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Amber's eye

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Hi all!

Don't have much time as usual....hope that changes here in a week or so when my job finally ends...but for now...I have to catch a minute or two when I can...so I haven't had much time to see what is going on with you all.

Say a quick prayer for Amber...her Dr. recommended and made an appointment for tommorrow in Des Moines with a children's eye specialist. Her left eye is usually always in the corner. (although I have seen it go to the side at times and have seen the white in the corner so I know it is not just stuck there.) I thought maybe she would outgrow it, but he wants to have it looked at. I hope it is nothing that will require surgery...she is so little. Please say a prayer that all will be well for her and that this can be corrected without surgery.

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Oh, I hope your little beauty is OK and it's something she will grow out of. Sending lots of positive energy your way Debby!!
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Oh Gosh Debby! Mega prayers coming Amber's way. I too hope it's something she'll outgrow. Please keep us updated on what happens,ok?

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lots of prayer's and good vibes,for your little one.
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Oh no! I'll be keeping little Amber in my thoughts. I hope it's nothing serious.
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I'll definitly keep my little friend Amber in my thoughts!

I hope it's nothing serious.. Hugs to you and Amber!!!!
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I will pray for Amber. Hope it is not serious.
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Amber will be in my thoughts and prayers and Mom too
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I will be praying for Ambers eye
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Fingers crossed here Debby!

It could be just a lazy eye which is quite easy to remedy. Give Amber a hug from me.
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I had the same problem as a baby. Although the idea of surgery is scary, it is best to have this fixed as soon as possible. My doctor waited to see if I would grow out of it, and I never acquired "binocular vision", meaning I don't see in three dimensions. Its not a big handicap or anything, but sometimes 3D vision would be helpful, like parallel parking, or playing sports.
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I had the same problem also a baby. I wore glasses from age 1 1/2 until surgery in the 3rd grade. I was then without glasses for a few years. The surgery isn't that dad and can work wonders! I wish and prayer that Amber's goes away on it's own.
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Hi Debby.

I hope Ambers eye will be fine....and if surgery is what is needed to fix it, its best to get it done. They are soooo resilient at this young age, I'm sure she'd bounce right back!!
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Hi Debby!

I'm sending good vibes to you and your angel! I hope everything goes okay and that it can all be solved in a quick and painless fashion!

Glad to hear from you girl, and I hope to see you around soon!
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The surgery is not serious at all. And, the sooner she has the surgery, the better her outcome will be.

It must be so scary for you! ((((((hugs)))))

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Well...it's not good. Not good at all! I am just so tired of life handing me all these bad things at once! I am not trying to be whiney here, I know things could be ALOT worse and other people have WAY worse problems than I do...but first I lose my precious Merlin in May, then in August I find out I am losing the job I have had for 14 years due the plant closing and going to Mexico, then I find out I have a tumer which will require surgery, (which THANK GOD was NOT cancerous), then I find out my brother and his wife are splitting up after almost 40 years of marriage, and now Amber's eye!!!!! I can't take much more, honestly!

The Dr. said she has nerve damage in the left eye. She was just born with it...the Dr. said it isn't anything I did or didn't do during pregnancy, it just happens sometimes. It is noone's fault.

Anyway...she will never see right out of that eye and there is no surgery that can correct this nerve damage. They can however do a surgery when she is older...maybe 5 or 6, to correct the fact that this bad eye wants to drift to the center alot of the time...(that is if it doesn't correct itself by then) but this surgery will do absolutely nothing for her actual sight in that eye. So at least she will "look" normal and kids won't make fun of her....and the eye may correct itself as far as wanting to be in the corner so much...but the damaged nerves.....there is nothing they can do. And until she is old enough to cover her good eye and read a chart with the bad eye, they cannot tell the extent of the damage or how bad her vision in that eye rerally is. She may only see things a bit fuzzy out of that eye, but then again she may be pretty much blind in it.

And glasses will not help. I kept saying to the Dr....why can't she just have glasses when she is older that have an extremely high prescription on the left side and then she could see normally in that eye....but finally the Dr. got it through my head that the problem that people have that is corrected with glasses is not the same problem.....they do not have nerve damage....so a high prescription lense will do nothing.

The ONLY thing they can offer us, that may or may not help at all, is to patch her good eye for 3-4 hours every day for a month...forcing her to use that bad eye to see with....if there is any sight in it at all...forcing her to use it will strengthen that. It won't make it good...she will never have good vision in that eye...but if the vision in that eye isn't completely gone...it will make what vision she does have in it better...in other words...if it is very fuzzy right now....patching the good eye and forcing her to use the bad eye will make it stronger to where maybe the vision won't be nearly as fuzzy and she may be able to see quite a bit better with it. But it will never be normal.

