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I thought we killed him!!

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Last night while playing with my kitten, we threw something for him to go after. He ran and jumped for it and ended up going head first into the wall!!!!

He fell to the ground and was stunned. He wouldn't move at all for a moment and we thought he was seriously injured. Then he started moving his neck in a very odd way for a few moments and he wasn't moving anything below it! I thought he was paralyzed for sure!

But after a few moments, he was just fine. I was so relieved!! My girlfriend felt really bad about the whole thing even though it wasn't her fault at all...

This ever happen to anyone else? Is there any chance for permanent damage or anything?
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My cats are forever banging into things but have never done any damage.

How old is your kitten?

That must have been so scary!
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Zoey ran head first into the corner of the wall once It made such a loud noise I thought for sure she was hurt but she was fine. She didnt act like your kitten though, that sounds scarier I would watch him very closely for awhile to make sure he's ok.
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I would agree with watching him closely. You see anything off, take him to the vet immediately. And limit his playtime for awhile until you are sure he is okay.
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The way Fawn bounces off walls, it's a wonder she hasn't done something similar to herself. So...a head bonk on the wall is not necessarily a cause for alarm, BUT the events immediately following could be. Think about it: you're in a car accident, you're shaken up at first, then you feel fine, then days or even weeks later you start having problems that are traced back to the accident. Same thing. Keep an eye on the little guy. Hope he stays fine. Lotsa good vibes for him.
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That is nothing new Loki looses a few brain cells on a daily basis while running into the glass slider.
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Maybe it sounds over dramatized the way I said it. I just wanted to explain everything to the T. He's been fine ever since and it's been a couple days...
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That's a relief.
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a lady at the vets office one day had her little dog there and it had the same thing happen to it, ran into wall playing and acted funny like that and the vet said it got a slight concusion, but would be fine, so mabe thats what happened? hope hes alright
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So what exactly happens when you (or your cat in this case) gets a concussion? I hope he didn't lose too many brain cells!
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