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I was wondering...do you kiss your cat?

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Since I am new to this site, I was wondering. How many of you kiss your cat on the lips I know to some, mainly people who don't own or love cats, would think this is disgusting, but my wife and I think it is cute. We have some cats that, or so we believe, that actually like it We have one, her name is Aurora, if you pick her up and ask, do you want a kiss, she will look at you and put her muzzle rite on your mouth and give US the kiss.
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I love your cats!!!!! I would be interested if you talked about their temperments as kittens. I don't kiss my cats- but that's just me.
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I kiss my kitties. They're so cute, how can I resist?!
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I do kiss my cats, but only Snoopy on the lips. The others I kiss on the top of their heads.
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I've got a kissy kitty too! Trent loves giving us kisses. He just started it on his own, and I like to think it's because I would kiss him on the head and he realized that it meant that I love him. So he started kissing us too.

Ophelia doesn't much like kisses, although she will kiss her Daddy. But a kitty kiss from Ophelia is either when she licks our hands when we're petting her, or she'll get *close* to our faces and that's as good as it gets with her. I think that's pretty good considering she was a feral kitten.
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I kiss my cats, not on the lips, though, except for Tiger, 'cause he usually initiates it by kissing you first !
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i kiss my cat on the head, but not on the lips
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Not on the lips, but I do kiss them on the tops of their heads, and on the neck.

I adore them, but I see where they put their tongues everyday.
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Yes, but most of them anywhere but their lips, except Alix...she is a sneaky fast kisser who out of nowhere does a delicate tongue to your lips kiss when you don't expect it
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I kiss Spike all the time, but they mostly land on the top of his head. Or his back if he's trying to get awhile while I'm giving kisses.
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I will give Kitty kisses whereever they will let me plant one! They are so spoiled!!!
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Max will just touch his closed mouth to me if I make a kissing sound. I usually kiss the top of his head though.
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AmberThe Bobcat, I cant help but notice your cats in your siggy...they really look to me like actual bobcats!

And I only kiss my baby on the head, cheeks. not on the mouth. I know where thats been!
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I kiss both of my cats all over, on the lips, wherever!! I LOVE kissing them

Saki gives us kisses back
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There aren't many kisses going between Simon and myself but there are tons of mutual headbonks. His favorite way of greeting one of his people is to rest his forehead on theirs and just purr his heart out. My husband and kids do kiss Simon, usually on the top of the head.
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I also looove giving kittens kisses on their tummies!
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I kiss my kitties on faces,(including lips)paws, tummies, legs!
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Just on the head. I find different cat personalities facinating, like some like to be kissed and some don't. And some like to be picked up etc...
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I mostly get kissed on the nose/lips by my two boys. With my gals, I tend to kiss them on the head or bodies as they dislike being kissed on the nose/mouth.

Spike and Buddy CONSTANTLY will be pushing their nose/mouth into my nose/mouth so apparently they LOVE being kissed. I KNOW where their lips have been but.... How can I reject their signs of affection??
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My "kid" Patches runs away everytime I try to kiss her ... The half "kid" Tiger I just kiss her on the top of her little head.
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That little bobcat is adorable!

Yes, I kiss my cats on the lips. The only gross part is if they get in some tongue action when I open my mouth for some reason. Toes will do that if I've eaten something with tomatoes in it. When Toes was a kitten I'd say, "Kiss. Kiss." and he'd lift his little nose up to my lips. He won't do it now, though, probably thinks he's too dignified.
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I kiss my cats on top of their head. Never on the lips.
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I smuther my kitten with kisses all over his head. His nose is my faveroite to kiss. He is a sweet kitty.
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I am a male......LOL......and I will admit that I do indeed kiss all 3 of my cats NO LIP KISSES THOU........
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Yep i kiss her on the top of her heard
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I kiss my two on their whiskers and paws. They are so velvety soft....
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I kiss Ryelee every day. Mostly on the top of her head and sometimes on the lips.
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I kiss both my cats on the head, not the lips.
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I kiss my kitties everywhere except the back-end.

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