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Sicy and Kayla pics

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Sicy came over for lunch today, and visited with my kitties! Everyone had a great time sniffing away at her purse, her shoes, her pants, and Pixie played with her hair. Mozart did his famous leap onto her back.

The big surprise was Kayla, she usually takes a while to warm up to people but she just went running to Sicy for scritches and headbonks! What a smart girl, she knows a good cat-lovin' person. That's just about when I remembered to take pics.
(Sicy forgot her camera, yay, my no-pic status remains intact!!! )

Here's Ginza and Kayla checking out the new toy she brought. Thanks again, Sicy!

Kayla headbonking Sicy while getting petted

And jumping in her lap for scritches! It really looks like Kayla's smiling! Sweetie.

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Those are wonderful! That's so cool that you guys got together for lunch! Why do I have to live in Nebraska? Looks like all the cat site conventions are happening in California!
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Kayla found a friend. It is funny how even the shy ones sometimes know who they can trust.
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Did Sicy bring the mouse toy or were they "sharing" it with her? Cuties.

Oops. I see now that it was a gift. Cool!
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Awwwww that is so awwwwwwsome . Those are some great pics of Sicy and your cats . Thanks for sharing with us .
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First of all, I want to tell you before I forget, that I LOVE your hardwood floor.

I think it's so cool that you and Sicy are getting to know each other in the "real" world. You both seem like such nice people.

That was a really cool gift, Sicy brought over for your cats. I've got to get one of those for myself.

Also, your cats are absolutely beautiful!
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omg those pics came out so cute!! Thank you for taking them. I especially love the last one !!

It is so nice to hang out with a fellow TCSer. superkitty is the first person from TCS that I have gotten to hang out with. Now we have both seen each others kitties!!

Thanks again for the wonderful hospitality and company today! I really loved meeting your furrbabies they are so cute and your house is gorgeous. Cant wait to hook up again!
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Cute piks!!!!
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Kayla had me in tears. She's the image of my RB kitty Shasta -- same colour, same markings, even the little white chin! Sounds like her personality is pretty similar, too. What a lovely girl! Ginza is lovely, too, of course -- I just got very nostalgic for a moment there.
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I was thinking about how Mozart jumped on my back yesterday and I have to serioulsy laugh. I had just gotten over there, and was sitting on the carpet when all of a sudden Mozart jumps on my back and leaps over my head!! It was the craziest thing

Does he do that all th time? Silly cats
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Those are cute pictures! That's cool that you and Sicy got together! I wanna meet some peeps <stomping on floor>

Ok... you guys are all welcome at my house anytime if you're ever in Utah. I have a spare bedroom (although if you came today you'd have to share it with Hallie). Actually I have two spare bedrooms but one of them is the "Craft Room" aka the "Crap Room." If you come, don't wear black! Not a good idea with 5 persians in the house!
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That was cool. those pics are awesome! Kayla seems to know who the good beans are.
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That's great that you all got together.

Your Kayla looks so much like my little feral kitty.
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Awww, Sicy, I had so much fun with ya. Can't wait to do it again! Anytime you other guys are in our neck of the woods, count me in for a meet!! Tammie, that is so sweet of you, but I'll have to ask for the other room, since the "aka Crap Room" don't sound too appealing (I know it's fine)

Hope, thank you, that is so sweet of you to say(and the floors too). We're planning to (eventually) redo the rest of the house in hardwood flooring too.

I can't believe with all the jumping around Mozart and Pixie did, I didn't remember to take pics till the end. I am sooo bad about pics.

Sicy, now isn't Mozart aptly nicknamed 'Sir Sheds-A-Lot'! And yes, that leaping thing is Mozart's specialty. He loves to jump on people's backs and freak them out. Most of the time he just springboards from the back to someplace else, like he did with you. With us he sinks his claws in to stay put.

Oh, Fran (Hug).
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those are some really nice pictures, glad you got to meet one another, i wish we all could get together, im sure we could share some laughs and a great time, cats knows when someone loves them you have some pretty furbabies
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Great Pics!
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Superkitty you have absolutely stunning furbabies!

And Sicy, girl you make me SICK! You have an awesome figure and such a great figure. You're so pretty!

If we ever do meet you are *not* taking pictures of my fat butt!!! You can photograph my cats but I'm not included in that package!

Thanks for sharing these pictures!!
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What great pics! Sounds like you had a great time!
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How wonderful! Those pics are great.
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Originally posted by Cassandra_Starr
If we ever do meet you are *not* taking pictures of my fat butt!!! You can photograph my cats but I'm not included in that package!
What is wrong with you people!!

superkitty wouldnt even let me take a pic of the two of us for MY PERSONAL picture collection, I even promised not to post it and now you! *sobs in the corner*
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Superkitty & Sicy- u guys are SOOO lucky to live so near each other so u guys can visit each other! Looks like Sicy had a BLAST with ur 4 furbabies Superkitty!

U really should take pics of Mozart "surprising" people with his jumping on their backs. That would be HILARIOUS!!!

Sicycat- u look GREAT as usual! Superkitty- I'm sure you look great even though we can't see you. Grin.

Would love to see more pics!
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superkitty is VERY CUTE.. I dont know why she is so shy with her pics
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I am chunky too, but if we ever got to meet to could take my pic if you want.
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Aww what cute pics!!! Looks like you guys had fun!

Where did you two meet? I'd love to meet someone from here! I'm down in Monterey but often head up to San Francisco on the weekends.
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I live in Redwood City and she lives across the bay. If you are ever coming to SF just pm me and you're more than welcome to come over and meet Zoey & Saki!
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Sicy, Awww, thanks. But pics of me still ain't gonna happen

Originally posted by Cassandra_Starr
[b]And Sicy, girl you make me SICK! You have an awesome figure and such a great figure. You're so pretty!
I KNOW!! She has the most fantastic figure. I was really impressed with her and S/O dancing abilities, she looks so graceful - and coordinated - out on the floor.
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YAy!!! Pics!!! Kayla is gorgeous tabby!
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LOL! I'm "chunky" too! Although I'm working out a LOT and have lost 20lbs I have about a MILLION more to go

Sicy has my dream figure! LOL! And her hair.. sooo shiny! Hmph! If I meet her I'm gonna make her share some of her beauty secrets for sure!
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