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Male Cat Owners

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What do you think is the percentage of males who like cats? I'm a male and I like all animals myself. Dogs, cats, varmits, and even spiders (they eat the bugs). Okay, I don't like mosquitoes, biting flies, and cockroaches. I admit it.

I actually didn't used to like cats because most cats I'd ever known were mean or liked to poop in my garden. I guess I never owned one so I didn't know they could actually make nice pets. My experience is that I didn't like digging around in soil only to find out it's not soil. I also didn't like the idea of my daughter getting toxo. (Well, not exactly, I always like to pet the nice cats).

But this all changed when my cat showed up on the back doorstep. If you remember (who would?) she had three kittens that we later found in my daughter's playhouse. They have since moved on to other families. In the meantime, Socks is very lovable. She really loves to play! My family gets a kick out of her chasing strings or playing "mousy." She even likes to play with our dog. They both like to "attack" each other. She never scratches, has a fit, or does her thing in the wrong places. Pretty much the perfect cat.

Second question... What do you think is the percentage of males who inhabit this forum?!
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My Dad used to hate cats too, until he and my Mom got married and he fell in love with the cat he gave her as a wedding present. He's now the cat person in our family.

Hubby hates cats and had to work through his cat issues before I'd say yes to marrying him. He still doesn't like them, but he's accepted my 2 babies.

I wouldn't be able to guess at percentages though.
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no idea on percentages, but I am a guy who absolutely loves cats!!, my dad was enver really crazy about cats growing up, he said they were too sneaky. So we always had dogs. My mom, on the other hand (they were divorced) cherished her cats. So I guess I know what side I take from.
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Well I think for sure the % is higher in females to like cats and most man don't . I don't know why ,but thats how it is . My husband did not care much for cats himself till my cats made a lover out of him and he still denie that he is one lol .
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Well, you know women are like cats and men are like dogs, which is why we say women get into cat fights and men *are* dogs. We like what is most like us right?

There are exceptions of course.

I'm going to venture a guess that 60% of cat lovers are women. I'm not sure that I can the reverse about dog lovers.
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I'm not sure why most men don't like cats. Hmm. My husband however is a huge cat lover. He actually converted me instead of the other way around LOL. I wasn't overly fond of cats due to several bad experiences in my youth. I have now been re-educated.
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My hubby swears he hates cats, of course he's usually saying this while he has one of ours on thier back while he's giving them a thorough scratching. Funny I don't think they believe him either. While there does seem to be more females then males on the boards I think there's a good number.
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I can tell you that my husband was the one who wanted cats. I grew up with dogs, so I hadn't ever really known cats.

As for percentages on the board, there is obviously a big gap with many more women on here than men. But we do appreciate the male perspective around here.
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I don't think men like to admit that they like cats because it might make them appear as softies. My husband was an avowed cat hater when I first met him, and now he begrudgingly admits that some cats are "OK".

Here is my "some cats are OK" husband. Look at the twinkle in his eyes:
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I don't think my husband was overly fond of cats when I first met him, but ever since I convinced him that I could take care of Faline when she was a kitten and then when we went to the Humane Society and found Simba as a baby Siamese, he has really softened up. Now he plays with all 3 cats and dotes on Simba and Nala. I say he has become a 'good' cat daddy.
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yeah, my hubby is basically indifferent to cats, but he does love amber.

he will be like, 'aww, look at her' if shes sleeping upside down, or doing anything cute. and he likes giving her back rubs and spinnig her around on the floor. but otherwise he is not really interested. he'll say 'yeah, that one is cute' or something.

when we first got amber though, he would explode if she did the remotest unacceptable thing. he still gets irritated but its a normal kind, where anyone would get if they found torn up napkins on the floor!

he has always, and still, wants a dog though. i told him we'll see.
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My husband won't admit to being a cat lover, either, but I know that he does love them - he goes out of his way to stop & pet cats wherever we go, and they really seem to like him too. Working in an animal clinic I met lots of men who love cats, but less who would call themselves cat lovers. Guess it's the popular notion that cats are for women and dogs are for men - but I really don't think that's true in real life...especially if you start discussing and praising cats' hunting and athletic skills - then suddenly it seems OK for guys to love them!
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Funny My dad and grandfather (mom's dad) always loved and actually preferred cats. My ex boy friend could not stand them, ergo the ex, since he wanted me to choose between him and Loki.
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Originally posted by Hell603
My ex boy friend could not stand them, ergo the ex, since he wanted me to choose between him and Loki.
That seems to have been an easy choice! LOL

My dad always said he hates cats. I found out why after many years. First, he is allergic to them - very allergic to them. But more importantly, he had a farm cat when he was growing up. A little black kitty who followed him everywhere while he was doing chores. He really loved that kitty, and when it died in a football related accident he was so devastated that he swore he would never allow another cat into his heart. Isn't that sad?
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Interesting thread

My husband loves cats, as does my brother, father, uncles etc... I guess we are just a CAT family

Sometimes I wonder if hubby loves our kitties more than me
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my hubby LOVESSS our kitties
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I think that the forum is quite biased! Of course your husbands are going to like cats (or at least tolerate them) or you probably wouldn't have one/them.

As far as the public at large, it seems that there are quite a few men that wouldn't be caught dead with a cat. I say far more than women.
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I'd have to agree with cat_scratch regarding more men disliking cats. Most of the guys I've met during my lifetime dislikes cats.

