fatty tumor, so i would say Zoey is fine, but i know what you mean, when it come to things that matters to me i am a big worrywart also, i think thats normal when you care about someone, get well vibes for Zoey ((((((( ))))))))
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First time ever giving my cat medicine. Boy I was actually shaking. We wrapped Zoey up like a burrito and actually it was easy because she was already meowing (complaining) so I just stuck the syringe in her mouth and squeezed the antibiotic in there and she lapped it right up. Phew.
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Glad to hear you got the meds down Zoey OK!!
It can be very nerve-racking...Poor Zoey AND Sicy!
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