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New here, me and my five.

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Just been lurking for a while, so I thought I would introduce my brood.


I have five cats, Harvey and Reuben are British Shorthair Colourpoints. Harvey is the alpha cat around and although slightly smaller than Reuben takes his job seriously. I've trained Harvey, as he is that way inclined to sit, up, down, paw and roll over. Reuben, although male, is the mother of the group. He has not a nasty bone in his body and has taken on all the caring of the new kittens cleaning and keeping an eye out for them. Monty is our big lad, he is a Selkirk Rex shorthair curly. He is extremely solid but the vet says perfect for his breed. His love is for outside in our cat proofed garden, but he loves a tickle under the chin but never on his tummy. Bertie and Luna are only six weeks different in age, Bertie is a Longhaired Curly Selkirk Rex whilst Luna is a Longhaired Variant Selkirk Rex. Having seen and loved Bertie my grown up kids saw Luna at the same time and got her for my birthday when she was ready. Luna is our only girl and is very, very much a tease.


I found this group because of my interest in RAW feeding, I have been feeding RAW to my cats for a couple of years. Starting out with commercial pre made frozen food, then I purchased a mincer  which I use for grinding duck, rabbit and chicken carcasses etc mixing in with more and more chunks of the meat. I tend to keep to single protein meals using the 80/10/5/5 ratios with supplements from TC Feline or Fellini complete. In addition we feed whole prey such as Docs, mice and quail.


As mentioned we have a cat proofed garden which is the official best money I have ever spent on the cats. No cats in and no cats out.


Thank you for the great welcome : ))



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Hi CintrineBlue, welcome to TCS! Your cats are beautiful! How old are they?

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Welcome to the site! I'm sure you'll find a lot of good advise here, I sure have. Your cats are all beautiful, you have got to be proud! Good luck and have many good years with your brood!

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Oh yes I am very proud of them.

They are all pretty young, Harvey is the eldest at 2 yrs 2 months, Reuben is 1 yr 8 months, Monty is1 yr 4 months, Bertie is 9 months and Luna 8 months.

Harvey and Reuben have to thicken up a bit as BSH, I can't imagine Monty getting bigger, Bertie is quite fine boned and petite so I'm not sure how he'll develop, whilst Luna has a chunky dad so anything is possible.laughing02.gif
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What a beautiful tribe!  Welcome to TCS.  :)

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