My brother and brother in law doesn't like cats. My dad says he hates cats but his actions contradicts his words..My dad ALWAYS says he doesn't like cats and would go out of his way to insult them verbally with me (as a game). I'd say, "OHH look at that cat! Doesn't he look so adorable?" Dad would roll his eyes and say "He is brain dead, his breath stinks, he's dumb", etc and I'd say "He's smart! YOUR dog is Brain dead, DUMB, drools, pants like crazy and he STINKS". That's a game we still play to this day whenever we talk online or when I come home to visit. I'd ask him how my babies are (the two cats-Rusty & Sammy were originally "mine" until I moved away and now they are my parents' cats)and he'd say that they were brain dead as usual.

Often, Dad would walk into my room, look around, and say, "where's that dumb cat?" and as soon as he saw the cat, he'd come over and start petting or playing with the cat. Often I'd say, "DAD! I thought u said u don't like cats?!" He would say "Of course! I DON'T like cats!" (rolling eyes).

He has a magic touch with all animals and Rusty/Sammy ADORES to sleep on him. Sometimes they would fight over who gets to sleep with him (LITERALLY fight- I'm serious..).. Rusty and Sammy doesn't really get along that great anyway so I guess this gives them another excuse to "bicker"....
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Very easy actually - my theory it's a package deal.
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Men may prefer dogs as outdoor companions whom they can run around with. But no matter what some men say against cats, they usually can't resist when faced with a friendly kitty - even if it's to rough-love the cat by play-fighting with it.

I've also noticed that a lot of the cat rescue networks around here have enthusiastic male volunteers who are just as open about their love for cats as they are about their sexuality.

The remainder of the men seem to have gotten involved through a wife, girlfriend, or female relative. There are many stories about men being converted to cat lovers, even if they won't admit it in public, and their cat-loving wife is a convenient cover story. ("No, not me - my wife, SHE's the cat lover...")
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My dad never liked cats but go figure now that he is retired, the family cat ChiChi spends all of her time on his lap And he pets her and brushes her and even talks to her. It's amazing.

My fiancee likes cats a lot too. Here he is getting kisses from Saki

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Ear kisses - how cute. My hubby has enjoyed cats his whole life. The 1st thing we did when we got married (actually the week before when he moved into our apartment) was get 2 cats. He couldn't even think of life without them. 5 of them was my idea however.
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Well my da and bro both complained about Emmett moving here with me. But I put my foot down and said he is my baby and I'm not giving him up.

Last night my dad was petting Emmett and cooing at him, telling him what a good kitty he is. Then my mom told me today while I was at work my dad was playing with Emmett.

My bro on the other hand will never come around. He hates cats and is sticking with it. He just doesn't know what he is missing without the love of a furball.
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My Dad loves cats. He comes to "visit" Max at my house. When my sister had her cat Alexander I was staying at her house to watch over my Dad (he had a very bad cold) and to watch over Alex. It was a very cold day in January and I couldn't find Alex. I asked my Dad if he knew where the cat was. He said under the heating pad - sure enough - Dad had put the heating pad set on low over Alex so he wouldn't get cold.
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My husband didn't want a cat - mostly because of the litter box. But he really likes cats, and he adores Simba.

My stepdad did NOT want cats. Then one day he was at a dump and found a tiny kitten (1-2 weeks old) that someone had abandoned. He brought it home and spent the next few weeks getting up every night to bottle-feed her, and she adopted him as her new mommy. She follows him everywhere he goes to this day. And I think she changed his mind about cats.
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Suzy, thats so sweet!

My husband intially was afraid to get a cat too because eventually you will lose them. he had a rabbit once that he loved as a kid, and when it got way too big (one of those big white ones) he had to give it away. he was so sad!
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I've done some internet research and found some consistent information that's related. Cats have replaced dogs as the number one pet in the world for at least a fews years now at 70 million+. (It's probably a few more million now.) Dogs are at number two.

The following information I found about men, women, cats and dogs is a little bit older, but is still interesting.
  • Women like cats more than dogs.
  • Men like dogs more than cats.
  • Overall, people like dogs more than cats. (that may still stand despite the fact cats are currently number one)
From the above three facts you can deduce that people seem to like dogs overall because many men who like dogs do not like cats, while women who like cats love dogs as well.

As for my theories, I think that in general, women tend to love all animals, while men who love all animals are in the minority. I also think that if you compared men who love cats with men who don't, you'd find that an obviously significant number of the men who don't like cats are misogynistic pigs, (at least when compared to the number of male cat lovers who are still misogynists.) I believe another portion of them would be men who have more social problems with women and insecurity issues that stem from that then the men who do love cats. Those are pretty strong statements, but I'm aware that it's just my theory.

Anyway, I'm quite comfortable with my manhood and would never be afraid to admit that I like cats. All my life though, I've heard stories of males hurting cats for fun and sometimes I've heard them tell these tales themselves. However, if I ever catch anyone doing this they're going to be swallowing their chiclets pretty fast... and I'm not talking chewing gum.
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My dad loves cats(he lives by himself) and he had one but gave away to some friends, for various reasons and he has always loved cats. He's even thinking about helping the strays near him.

Mums partner also loves cats and he claims that little muffin is his , but haha no she's registered under my name!

So the men in my life, love cats but always put their foot down when we wanna get a new one LOL

Cool thread btw!
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JMO, but I wonder if part of it is a control issue - the men I've known who like cats seem to be a lot more comfortable with themselves, and less threatened by things they can't control - cats, for example.

I do love all animals - I have cats & dogs, and the dogs are great b/c I can do obedience work with them, go hiking with them, etc., and I do feel safer with them around as guard dogs, but cats always have a special place in my heart.
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Hydroaxe that was very interesting . Well I have to say I love all animals but favor cats , while my hubby is more a dog person and hiding his love for cats ... hmmmm
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