We have to do this patching thing for one month then go back and retest. If there is no improvememt, it means she is pretty much blind in that eye and it is hopless. If there is some improvement, they will up the time she has to wear the patch on the good eye from 3-4 hours to 6-8. It won't correct it, but anything that helps it at all is better than nothing!!!!!!]

The Dr. said if they find she is pretty much blind in the one eye, she can still function normally, as she will never have known any different...she will never have known what it is like to see out of both eyes, so she will adjust, but if anything ever happens to her good eye...an accident, or bad infection...she would be pretty much blind.

So now imagine me trying to keep a patch on one eye of a 14 month old baby!!!!!!!!!!!

She will throw a fit, pull it off...etc.....*sigh* but at least we will have some idea of what kind of vision she does have in that eye...if she seems to see alright...there may be some hope of it not being so bad....but if she can't see where she is going or to pick up her toys...........

Prayers would be appreciated, I know God can heal her.
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Oh Sweetie! I don't have any words of advice, but please know that you & Amber are in my thoughts and prayers.
You've got through so much in the past year & I pray that your luck gets better.

It definitely sounds like you need a hug, so.....
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Debby, I am so sorry that you are having such a rough trot here.

My thoughts are with you and Amber.
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Thanks Shell...I do need a hug.
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Thanks Kellye! I have to go offline now and put the patch on for the first time...this will not be fun. I love you guys...pray for us and trust me when I say I am sorry I didn't have time to read more threads here but I pray for all my friends here every night. I will be back Friday and let you know how it went with the patch and maybe have some more time to catch up on what is going on with you all.
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Oh Debby...you sure didn't need another bout of bad news.

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Debby, I'm so sorry to hear all the troubles. Just take each day, and focus on finding a positive direction that will help you live through it.

If it will make you feel any better, Rob was born with the same thing that Amber now has. He had to wear the patch when he was young, and it will strengthen the eye muscles. Rob never did use the patch as much as he should have, and therefore his eye still drifts out of alignment. But this is only noticable when he stares and concentrates on one object.

Other than that, he has no problems. Don't worry about only having 'one' perfect eye, there are many things worse and this is a minor thing in the bigger reality. Rob, along with many others live with it on a daily basis.

If you have any questions, PM or email me.

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No you sure don't. Best of luck with the patch, maybe she will just leave it alone and some of your fears will be groundless.
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But if it were only the appearance aspect of it I wouldn't worry at all...that can be corrected...but I am so worried she will be blind in that one eye. I am going offline now...talk to you all Friday. *hugs*
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Aw Debby, I am so sorry for all your troubles, you have had an awful year!

With Amber, you know that things will improve. I had to wear a patch on one eye at her age, and my parents managed. I had to do all sorts of exercises for years that kept the eye muscles strong, and they worked. When I wore glasses, my parents had to put tape over the good eye to force me to use the bad one. It is not the same problem as Amber, but similar (I don't "resolve" vision in my bad eye, so I can't read with it). And you know, I do worry about losing sight in my good eye, but that just means that I am always very very careful and protective, its second nature.

Its awful to find out that your baby is not perfect! But really, she will be fine. And she will be used to the patch. I wore mine for years, for a few hours a day. They had to tape it to my face when I was a tot. And I am very glad that my parents did that, because the cosmetic improvement (both eyes tracking together) was very very important to me as a little girl. And now, when I am tired, my bad eye wanders, but not really noticeably, and I know what to do to bring it back in line.
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I know that you are upset, as any parent would be. But honestly, listen to the doctor. If her vision is seriously impaired in that eye, he is right.....she will never have known it to be any other way, and has already compensated for it quite naturally. The patching part sounds like the way lazy eye is treated, to strengthen the muscles so that the eye doesn't drift. She is still as healthy as ever, so don't feel as though she isn't.
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I'm sorry you're going through this hard time. This probably doesn't help you much but naturally, this is much harder on you then it is or will be on Amber. Thank God your beautiful little tyke is able to see well out of one eye.
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Debby - I sent you a PM.
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Just wanted to add my (((hugs))) and prayers.

Things will brighten up.

Good luck with the patch and I do hope it ends up working. I can imagine it may be a challenge keeping it on a 14 month old. *crossing my fingers* that she doesn't try to remove it.
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Debby just also adding my good thoughts and hugs for you! Good luck with Amber and wearing the patch. I'll be thinking about you.
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