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Shaving the cat

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Get your mind out of the gutter people!!!

I know a few people who get their cat shaved when they take them to the groomers. Is this really ok to do to a cat? My mom says it will cut down on Emmett's shedding. Should I get it done?
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If you do make sure it is a reputable groomer, know what products they are going to use on your cat (bath wise). I say that because I recently lost a beautiful 4 year old male who went in to be shaved. Three days later he was dead due to toxic shampoo.
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One of my cats is a long-haired cat and no matter how much I brush him, he still mats horribly. For the last few years, I have been getting him shaved every three or four months. I don't get him shaved to the skin. I just tell her to make him a short haired cat and that's what she does. He seems to feel so much better after it's done. And it's much easier for him to groom himself. I don't want to stress him too much so I never get him bathed. I do have to brush him really well when I get him home. As far as the shedding goes, he still sheds, just shorter hairs. LOL Hope this helps.
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Is it not true that in a survey - when asked 8 out of 10 cats prefered whiskas?

Would not shave a cat - mine loses enough daily - normally on the bed, on my black trousers, black T shirt and anything else black
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I got Cinnamon, our long-haired cat shaved back in July! She always used to have hairballs. I can tell you since then, she has had 0! I did not get her bathed, though. I dropped her off around 8a, and picked her up around 10:30, but that was because I also had somewhere else to go before picking her up. YOu can see her on my site at www.ourcats.org Click on page 8 and you will see her new do.
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When my cats start shedding so much that my house looks like a fur ball I just bathe them. In fact I've started just bathing them every 2-3 weeks or so. And I feed them canned pumpkin with their food so we don't have the hair ball problem anymore. And they don't get matted either.

I think it's ok to shave them though. I just like the long fluffy, soft fur! I like to burry my face in it! Ok... so I'm a little strange!
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Well I take Em to the grommer that this one women I work with takes her cat. She gets her cat shaved due to some alergies. I'll think more on it.

Sorry to hear about your kitty dying due to shampoo
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As I posted, in the DT, I'm going to shave Buddy's butt, back legs and the base of his tail. Until he learns to keep himself clean, he's going bare-bottomed!
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