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The GROSSEST thing just happened, I was eating an icecream in a cone and I dropped it on the floor, I still had 99% of it so I took a bite and felt something crunchy in my mouth I spat it into my hand and it was a piece of kitty litter!

This has put me off food!
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EWWWWW yuck! don't you hate it when that happens!!!!!!
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Originally posted by katl8e

BTW: Shell, was your store one of the WalMarts, that was raided? I heard on the news, that they rounded up 250 illegal aliens, at 60 stores. They nailed 8 in Phoenix.
No, I don't think so. Nothing has been mentioned about it, so I'm assuming no. I didn't even hear about the raid....I swear I learn more about Walmart on here than I do at work!
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Originally posted by WillowsMom
EWWWWW yuck! don't you hate it when that happens!!!!!!
OMG! Yes...
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Ick, Sam!

VERY hot here today, forecasted to go through the weekend. Uneventful here, except for the ever bouncing Pixie.
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Hey Superkitty!!!!!!
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Hi Sam!! Duh, I didn't even check the DT to see that I had the right day. Awww, forget it, too lazy to repost in the Friday thread, that's how lazy I am today.
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haha superkitty!

So little Pixie is settling in nicely?
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Thanks for asking! Yup, she's fitting in wonderfully. She's so full of energy, and she is constantly making us laugh with her bouncing. She doesn't walk, she bounces everywhere. The days of sleep deprivation are back and her favorite night game is to burrow under the covers and bite Mommy in the butt.

She's already got nicknames: Squeaky, Squirmy, Bouncy.
And a nice round little belly! (She was frighteningly skinny at the shelter).
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Oh so glad she's settled! she sounds like a scream!

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