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Cat Possessive of Me - Aggression

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I have a 12 year old cat (Raja) & we moved in with my partner who has two 5-7 year old beagles (energetic dogs!)


Raja has her own room, cat treehouse, toys, privacy and specific playtime with me every night. 

The dogs are interested in the cat but have never showed any aggression towards her, she has only showed aggression towards them.

If the dogs come near me or near her, she will hiss at them and swat at them. The dogs either whimper, walk away or Raja runs away herself.

But, Raja doesn't really get aggressive when it is just my partner, her and one of the dogs together.


My question is - is there any way I can "condition" (with positive or negative reinforcement), Raja to stop lashing out when the dogs are around me or her. 

I'm torn because I want to give her affection, but I also don't want to reward her aggressive behavior when the dogs are around.



Thank you!!!

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note: we have lived with the dogs of 2 years in June and the behavior hasn't improved much.

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Sounds like she is scared poor dear - or scared of losing you.  Are dogs and cat kept separate, or do they all have the run of the house and get along together?  If not (the latter), it would probably be good to do cat and dog introductions...there's info on that somewhere on this site...someone???


These might also be of help:

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thank you tammyp.

We did introductions (with a lot of research) months ago, so she's used to them. 

And yes she is afraid, but I just don't know why it's continued so long since it's been well over a year and the dogs have not been aggressive towards her.

But the dogs like to play, and I think she misinterprets that, or just doesn't want to.


And yes, Raja does have a separate, spacious room, and the dogs have their own separate space. 

It's just at some points of the day we like to keep her door open, so that she has the option to come to us, which she sometimes does. 


The second link is very helpful, thank you!

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Hi BellaRaja,


Glad the links were useful - Pamela has great insights!


I'm thinking that if yor cat is still scared, then it doesn't matter why (or that she shouldn't be), she is still scared.  I have never done cat and dog intros, but the overall golden rule for cat intros is that they are kept separate until no fear and no aggression is left - just curiousity.  So, people often have to revert back to intros again for many reasons - not done 'properly' or completely in the first place, or some incident that has left the cats at odds etc.


I would imagine too, that the goal of an 'open' house where all mix in together would be ideal.  If your cat has suddenly had all you, all house, then the dogs and that other person came and she only got one room and not much of you (how she sees it of course), then this can leave her feeling very sad and insecure.  Not necessarily jealous per say, but I guess a lot of jealousy stems from insecurity.  If this is what occurred, then that goal of an open house becomes a lot more important - of course keeping her 'refuge' room as a nice add on.


Best wishes!  Hopefully some other people with cat-dog intro experience will be along soon...

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